how to save streams on twitch:

Nowadays, it is a trend to share gameplay on social media. That is why the demand for platforms to share content without any problem is also increasing. Twitch is also on these platforms, allowing gamers to showcase their skills and broadcast feedback. Now let's explore the depths of Twitch a bit more in the following section before we explain how to save your streams on Twitch.

Twitch is the most popular video game streaming website. This is a paradise for those who want to stream video games played by others. It is not just to watch and shoot videos; it is something alive. Twitch has its particular environment, unique language, and everything. If someone is searching for a gamers club, this is because there is only one concern; and it is gaming. This is an exclusive social stage like Reddit. 

If you want to stream on Twitch, you may be searching "how to save streams on twitch" after finishing your show. It is vital to save streaming for different reasons; to share it with those who did not attend the live streaming, or to modify any part of your streaming to upload it on YouTube. However, whatever the reason, it is super easy to save streaming on Twitch. Twitch does not allow directly to save its streaming, but you have to do it manually. Let's look at different methods for saving content from Twitch.

3 Easy Ways to Save Streams on Twitch

There are three different ways to save streams on Twitch:

  1. Save past recordings on the platform.
  2. Download VODs to your system
  3. Apply third-party app to save twitch content

Way 1: Save Past Recordings on the Platform

This section will explain "how to save past streams on twitch?" You can automatically save your streaming on Twitch. However, you have to manually turn on the option from the "VOD Setting Panel by following these steps:

  • Go to Twitch and log in to your account.
  • Tap on your avatar from the top-right corner of the screen and choose "Creator Dashboard."

how to save streams on twitch:Way 1: Save Past Recordings on the Platform

  • You will now see different settings; click on "Settings" and "Stream."

how to save streams on twitch:Way 1: Save Past Recordings on the Platform

  • Enable "Store past broadcasts" from the "VOD Settings" section.

how to save streams on twitch:Way 1: Save Past Recordings on the Platform

  • Finally, Twitch will automatically save each live streaming in VOD form once you finish it. 

Note: Twitch will save these VODs permanently. 

If users don't have an active Twitch turbo or prime gaming plan, their VODs will be saved for two weeks. And if they have, the savings period will be increased to 60-days. 

Way 2: Download VODs to your PC and Mobile Phones

Once you have enabled the "Store your past broadcasts" option from Creator Dashboard, you will see how to find the actual VODs. Here is the easiest way;

  • Tap on your avatar and choose "Channel."
  • Now choose "Videos," as shown in the screenshot.

how to save streams on twitch:Way 2: Download VODs to your PC and Mobile Phones

  • All videos are there on your channel.
  • Hit the "Edit Video" option to open the "Video Producer" panel.
  • Choose the required videos to download and tap on "Three Vertical Dots."
  • Select the "Download" option from here and wait a few seconds to start downloading.

Way 3: Use Third-party Software to Download Twitch Videos

how to save streams on twitch:Way 3: Use Third-party Software to Download Twitch Videos

Maybe you like a particular gamer and want to download videos. Regrettably, Twitch does not allow you to download other people's videos. So how to tackle this situation? Don't worry, you can use the StreamFab Twitch Downloader.

StreamFab will let you watch and download twitch videos offline without any charges. You can also extract past broadcasts and live videos from the Twitch platform anytime. The software will support you in selecting the desired video quality from 720p to 1080p. 

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Twitch videos, especially gaming ones, stream videos at 60 fps. It is widely used in all gaming videos as it presents full pictures and is motionless. This way, you will enjoy an entirely different watching experience. StreamFab deeply thinks about this 60fps and delivers the same quality. 


  • The grabbed videos will be saved in mp4 format. This clarifies that you can watch these videos on any device, including iPad, iPhone, etc. 
  • The "Batch" downloading support will save you worth time while downloading multiple videos in one click. 
  • It will save live videos and past broadcasts in 1080p 60fps.
  • Moreover, you can also see live streams for free, follow channels, and communicate with friends in chat rooms.

How to download Twitch videos using StreamFab Twitch Downloader?

  • After downloading and installing Streamfab, open it.

how to save streams on twitch:Way 3: Use Third-party Software to Download Twitch Videos

  • Click on the "Live Streaming" section and select "Twitch." 

how to save streams on twitch:Way 3: Use Third-party Software to Download Twitch Videos

  • Sign in to your twitch account via the username and password. 

how to save streams on twitch:Way 3: Use Third-party Software to Download Twitch Videos

  • Browse the required video and play it. 

how to save streams on twitch:Way 3: Use Third-party Software to Download Twitch Videos

  • StreamFab will download the video automatically after playing it. By the way, if you are interested in OnlyFans downloader, StreamFab is also what you need.

How to Save Streams on Twitch Xbox?

how to save streams on twitch:How to Save Streams on Twitch Xbox?

  • Go to Twitch and sign in to your account.
  • Tap on the profile icon and then "Creator Dashboard." 
  • Hit the "Setting > Stream" option.
  • Find the "VOD Setting" option and tap on "Store Past Broadcasts" to turn it on.
  • It will also provide extra functions if you want to publish your stored Twitch broadcasts or ignore any types from being published automatically.
  • You must tap on "Always Publish VODs" to stop automatically publishing your stored Twitch broadcasts. Besides this, if you need to post some videos but not all automatically, turn on the "Always Publish VODs" option and write the names of any of those categories you don't need to publish automatically in the "Exclude Categories" part.

Advantages of Saving and Using VODs

Being a Twitch streamer, you have to grow your audience of followers. For this purpose, you have to ensure that your content is easily accessible to them. You can also convert twitch clips to mp3 using this video downloader.

They should not feel left out if they cannot stream your broadcast. As an alternative, you can give them the chance to view it later in VOD format. 

It becomes more significant when someone is a streamer who plays mainly narrative games, creating content that must be watched sequentially.

If you are also a YouTuber, you can publish VODs in a modified format to make them simple and entertaining, allowing your content to reach everyone who has lost your broadcast. It makes getting things more accessible and more fun. Twitch VODs are essential in numerous aspects, and you should not forget to enable them. 


You can broadcast and enjoy all kinds of Twitch videos on Twitch. You will find it continuously hosting e-tournaments where numerous players play for thousands of others to view with news and live commentary. Furthermore, Twitch hosts presentations of upcoming games and events. Using Twitch videos offline will introduce you to the "Twitch video download" function. But you can only utilize it to download your video. Hopefully, you have learned the entire process of "how to save my streams on twitch" from this article.

If you want to download videos broadcasted by others, you have to use third-party software. In this article, we have introduced you to the StreamFab Twitch Downloader program. It will let you download videos in high-quality 720p or 1080p and MP4 format. Hence, you can stream them on any desired media player or device. Above all these, it will allow you to download videos in batches. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to save live streams on Twitch?

  • Go to the Twitch platform and sign in to your twitch account.
  • Open the "Creator Dashboard" and tap on "Settings."
  • After it, choose "Stream" to display a new section.
  • Scroll down to see the "VOD Settings" and turn on the "Store Past Broadcasts."
  • After it, Twitch will automatically start to save your live streaming.