A few years ago it seemed like everybody and their grandma were listening to Justin Bieber. But after enjoying worldwide success and winning countless awards with his music, the young artist decided to take a much-needed break back in late 2015. Fans weren’t exactly happy with this decision but most understood that sometimes you need to take a step back and spend some time away from the stage. Luckily for “beliebers”, the pop star found inspiration during this break and recently started putting out more new songs than in previous years.

Many of Justin Bieber’s latest songs are already playing in all the hottest clubs so we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to compile a list that makes it easy for his fans to keep track of the young artist’s more recent work. We’re also going to talk a bit about how you can download the latest Justin Bieber songs for free so make sure to read until the end.

Part 1: Justin Bieber Top Latest Songs as of 2018

I’m the One

One of Justin Bieber’s latest songs to achieve mainstream popularity is undoubtedly I’m the One. This song is a collaboration between Bieber himself and various rappers, including DJ Khaled, Quavo, Lil Wayne, and Chance the Rapper.

Something Beautiful

Out of all of Justin Bieber’s latest songs, Something Beautiful is the one that’s most reminiscent of old-school pop music. The song’s music video even looks very similar to something boy bands like Backstreet Boys used to come up with back in the 90s.

No Brainer

Justin Bieber must have had a lot of fun collaborating with DJ Khaled on I’m the One because the two later worked together on an additional song called No Brainer. DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber’s latest song also features Quavo and Chance the Rapper.

Hard 2 Face Reality

Hard 2 Face Reality is another great collaboration song featuring Justin Bieber. This time around, the pop star teamed up with Poo Bear and Jay Electronica for a very emotional track that comes with an equally emotional music video.

Wake Up

Wake Up is the latest Justin Bieber song to feature The Chainsmokers and it’s just as good, if not better, to their previous collaborations. Although not confirmed, many fans speculate that the lyrics are all about Justin’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.


Speaking of Selena Gomez, we of course have to include Justin Bieber’s last song that references his ex-girlfriend. The song features BloodPop and talks about being able to remain friends with someone that you used to love. A scenario I think many of us can relate to.


Justin Bieber is best known as a pop star but that hasn’t stopped him from tackling other music genres as well. His collaboration with David Guetta on the dance song 2U is evidence that Bieber’s voice can work well on any type of music you put it on.

Despacito (Remix)

Yes, you’ve read that right, one of Justin Bieber’s latest songs is indeed a remix of the smash summer hit of 2017, Despacito. As one might expect, the remix features the original song’s creators Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee but has a unique touch thanks to the voice of Justin Bieber.

Déjà Vu

You would be right to assume that a song featuring both Justin Bieber and Post Malone would be a match made in heaven. The two artists complement each other incredibly well on Déjà Vu so it’s actually a bit surprising that the song didn’t become more popular, though that may have something to do with the fact that it doesn’t have a music video.

Love Yourself

This track is a bit older than some of the other entries on our list but Love Yourself is actually of the Justin Bieber’s latest solo songs to be uploaded to his official YouTube channel. Just thought we included this one as well on the off chance you missed it when it first came out.


Part 2: How to Download Justin Bieber’s Latest Songs from YouTube

If you’re a true “belieber” you’ll probably want to stay up to date with Justin Bieber’s latest songs and have them readily available to listen at all times. The best way to ensure that you always have access to your favorite Bieber songs is to download and store them on your PC or mobile device using DVDFab YouTube to MP3. This tool allows you to download not just single songs but full playlists in one go and automatically converts them to MP3, a format that’s supported by all multimedia devices. The software also downloads all available metadata so you’ll never have to worry again about not knowing the album the song was featured on or the year it came out.

Here’s how you can download Justin Bieber’s latest songs using this software:

1. Open DVDFab 10 and go to the Utilities section. There you will find several useful tools, including YouTube to MP3.


2. Go to YouTube and search for one of Justin Bieber’s latest songs that you would like to download. Copy the URL and then come back to the tool.


3. Click the Paste URL button in YouTube to MP3 and wait a couple of seconds for the software to finish analyzing the link. If you want to download an entire playlist of latest Justin Bieber songs simply paste the URL of one of the videos in the playlist and the software will take care of the rest.


4. Once the download is complete go to the destination folder (you can change the default folder by clicking on the folder icon found at the bottom) and play the song/songs using your preferred device.



 If you’re a fan of Justin Bieber’s latest songs you’ll be happy to know that the pop star is rumored to be working on a new album that’s expected to release sometime in 2019. To make the wait a little bit easier, you could always go back and listen to some of Bieber’s older songs because there’s some good stuff from the past as well. But whether you’re into Justin Bieber’s latest songs or his earlier work, you can always count on DVDFab YouTube to MP3 to help you download songs quickly and without any hassles.