Keith Urban, is a New Zealand country music singer, who shot into popularity after winning a Grammy Award for the number, You'll Think of Me.

Among the other awards he has won are Academy of Country Music Awards (Top New Male Vocalist),

American Music Awards (Favorite Male Singer), Country Music Association Awards (Male Vocalist of the Year).

Altogether he has released nine studio albums with 37 singles making it to the US Hot Country Songs chart and 18 peaking at the top position.

Here are among the top latest Keith Urban songs for your listening pleasure.

Part 1: Top Latest Keith Urban Songs

1.  Coming Home

This number released in March 2018 is the third single from the singer’s Graffiti U album.

The song peaked at the top position on Canada Country Billboard and third on US Country Airplay

As of August 2018, the number has touched a sales figure of 113,000 copies in the USA.

2. Parallel Line

The singer’s wife, Nicole Kidman features in this number in a "Fans First" event in April 2018.

The song received Gold Certification from ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) after recording a sale of 35000 units.

3. Female

Urban first sang this song at the 51st Annual Country Music Association Awards.

On the week of its debut Female emerged as the top-selling country netting sales of 21,000 within a couple of days.

4. Texas Time

This Keith Urban latest song is a tribute to the late Don William who had been an inspiration in Keith’s musical journey.

The laid-back beat of the song reflects Don’s influence and the song title seems to be a salute to Don’s Tulsa Time.

5. Steal My Thunder

This is a special song because Urban’s wife, screen star, Nicole Kidman, provides backing vocals to the number.

Urban admitted that Nicole had been the inspiration for at least two others songs in the Graffiti U album.

6. Same Heart

Same Heart is a song about moving on after the termination of a relationship.

Although on the surface everything seems to be over, but things are pretty much the same.

The same heart beats for the old flame.

 A part of the lover still wonders where the other half is. Even if the separated lover says he's fine, he's actually lying.

7. Drop Top

This song features Kassi Ashton, who has been a songwriter since age 15.

Drop Top talks about a girl at Coachella with feathers in her hair. It makes a perfect concert number.

8. My Wave

Urban wrote this song with Greg Wells. Also in the songwriting team is Shy Carter.

Urban says the lyrics revolve around his life experience and the inspirational words of Ben Mendelsohn, the Australian actor.

9. Way Too Long

This is another song from the Graffiti U album. It talks about how a relationship was broken up due to a clash of egos.

But the egoistic lover despite wanting to follow his way can't stop recalling his old flame.

10. Love the Way it Hurts

Keith Urban wrote this song with Captain Cuts with whom he had never worked with prior to this collaboration.

A friend had told him the partnership would take things to a new height. Urban had acted on her advice and taken her word for it and her prediction had come true.


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