Dance music is always popular and 2018 is no exception. This year we’ve had a lot of great dance songs from many talented artists and we’re likely to get even more by the time 2018 is over. But now is not the time to look towards the future. Instead, today we’re taking a look at the latest dance songs of 2018 that got out blood pumping and our feet moving on the dance floor. Naturally, not all of us like to dance to the same tunes but we can guarantee that the songs we’re going to talk about today will definitely bring out the best dancer in you. A bit later on we’re also going to talk about how you can download all these songs from YouTube and convert them to MP3 so make sure to read until the end.


Part 1: Top 10 Latest Dance Songs of 2020

David Guetta feat Anne-Marie – Don’t Leave Me Alone

We’re kicking things off with one of the David Guetta’s latest dance songs of the year. Guetta rarely disappoints when it comes to dance-worthy summer hits and he definitely did not disappoint with this one. As an added bonus, the lyric video is really cute and worth checking out while you’re listening to the song.

Martin Garrix feat Bonn – High on Life

You’re probably very familiar with this song if you’re the type of person that goes to a lot of music festivals. But if you’re not, don’t worry because the song does a great job at invoking the unique atmosphere that Martin Garrix’s live performances are famous for.

The Chainsmokers feat Emily Warren – Side Effects

Had a rough week and want to relax with one of the latest dance songs of the year? Well, you’re in luck because The Chainsmokers created this song especially for situations like that. Sure, the song is also about making questionable decisions after a long night of partying but I’m sure that won’t stop you from dancing to its great beat.

Tiesto & Dzeko feat Preme & Post Malone – Jackie Chan

We couldn’t talk about the latest dance songs of 2018 without mentioning this one, could we? A lot of artists poured their talent into this track and the result is quite interesting. The song is not actually about Jackie Chan but it was a good idea to include his name in the lyrics because it makes for a very catchy chorus.

DJ Snake – Magenta Riddim

At first glance, this sounds very much like one of the latest Bollywood dance songs you might hear in a Hindi movie. However, you might be surprised to learn that this track was actually created by French artist DJ Snake. The artist clearly spent some time learning about Indian culture because this song sounds exactly like the music India is famous for.

Childish Gambino – This is America

By far one of the most popular latest dance songs of 2018, This is America became an instant hit when it released earlier this year. A great party song but if you plan on listening to it you may want to brace yourself for some pretty heavy social commentary about modern American culture.

Steve Aoki feat Ina Wroldsen – Lie to Me

Steve Aoki always comes up with great dance songs but this one is really something else. Aoki’s mellow beats combine beautifully with Ina Wroldsen’s voice to create a catchy song that will stick with you long after you’ve stopped listening to it.

The Chainsmokers – Everybody Hates Me

We already mentioned The Chainsmokers once but no list of the latest dance songs of 2018 would be complete without Everybody Hates Me.  Despite being a rather sad song at its core, it’s hard to argue with the fact that most people can relate to the lyrics at one point during their lives.

Daddy Yankee – Dura

Not technically one of the latest dance songs of 2018 since it came out back in January but definitely one of the most popular songs of the year so far. Dura surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube and is likely to be played at parties all over the world for many years to come.

Justin Timberlake feat Chris Stapleton – Say Something

Justin Timberlake hasn’t been very active in the music world these past few years but it’s clear that music is still a very important part of his life. Timberlake returned to the spotlight again at the beginning of the year and delivered one of the latest best dance songs of 2018 in the process.

Part 2: How to Download the Latest Dance Songs of 2018 from YouTube

YouTube is the perfect platform to listen to the latest dance songs but sometimes it’s still a better option to download your favorite music and store it locally. That’s particularly true if you’re thinking about bringing music to a party. It’s not much of a party with music that’s playing from YouTube, right? Well, the perfect solution for downloading music from the website is DVDFab YouTube to MP3. Just as its name indicates, the software not only allows you to download any YouTube song but it also converts it to MP3 in the process. In addition, you can also use this tool to download entire playlists in a short amount of time while also automatically downloading any available metadata in the process.

Here’s how it works:

1. Open DVDFab and look for the tab labeled Utilities. Once you’re there, look for the tool known as YouTube to MP3.


2. Go to YouTube and search for the latest dance songs of 2018 or any other of your favorite songs.


3. Copy the URL of the song and then hit the Paste URL button to start downloading the song. If you want to download a playlist, simply paste the URL of any song found in that playlist.


4. Once the download is complete, go to the destination folder and enjoy the MP3 version of the song or playlist.



We’re lucky to have a platform like YouTube where we can listen to the latest dance songs of 2018 anytime we feel like it. However, it’s even better to also have your favorite music on one of your devices because YouTube is not that great when it comes to listening to music on the go. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is the perfect solution to that problem.