Few things are as soothing for the mind and the soul as some good gospel songs. Luckily, there are more and more artists out there who specialize in this type of music so there are definitely plenty of songs to choose from. Today, however, we’re only going to take a look at the top latest gospel songs that we’ve been listening on repeat ever since we first heard them. A bit later we’re also going to talk about how you can download these songs from YouTube so be sure to read until the end.

Part 1: Top 10 Latest Gospel Songs

I Am They – To The One

We’re kicking off our list of latest gospel songs with an absolutely beautiful track from the band I Am They. The song is part of Trial & Triumph and is just one of many great songs found on the band’s latest album.

latest gospel songs


Vertical Worship – Yes I Will

Another Christian music band that you don’t want to overlook this year is Vertical Worship. Definitely make sure to go to one of their concerts if you can because Yes I Will, one of their latest gospel songs, sounds amazing live.

Shady B - Solution

Let’s switch things up a bit with some of the latest Nigerian gospel songs because the country has a lot to offer in terms of worship music. Many gospel songs released by Nigerian artists are actually in English, including Solution by Shady B.

Paulette – Higher

An upbeat song accompanied by a music video featuring lots of dancing and plenty of positive vibes. Higher by Paulette is a great example of why you should consider giving a chance to some of the latest Nigerian gospel songs.

Phil Wickham – Living Hope

The lead single from Phil Wickham’s latest album also entitled Living Hope sends an incredibly powerful message to anyone willing to hear it. A very positive song about hope and faith that will instantly brighten your day.

Tori Kelly – Never Alone feat. Kirk Franklin

Never Alone is undoubtedly one of the most well-known latest gospel songs right now. The primary reason for its popularity may have something to do with the fact that the song combines multiple styles, including rap, R&B, and traditional gospel music.

Hillsong Worship – Who You Say I Am

Hillsong Worship have been releasing hit after hit but 2018 has been a particularly strong year so far for the band. Who You Say I Am is probably their most beloved track from their new album but make sure you don’t miss out on all their other latest gospel songs as well.


Jason Nelson – Forever

A great song that can lift you up when you’re feeling down and bring joy to your heart when you’re feeling sad. Jason Nelson’s vocals are always spot-on but he does an especially great job on Forever.

Ginny Owens – Remind Me

When you’re thinking about the top latest gospel songs of 2018, Ginny Owens’ Remind Me might not immediately spring to mind because it’s primarily a pop song. Trying looking beyond the surface, however, and you’ll quickly find that Remind Me has the same message as most gospel songs, just with a different type of melody.

I Am They – The Water

We started with I Am They so it’s only appropriate that with end our list with another one of their songs. The Water is very emotional and highly comforting at the same time. It might bring you to tears at first but soon enough they will turn into tears of joy.

latest gospel songs

Part 2: How to Download the Latest Gospel Songs from YouTube

In order to properly enjoy the top latest gospel songs, you need to make sure there are no interruptions when you listen to them. Hence, YouTube might not be the ideal choice for that, however, you can download the songs from the website and then listen to them on your favorite device. The tool you’ll need to achieve that is known as DVDFab YouTube to MP3 and is a great piece of software for downloading both individual songs and entire playlists. Here’s how it works:

1. Download DVDFab from the official website and install it on your machine. Then, go to Utilities and click on YouTube to MP3.

youtube to mp3

2. Now visit YouTube to search for some of the latest gospel songs or playlists you want to download.

youtube to mp3

3. Copy the link of a song and then return to YouTube to MP3 and hit the Paste URL button.

youtube to mp3

4. The download starts automatically upon clicking the aforementioned button so just wait a few seconds until the process is complete and then go to the navigation folder to enjoy the song.

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We’ve only covered a few of the top latest gospel songs of 2018 in this article but there are many more where those came from. Gospel music has been on the rise recently in many parts of the world so don’t hesitate to look for songs that are not in English because some of them might surprise you. Finding good gospel music online is not always easy, so make sure to download your favorite songs using the YouTube to MP3 converter of DVDFab and listen to them on the go.