If you are making a video compilation or a movie, you need to merge videos together online to create the final video.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it is. You can use any video merger tool that you can get to perform the job. But there is one tiny issue. If you merge multiple videos online using a random video merger, you will lose the quality of the video.

Now, this is a problem that worries many people out there. That is why we have brought to you the best video merging tools that will ensure that you merge videos online for free. We personally prefer using DVDFab Video Converter, but we are going to talk about some other alternatives as well.

Best Solution to Merge Videos Online

DVDFab Video Converter

merge videos online:DVDFab Video Converter

If you are looking for a tool to merge videos online free without a watermark, then this just might be the right product for you. DVDFab is a multi-purpose video converter that can merge online videos without any difficulty.

Now, let us talk about what benefits you can get when you install DVDFab.

Universal Support

One of the major reasons why we like using DVDFab video converter to merge videos online is because of how effortlessly we can get the job done.

Another thing that will catch your eye is DVDFab's massive library of supported formats. It currently supports more than 1000 audio and video formats, and the list keeps on rising.

So, it doesn't matter whatever video format you are using, as DVDFab will support it without any difficulty.

Add Additional Metadata

If you are merging videos of a movie, TV show, web series, etc., then DVDFab automatically detects the videos. Then it finds more information about that movie or TV show, like the name of the director, cast, etc.

Then, once you merge online videos, all those metadata will be embedded in your videos – giving your videos a more professional look. Plus, who doesn't like to learn more about their favorite movie or TV show compilation?

Countless Number of Parameters to Play With

If you have the DVDFab converter, you can control the parameters of the output you're about to produce.

When you are about to merge videos together online, you can choose which parts of each video should be in the final output. Plus, you can control the quality (bitrate) of the videos. If you have a storage crunch and want to cram the entire video into a specific file size, you can adjust some of the parameters of DVDFab to do so. You can choose different codecs that come with varying levels of compressions.

Use The Built-in Video Editor for a Professional Touch

DVDFab video converter comes with a video editor, which you can use when you want to merge videos together online. It comes with features that most tools that merge videos online do not provide.

a. You can add customized intro or ending sequences to your video to give a more professional look and feel.

b. Any video looks great with the proper addition of special effects. With this video converter, you can add various special effects and transitions to the final video when you merge online videos.

c. You can add additional soundtracks or subtitles to the video to improve the viewing experience.

d. DVDFab allows you to merge videos without a watermark. However, you can add your custom watermark or branding to mark a video as your own.

e. You can adjust some parameters like brightness, color saturation, contrast, etc., to improve the video quality.

Transfer Files from Phone to PC and Vice Versa Wirelessly

You can install DVDFab Remote on your phone when you install DVDFab on your computer. If you have the video cuts that you want to merge on your phone, you can simply send them to your PC.

Later, you can transfer the merged video directly to your phone and share it with anyone you want.

Accelerate The Merging Process with Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration technologies can save you a lot of time. They can take advantage of our computer's superior hardware to boost performance by several times.

DVDFab supports multi-threading, multi-core, and the latest NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync technologies. As a result, DVDFab is 30 times faster than the typical video converter.

So, if you have the required hardware and want to merge videos together online, you can crank up the process to get results faster.

Gain More Quality Instead of Losing

When people want to merge videos online, they worry about losing the quality of the output video. But, when you use DVDFab, you don't have to worry about that.

In fact, you can use DVDFab's built-in video upscaling tool, Enlarger AI, to convert 480p videos to 1080p and 1080p videos to 4K. It increases the video quality as well as the resolution to improve your viewing experience.

So, why worry about losing quality when you can upscale your video to improve your video quality more than ever?

Any Computer Can Run It

DVDFab Video Converter is a powerhouse of features, but it is surprisingly lightweight. Any basic computer these days can easily run the software.

Here are the minimum system requirements:

  • a. Windows 7 – 11 / 32/64-bit build
  • b. Pentium II 500 MHz
  • c. 2 GB of RAM
  • d. 10 GB of free hard disk space
  • e. Live internet connection (only to authorize to register. Uses little to no data.)

As for the MacBook, almost every MacBook that has macOS 10 or above can run it without any difficulty.


Let us summarize the things that we liked about the DVDFab video converter.

  • a. Wide support over almost every video format
  • b. Lots of settings for you to adjust
  • c. Comes with a built-in editor packed with advanced features
  • d. Allows you to upscale your videos to 1080p and 4K.
  • e. Provides ample guides and solutions to easily operate the tool


Here are some things that you may not like:

a. Some features are locked behind a paywall. You can only unlock them if you buy their license.

b. This isn't an open-source software

Final Opinion

DVDFab video converter is an excellent tool that you can use to merge videos online. It is a powerhouse of features, and none of them will feel useless.

Plus, DVDFab has a lot of blogs and guides on their site, which guide you through the software and help you perform a specific task – making it a very user-friendly software.

How to Merge Videos using DVDFab

We have talked so much about DVDFab. So, it is fair that we also tell you about how you can merge videos online using a DVDFab converter.

Step 1: Download and install DVDFab from the official site. After you have authorized the converter using your DVDFab credentials, you will see this screen.

merge videos online:How to Merge Videos using DVDFab

Step 2: Now, add the videos that you want to merge. You can either select the files from your file explorer or drag and drop them in the window.

Once the files are uploaded, they will show on the screen.

merge videos online:How to Merge Videos using DVDFab

Now that all the files are uploaded, you can edit some of the settings, set profiles, use the editor, and do other stuff. After you are done with them, click on Merge, located just below the Ripper icon.

Note: Before we proceed to the next step, you need to know one thing. If you add more than one video that has an audio track, DVDFab will show you an error message.

merge videos online:How to Merge Videos using DVDFab

Make sure that the videos don't have any audio tracks. You can add the sounds later in the built-in video editor.

Step 3: After that, simply choose the save location from the address bar located at the bottom of the window. Then, click on Start.

merge videos online:How to Merge Videos using DVDFab

Now you can sit back and relax as DVDFab does its job. You can enable hardware acceleration to make the process faster. If it takes too long, you can instruct your PC to shut down after the process ends.


merge videos online:Clideo

There are other alternatives to DVDFab that you can use as well to merge videos online free without a watermark, and Clideo is the best one we have found.

It is an excellent online merging tool that you can use to merge videos together online, and it comes with some additional features. They have a minimalistic website that looks good to the eye and has proper documentation. Let us take a look at its features

Merge Videos Without Any Difficulty

It is extremely simple to add multiple videos at once and merge them using this web page. Plus, you can select multiple files from not only your PC but also from other sources like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Once you have added all the files, you can just click on Merge, and you are good to go.

Add Soundtracks

To ensure that your video compilation looks good, you can add a custom soundtrack after you merge videos online. You can even adjust the length and the volume of the track.

Support for Popular Formats

Clideo supports all popular video formats like MP4, AVI, etc. So Cleo is enough to serve all your needs.

Saves Space and Data

This is a completely online application with no need to download any application on your PC or phone. All you need is to upload the videos and then download them and have an active internet connection during that time.

Your Files are Safe

The files that you upload or the final merged video that you are about to download are protected all time by their premium security encryptions.

Lots of Available Video Combining Options

You can choose between different resolutions and formats. Plus, there are multiple crop options. By utilizing these features, you can create an excellent video.

Other Features

If you explore the web page a bit, you can see that there is a lot more to see on this site. There are several more tools and features that you can use. Plus, they also provide you with resources that can help you learn useful stuff.


a. The entire process is shortened to three or four simple steps.

b. There are no watermarks.

c. You will not see the site cluttered with ads.


a. They have very slow download and upload speeds. So, it will take ages to download and upload large clips.

b. There is a default compression option, and you cannot change it.

Final Thoughts

Clideo is a barebones tool that you can use to merge videos online. It has all the basic features that anyone needs for casual use. The website is excellent, gets the job done, and there are no ads, no watermark, etc. So, we felt like this is the best online video converter that you can find. While you won't be able to perform advanced tasks, this tool will be far more than enough if you want to make a simple compilation or don't want to use a video merging tool for the long term.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the tools that you can use to merge videos online. DVDFab is the best video conversion tool that you can find, as it allows you to merge as many videos as you want at extremely fast speeds and has a lot of advanced options for you to choose from. If you are serious about creating merged videos and compilations, then this is the best tool you can find. However, if you are a casual user and just want to merge a couple of videos and stuff, then Clideo is the best online free alternative to DVDFab.