Can you edit MKV files? How do I trim MKV files? Having the best free MKV editor at hand will facilitate your quality playback on supported mobile devices or upload on specific social networks.

Lots of people think editing MKV videos takes a lot of work and patience but that’s not always the case. The truth is that anybody can do basic video editing nowadays thanks to the myriad of easy-to-use editing tools now available. Finding software like that online isn’t that big of a problem but you will need to do a bit of research if you have the best MKV file editor for the job. This article focuses on the best free MKV editors, in particular, most of which will also let you edit video in any format.

1. Top 6 Best Free MKV Editors to Enhance Video Quality

Based on the detailed comparison, user reviews and personal experience, here are the top 6 best MKV video editors that can be used to edit MKV files free and easily. 

DVDFab Video Converter: Best MKV Editor for Lossless Output

If you want the best MKV editor out there we recommend trying DVDFab Video Converter, a professional yet easy-to-use video converter that allows you to convert video or audio and edit it as desired. First, let's check its feature highlights as below.

  • Convert 720p/1080p/4K/8K/3D/H265/H264/SDR videos into videos or audios of various formats playable on multiple portable or mobile devices
  • GPU hardware acceleration for quick & batch conversion
  • Basic video editing features to enhance video quality
  • Work with AI Upscaling (Enlarger AI) to upscale video quality
  • Export video directly to mobile or upload on YouTube
  • Free trial available, clean & intuitive interface
  • Available on Windows & macOS

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Best free MKV Editor for Windows & Mac

Just as its name suggests, this best MKV editor-free tool is meant to be used primarily as a video converter. In that regard, it’s one of the best tools of its kind as it can support all major formats, including 1080p/4K/8K and 3D ones, as well as video to audio conversion. DVDFab Video Converter can also convert files for tons of brand devices and allow users to import videos that need to be converted directly from their mobile devices and then export them back once the process is complete.

As far as the editing options are concerned, DVDFab Video Converter offers plenty of tools that can help you customize videos to your liking. For example, the Advanced Settings menu lets you pick the encoding method, resolution, video quality, and frame rate of the video, among other things. You can also edit.MKV files by playing around with the audio options or by choosing if you want soft or hard subs on your video. Meanwhile, another menu known as Video Edit contains another set of useful tools that let you crop and trim the video or change color proprieties like brightness, contrast, and saturation. The video editor MKV tool also makes it easy to add your own subtitles and watermarks.

SolveigMM Video Splitter 5: Simple MKV Editor

This MKV video editor promises high speeds and lossless editing tools that are very simple to use. The interface is quite basic but that actually makes it a perfect choice for users interested in quick and painless editing jobs that don’t require a lot of fancy extra tools. Video Splitter 5 can help you remove or join together different parts of a video, repair damaged files, add or remove subtitles, and more. Overall, it’s a pretty simple MKV editor designed for a few specific tasks but is always able to handle those tasks very well.

Simple mkv video editor

Avidemux: Popular MKV Editor

Avidemux is a very MKV editor open-source program that can also support a wide variety of other formats. This software is perfect not only for cutting parts of a video and converting them to different formats but also for extracting, merging, and even building new MKV files from scratch. The MKV video editing software also offers a variety of filters that can be used to change the appearance of videos in various ways. The software is a bit harder to use than others on our list but Avidemux’s minimalistic interface makes it an accessible tool for users of all skill levels.

Open source mkv editor to edit MKV files

MKVToolnix: Easy-to-use MKV Video Editing Software

MKVToolnix is yet another simple to use tool that doesn’t require a lot of previous experience. Just as its name indicates, this MKV editor software was designed specifically to edit MKV video files so its approach is a bit more focused compared to some of the other entries on our list. As MKV video editing software, MKVToolnix is pretty basic and doesn’t offer a whole lot of advanced features. However, what’s really handy about this tool is that you can use it to easily create your own MKVs by using putting together any video and audio files you may have at your disposal.

Easy-to-use mkv editor to edit.mkv

Shotcut: Free MKV Editor

Shotcut is a free open-source MKV editor that has a lot to offer to those who take the time to learn all its ins and outs. The software can generate truly professional-looking videos but the interface is quite complicated and it may take you a while to get used to it. Fortunately, at least basic functions like applying filters and cropping videos are fairly straightforward. If you want to start playing around with all the advanced stuff, however, be prepared to invest a lot of time because Shotcut has a very steep learning curve.

mkv editor free to edit MKV files

VSDC Free Video Editor: Non-linear MKV Editor

Last but not least we have VSDC Free Video Editor, a software that strikes a good balance between functionality and ease of use. Despite offering a whole lot of advanced features, the tool is actually pretty easy to learn, which makes it a good pick for beginners and veteran video editors alike. VSDC is a non-linear MKV editor that allows you to work with multiple scenes and transitions at a time. You can take clips or bits of text and add them anywhere on the timeline or add various visual and audio special effects. The best thing about VSDC Free Video Editor is that it can actually also be used as an audio and image editor in addition to an MKV video editing software.

Free mkv editor to edit MKV files

2. How to Edit MKV Files Free & Easily with Peerless MKV Editor

As mentioned above, you must have figured out which MKV video editor you shall choose based on a detailed description of their advantages and disadvantages. To cut a long story short, to edit MKV files as desired, even than expected, you are advised to choose DVDFab Video Converter, a versatile yet powerful video converter fully dedicated to enhancing your video quality while converting video formats. Now let's discuss how to edit an MKV file with this MKV editor Windows & macOS program.

  • Free download, launch DVDFab Video Converter Pro, and choose Video Converter module

 i  Free Download  

How to edit MKV files with DVDFab Video Converter Pro

Note that if you want to edit MKV files with more advanced editing features, you can try out DVDFab Video Converter Pro, since it integrates Video Converter, VideoCruise, and Toolkit, thus combining all features together to meet all your needs of dealing with video, audio, image, and subtitles.

  • Load MKV video source and customize the output MKV files

After loading the MKV video file, choose your desired output profile from the profile library. Here you can choose MKV format via Filter option or Device feature. The former allows you to select your wanted output quickly, while the latter enables you to choose your desired device that supports MKV format.

Choose MKV profile before editing MKV file

  • Start to edit MKV files

To enhance video quality by editing MKV files from all aspects, you can turn to Advanced Settings (the Wrench icon) so that you can set parameters for the output video and audio.

Set video & audio parameters before editing MKV files

Then go to the Video Edit (the Pen icon) to crop, trim, merge, or rotate the video as needed. If you are unhappy with the color, simply adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the video as you like. Meanwhile, you can add a watermark (both image and text), background music, or credits to your video so that it will become much more personalized and professional.

How to edit MKV file free & fast

Once done, set the file directory, and click the Start button to convert the edited MKV files. After editing MKV files, just click on the best 4K video player as recommended to play your edited MKV files with top image quality.


MKV is one of the most popular multimedia formats you’re going to come across so it can be very useful to know how to edit MKV files for better quality. All of the best free MKV editor tools we discussed today can help you with that so it’s up to you to decide which one might work best for your particular needs. It’s probably best to start off with a very simple to use the tool and try making a few simple edits until you get used to the process. Then, you may want to try your hand at more complex software that offers advanced features. Alternatively, you could simply grab DVDFab Video Converter and shot two birds with one stone. The MKV editor is both simple to use and offers a lot of great editing features. Of course, the software is not just a solid MKV editor, it’s also a very reliable video converter so there’s a lot to look forward to here. One more word, if you want to convert MKV to MP4 free and fast, do not miss out on this post.