Videos are the ultimate enjoyment stuff for all of us. Videos can be of different types such as movies, funny video, animation, songs, etc. There is a huge number of different video file formats available which are different in their own ways. Sometimes, you have a video in one format, but your video player doesn’t support that particular format, then you get issues playing that file. In that case, you can do two things, either use a video player that supports that format or convert that video to the format that your existing player already supports.

Converting to a format that is supported byalmost all popular video players is the best option.

Both MKV and MP4 formats are being used worldwide but if you compare closely, MP4 wins the race, and that is why almost all video players support this format. If you have a video file in MKV format, and you want to convert that to MP4 format, you would need an MKV to MP4 converter tool. However, there are a lot of free and paid tools available online to convert MKV to MP4 but in this post, we are going to recommend 1 paid tool that is nearly the best one in the industry, and then 4 free converters.


Part 1: DVDFab Video Converter: The Best MKV to MP4 Converter

Part 2: 4 Best free MKV to MP4 Converters


Part 1: DVDFab Video Converter: The Best MKV to MP4 Converter

DVDFab has been growing in recent years since it has been creating a lot of good software tools. DVDFab Video Converter is one of those tools that work great to convert MKV to MP4. In fact, you can convert various different formats to another.

Features of DVDFab Video Converter – The Best MKV to MP4 Converter:

·        It is quite easy to use.

·        When you use DVDFab video converter you get better control over the output file as you can get the video entirely or a part of it.

·        There is no quality-degrade dafter conversion.

·        Conversion process is quick.

·        This is a paid software tool but you get 30 days free trial so that you can decide whether you want to buy it or not after you use it multiple times.


Step by Step Guide to Convert MKV toMP4 using DVDFab Video Converter:

·        First of all download DVDFab Video Converter software from its official website.

As you could see in the above screenshotyou can either try it free or buy, click the one that you are interested in. For your information, when you try the free version, you won’t get all the features. But, to try this software, you can first try free, and then think of buying.

·        Once downloaded, launch the software. You will see the interface of the software where you would see multiple options. Click “Converter”

·        Click  + icon to load the MKV format video which you want to convert to MP4. Once the file is selected, it will be listed there.

·        Now, select the output format as MP4

If there you see already MP4 as selected, you don’t need to do anything, but if it is not showing, you can just click there which will open a list of formats. Select MP4 from there.

·        Now, set the output location so that the converted file will be saved there.

Click Start button to start the conversion. A process progress popup will show up.

In some time, you will see that process is completed.

That’s all for converting MKV to MP4 using DVDFab Video Converter software.


Part 2: 4 Best free MKV to MP4 Converters


1.     VLC Media Player

Don’t get confused with the name because VLC is not just a media player but much more than that. It can convert MKV to MP4 format effortlessly. VLC is probably the best MKV to MP4 converter free because not all the free tools are as good as VLC. It offers the premium features for free, and so is the converting feature.

All you need to do is to go to Media >> Convert /Save. Then locate the MKV file that you want to convert. Select the new Profile for the file as MP4, choose output location. Then initiate the conversion.

Within some time, the video will be converted to MP4.

Notable Features of the best free MKV to MP4 Converter, VLC Media Player:

·        VLC is the best free MKV to MP4 Converter which also converts various other file formats including audios as well.

·        You can play almost all media file formats using VLC.

·        It offers different adjustment and effects while playing media files that you can use to enhance your movie watching experience.

·        You can take screenshots while playing any video.

·        You can set the playing video as your desktop background.

·        Stream online videos.


2.     Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a free MKV to MP4 converter software tool that makes the whole process easier.

Download the software from its official website. Install it on your PC. Once done. Launch it. Click +Video to select the MKV file. Now, click MP4, and choose a ready-made preset for it such as “same as source”. Now click Convert, and wait for some time to get the converted file to MP4.

Freemake video converter is a renowned software tool as long as the best free video converters are concerned.

Notable Features of Freemake Video Converter:

·        It converts MKV to MP4 format. Moreover it can convert any media file to any other media format.

·        Completely free and very versatile software.

·        No ads, no watermarks, etc.

·        No quality degrade in conversion.


3.     Handbrake

Handbrake is an open source software tool to convert MKV to MP4. The software works great just like the premium ones. There are simple steps to covert video files using Handbrake.

First of all, download it from its official site. Then install it on your computer. Once done, launch the software, and click “Source” button. Then select open file, and locate the MKV file that you want to convert to MP4.

Now, click “Browse” to set the output location for the new converted MP4 file. Also, enter the name for it.

Now, come to the output settings. Select MP4.

Finally, click “Start” button that you see in the toolbar section.

Within some time, MKV will be converted to MP4 format.

Handbrake is a great and free MKV to MP4 converter software program that you can try out today.

Features of Handbrake – Free MKV to MP4 Converter:

·        Title, chapter and range selection option is there

·        It has Chapter Markers available

·        Subtitles (VobSub, Closed Captions CEA-608, SSA, SRT)

·        While conversion from MKV to MP4, video quality stays constant. That means no quality degrade at all.

·        It support for CFR and VFR

·        One of the best free MKV to MP4 converter out there.



If you want MKV to MP4 converter free online, is the best one in the business as it quickly converts MKV to MP4.

Visit the site, and click “choose file” to select the MKV file that you want to convert to MP4. Once selected, you can directly click “Convert file” which will take some time to convert it to MP4 format. However, you can edit the option setting part if you want to change few settings.

Features of the Best Online free MKV to MP4 Converter,

·        It converts MKV to MP4 without downloading any software. It does online.

·        It converts various different media files to another as well.

·        The services this tool offers are completely free.



MP4 is the most popular video format nowadays, hence converting MKV or any other file format to MP4 is a right choice because nowadays almost all video players support MP4.

We hope these 4 free MKV to MP4 converter tools and one premium tool, DVDFab Video Converter are well enough for you.