MP4 is the most popular and dominating video format. You can find MP4 almost everywhere like in smartphones, tablets, PCs, and even HDTVs. MP4 is a digital multimedia container format just like MKV. Both are used to store multimedia files like images, videos, subtitles in a single file known as a movie or a video. But there are significant differences between MP4 to MKV. MP4 is quite compatible with a large number of multimedia devices and gadgets. While MKV is highly suitable for Blu-ray rips and 4K TV media. That’s why you may need a MP4 to MKV converter software.

The reason why MKV is popular for Blu-ray rips is that it can hold an infinite number of images and videos in a single file without caring about the file size. That’s why you are able to stream ultra high definition entertainment on your 4K TV because MKV supports larger resolution sizes than MP4. You can also convert MP4 to MKV if you want to experience the entertainment on a high definition screen using a MP4 to MKV converter software like DVDFab video converter.

In this post, we will be discussing top 4 best MP4 to MKV converters which will convert MP4 to MKV format keeping the quality in 1:1 ratio. These top 4 video converters are listed below.


1.       DVDFab Video Converter

2.       Any Video Converter Free

3.       Freemake Video Converter

4.       VLC Media Player

1. DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter for Mac and Windows is currently the best MP4 to MKV converter with quality customization options. It is a powerful video converter with Intel quick sync and Nvidia Cuda technology. DVDFab MP4 to MKV converter supports a wide range of inbuilt device profiles. So you don’t need to make changes to resolution, bit-rate, audio, or fps if you are choosing one. Follow the tutorial below to convert MP4 to MKV on DVDFab video converter.

·         Download and install the DVDFab video converter for either Mac or Windows.

·         Open the program and click the ‘Converter’ tab then click the ‘plus’ button to load a MP4 video.

·         After loading the video the converter will look like as follows. Check the tools description in the following image.

·         In the above image, you can see what-is-what, so you don’t need much explanation now.

·         Simply click format selection or the device profiles button.

·         Now click the ‘Format’ tab and select ‘MKV’.

·         DVDFab by default converts the video in a 1:1 lossless ratio. So the output video will be the same in resolution and quality most of the time.

·         For custom resolutions click the ‘Video Settings’ wrench button to make changes to video like fps, bit-rate, audio, and resolution (click the field and enter your desired resolution like 1920x1080). Finally, click ‘OK’ to go back.

·         Click the ‘Editor’ button to edit the video. In the editor you can use functions like video crop, trim, watermark, rotate video, add subtitle, change video brightness and saturation. This step is optional.

·         After making all the settings click the folder icon in the ‘Save to’ field and select your output MKV video save location.

·         Now click the ‘Start’ button and wait till the conversion completes.

·         The program will notify you on successfull conversion. You can now watch this


·         Highly productive, best, and easy to use MP4 to MKV converter.

·         Comes with a 30-day fully functional trial period. Convert unlimited videos without any 5-minute restriction.

·         If you plan to buy it later then your transaction is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.
Receives 50 updates per year.



·         DVDFab video converter doesn’t have any cons. It does what it says.

2. Any Video Converter Free MP4 to MKV Converter

Any Video Converter by Anvsoft is a free video converter available for both Mac and Windows. It can convert any video to any format. If you are looking for free MP4 to MKV converter then check this out. Now follow the tutorial below to convert MP4 to MKV in AVC.

·         First of all download and install the software for your Mac or Windows.
Open the program and click the ‘Add Video’ button to load a video.

·         After loading the video the program’s UI will look like this below. Check the detailed info of controls in the image below.

·         After you load the video simply click the ‘Format/Device profile’ selection button and select ‘MKV’ from the list.

·         In ‘Video settings’ you can change the resolution and bit-rate.

·         Any video converter also lets you choose the dual audio language.

·         After making all the settings click ‘Convert Now!’ to convert MP4 to MKV.

·         Find your converted video in ‘Documents’ folder if you are using Windows 10.



·         Easy to use free MP4 to MKV converter.


·         Not suitable for MKV Blu-ray rips.

·         Tries to install several bloatware during installation.

3. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is an easy to use MP4 to MKV converter. It comes with good video converting capabilities. You can control the output video resolution and select the inbuilt device profiles for quick conversion. To convert MP4 to MKV in freemake follow the steps below.

·         Open the program and click the ‘Video’ button and load a video.

·         In ‘Output format’ select ‘MKV’. The video settings will open automatically. Here you can change settings like resolution, FPS, bit-rate, video quality.

·         Finally click ‘Convert’ to start the conversion process. You can also use the video editor if required.


·         Easy to use and support most video formats.


·         Converted video will have a freemake logo in free version.

·         No fully functional trial period is given.


4. VLC Media Player

You may only know VLC as a media player but it can convert videos too for free. So you can also use VLC media player as a MP4 to MKV converter. Check the steps below.

·         Make sure VLC player is installed on your PC/Mac. Open the VLC player.

·         Click ‘Media>Convert/Save’.

·         A popup will open. Here click ‘Add’ and load the desired video which you want to convert.

·         After adding the video click ‘Convert/Save’. Another popup will open.


·         Here in ‘Profile’ click the ‘Wrench’ icon and select ‘MKV’. Name the profile and click ‘Save’.

·         Now in ‘Profile’ select ‘MKV’ and in ‘Destination’ select the output location.

·         Finally click ‘Start’ and wait until the convert MP4 to MKV process gets completed.


·         Ultimately free basic MP4 to MKV converter.


·         Video conversion time may be very long for large videos.



So these were top 4 best MP4 to MKV converters. DVDFab video converter is the number one best MP4 to MKV converter at present. If you are looking for free converters then check out AVC, Freemake, or VLC. But do remember that DVDFab MP4 to MKV converter is also free for the first 30-days after that you can decide to buy. You also get 30-day money back guarantee. With DVDFab you are getting quality, trust, and essential features that an ideal video converter should have.