Nowadays, people have started using Netflix or Hulu as their preferred streaming services to watch their favorite content from the comfort of their homes. These are great options if you have access to good internet speed and the facility to be online all the time. However, what if you wish to watch the same offline? You may have to ditch your streaming service and require a movie hd app to run on your Android or any other device you may like.

A good movie hd apk option must provide a great video and audio quality to let you relax and enjoy yourself with your family and friends. If it comes with subtitles in a variety of languages, then this can be its added feature. Guess what! We have an option with these features and a lot more with only one simple video downloader.

Top 5 hd movie apk download

Check out the following top 5 movie HD apk download options to complete your bucket list of movies.


movie hd apk:Felix

With the ever-increasing popularity of Netflix content worldwide nowadays, almost everyone is using it, and if you are one of them, then KFlix will not be a problem for you. The search bar of this movie hd download app lets you find a popular series or movie efficiently, just as you do on Amazon Prime or Netflix. Additionally, it provides download links for Android devices to get desired quality and size content.


  • There is faster streaming of your favorite content to make the experience seamless.
  • There is a smart search option to let you search for a suitable movie super quickly.
  • The movies available here are of full HD quality.
  • The show history and add to favorite options are valuable facilities in the software.
  • The app also supports all devices and OS versions to maximize the user's benefit.

Price: Free


  • There are various updates available every day for the app.
  • The user interface is seamless to use.
  • It shows the history of usage.
  • There is no registration required for the user to use the app.


  • Sometimes when a movie starts, it does not give the option to back out without finishing it.
  • Sometimes the app crashes in the middle of watching a movie.

Hd movie box

movie hd apk:Hd movie box

HD movie box lets you watch your favorite Hd movie as an Android application. You can stream content from HBO, Netflix, Amazon, etc. It is updated daily. Sometimes, you may have to pay for popular content along with free content. However, as a downside, many ads may spoil your intense movie scene when you are sitting on the edge of your seat.


  • You get a download of HD movies in 480p or full HD at your convenience.
  • The calendar option allows you to keep track of upcoming movies, and you also get an update on new episodes of your favorite series.
  • Even without an internet connection, you can watch your favorite movies or series by downloading them to watch them at any time.
  • You can run videos on VLC or MX players as per your preference.
  • Using an Android emulator, you can run movies on iOS, Android devices, PC, or even Fire Sticks.

Price: Free

Paid Movies.


  • Available as an easy Android option to users.
  • Easy availability of movies and videos from Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and various other platforms.
  • The content is available in HD quality.
  • It takes up a little space along with a faster app.


  • Sometimes due to a glitch in internet connectivity, you may face a problem with the app.
  • Sometimes when too many users use the app, the app may not function properly.

Movie hd app

movie hd apk:Movie hd app

If you wish to enjoy the latest TV shows or movies of your choice, then the Movie hd app can be the Best hd movie software option. With daily updates and uploads of the latest movies and TV shows, you can have access to more than 5000 movies. The content is also available in 360p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K, along with 3D quality to use as per your device.


  • There are many latest movies and TV shows uploaded daily on the application.
  • There is an option of adding to favorites, searching, and downloading content across devices.
  • There is a facility for searching for suitable subtitles online.
  • You can also use it with a Fire TV stick or Fire TV with PC and Chromecast on various devices such as iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • The movies or TV series are available in various streaming video qualities of 1080p, 720p, and 360p that you can use as per your device.

Price: Free


  • It does not need any registration.
  • The user can easily search for suitable subtitles online.
  • It is elementary to use.
  • There is a daily addition of new movies on the platform.


  • You need to make a few adjustments to run it on devices other than Android and iPhones.

Hd movie

movie hd apk:Hd movie

If you are looking for a beautiful source to watch movie HD, HD Movie 2 can be your entertainment hub. You can watch a plethora of movies and TV series along with the facility of downloading them at any time on your Android devices or tablets. You can also use it to navigate videos and photos or even call people at your convenience.


  • There is a massive list of TV shows and Hollywood movies in HD quality.
  • The separate section for movies provides a search bar for easy finding your favorite movie or TV show.
  • It requires very little space for the software to operate on your Android devices.
  • The app runs smoothly with good internet connectivity, and you don't have to face any buffering issues.
  • The software requires only installation and launching without any need for entering any personal details like an email address or contact number.

Price: Free


  • It has a clean and easy-to-use interface.
  • The application is free of any virus.
  • It does not require a process for registration.
  • It is available in multiple languages.


  • It does not come with an ad-free feature.
  • Sometimes the website is unable to accept requests while opening it.


movie hd apk:Vudu

If you wish to watch Hd movies or TV shows from a single source, then Vudu can be your best buddy. It provides you with the facility of watching your favorite series online, and if you are running short of time, download it on your Android device to watch it later. The fantastic sound and visual quality overpower the drawbacks of showing multiple ads between the content.


  • You can watch any Full HD movie in extraordinary 4K UHD quality.
  • The Dolby Vision HDR lets you watch movies with a great sound without letting you miss a single expression.
  • There is an option of Family Play to either skip, mute, or avoid objectionable or abusive content making it apt for children.
  • There is a massive library to choose from for enjoying a variety of contents with parental controls.
  • You can use it across various devices such as gaming consoles, Smart TVs, Roku, and even smartphones, and being available on web browsers.

Price: Various rental plans are available for different movies and TV shows.


  • It is available for free.
  • You do not need any sort of card details for creating an account.
  • Plenty of movies are available across a variety of genres.


  • There are a lot of ads.

The best option to stream movies, music, and more - StreamFab all in one

Want to watch an HD movie but are tired of purchasing different plans for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.? What if we say you can watch all the films available across these platforms and more than 200 sites for enjoying online videos and music. Yes, with StreamFab All In One, you can do all of this and more on various devices.

Check out what it has the capacity to do for you!

StreamFab All In One

movie hd apk:StreamFab All In One

StreamFab allows you to stream and download videos from popular mediums such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and many more. It does that, but it also makes the movies available in perfect video and audio quality to enjoy in your free time, be it for self-entertainment or family needs. So, make your Hd movie download or popular series available on your device.


  • It has a built-in browsing specialty where you need to paste the URL for searching your favorite Movie hd apk download along with TV shows.
  • Various audio and video quality options are available to choose from as per the user's preferences.
  • You also have an option to save your desirable VOD videos in a comfortable mp4 format to run them across digital media players, gaming consoles, tablets, along with smartphones.
  • There is a facility for downloading suitable audio along with subtitles in the language of your preference.
  • It also lets you avail the facility of auto-download for new releases of episodes at a particular time scheduled for watching them.

How to use it?

It can't get easier than this. Just follow the given steps.

Step 1: Downloading along with installing software

movie hd apk:How to use it?

Complete the download along with the installation process of the software on your PC, be it MacOS or Windows version.

Step 2: Choosing the streaming service of your choice

movie hd apk:How to use it?

After launching the software correctly, you have to locate your desired service for streaming. You can find the relatable options under the Tab for Streaming services.

Step 3: Sign in and play your desired video.

Now you have to sign in with your details after creating an account. Then you can play the video you wish to proceed with downloading onto the storage medium of your choice.

Step 4: Choosing the proper subtitles and audio

Now you can choose preferred subtitles and audio as per your preferred language.

movie hd apk:How to use it?

Step 5: Initiating download of the right video

After this, you need to finish the process by clicking on the button saying download now to start with the downloading process.


Where to watch the latest Netflix series in HD quality?

You can watch the latest shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming site in HD quality on StreamFab.

How Can I watch Tamil Movies in HD quality?

Tamilgun HD movie lets you enjoy Tamil movies in HD quality any time on your screens.

Is there any option where I can watch HD movies on both Windows and MAC devices?

Popcorn Time can let you watch HD movies on both Windows and MAC devices.


Now you need not rely on the old ways of watching movies on a DVD player as with time technology has also changed a lot. So, shouldn't you also change the course of watching your favorite movie in a modern way? A Movie hd app can be a current rescue for this problem. We have suggested a few options to download the latest Netflix, HBO, or other movies and series for your entertainment needs. With effective software, you can enjoy the newest Movie hd apk in excellent quality, and what can be a better option than StreamFab all in one! Herein, you will get fantastic video and audio quality in various formats for your devices.