Now, before getting into the process of free Mp4 music videos downloads or free Mp3 Mp4 music downloads 2020, let's have a brief idea of what Mp3 and Mp4 are all about, most importantly, why do you need Mp3 Mp4 music downloads and why StreamFab or other two video downloaders are the best solutions to download streaming video or music.

Mp3: It is an audio coding format and deals with audio files. The devices that are made for Mp3 are considered audio media players. Mp3 uses lossy compression to compress files without reducing the original quality of the file. Mp3 format reduces the file size by almost 90% compared to CD.

Since Mp3 is compatible with almost all devices, the Mp3 file takes smaller storage space in your device than the Mp4 file. Being a coding format, instead of storing data of the file, Mp3 basically stores the code of the file through compression. Mp3 also allows you to customize your file size and audio quality depending on your requirement. You can go for a larger file size with high bitrates for good audio quality, or you can do the reverse.

Mp4: It is a digital multimedia container file format that deals with audio, video, image, and text. Devices that are made for Mp4 are especially audio-video media players. Being a container format, Mp4 stores the file's data instead of storing code. Therefore, as compared to Mp3, Mp4 takes larger storage space in your devices.

Being a container format, the video, audio, and subtitles are supported by different codecs in the process of compression. When an Mp4 video file uses lossy H.264 codec, an Mp4 audio file uses ALS or ALAC lossless codec for compression. Depending on the codec selection, the data quality within the file will differ. The different file extensions, such as Mp4A, Mp4P, Mp4B, etc., have been used to indicate the specific type of data within the container Mp4 file.

Reasons to use Mp3 Mp4 music downloader

When you have a brief idea about the primary differences between the Mp3 and Mp4 file formats, it's time to know why you need any downloader for Mp3 Mp4 music downloads.

  • With Mp4 music downloads, you can enjoy your audio file on any device without the internet.
  • With the free Mp4 music video downloads, you can enjoy both the audio and video of your favorite music content.
  • With the free Mp3 Mp4 music downloads 2020, you can save all of your favorite contemporary music in the minimum storage space on your device.
  • With free Mp4 music downloads, you can download any music content available in any format from any platform, from CD and DVD to online streaming platforms or social media platforms.
  • With MP4 music downloader, you can cut down your internet expenses of online music listening while making a custom-made offline music library.

Top 3 Mp3 or Mp4 music downloaders

1) StreamFab All-In-One [Recommended mp4 music downloads]

mp4 music downloads:1) StreamFab All-In-One [Recommended mp4 music downloads]

To begin with Mp4 music downloads, StreamFab is the one and the only destination where you can enjoy Mp4 music downloads for free. From Amazon, Netflix, Hulu to Youtube, or other social media platforms, you can download any audio-video or only audio content from any format to Mp3 if you want to enjoy only the audio part or Mp4 format if you want to save only audio or audio with video depending on your choice. StreamFab is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.


  • Through the built-in browser feature, you can find any music content from any platform directly from Streamfab without going to the different streaming websites.
  • You can enjoy free Mp4 music video downloads in 720p or 1080p video quality and EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 audio channels.
  • The free Mp4 music downloads with or without videos of this downloader, allows you to transfer them to any media player.
  • Get ready to enjoy Mp3 Mp4 music downloads 2020 without any commercial ad's botheration.
  • While downloading only audio or any music video file in Mp4 file format, you can save all the metadata of the content of your choice.
  • With the high-speed batch downloading facility, you can download bulk music content from various platforms simultaneously within a few minutes.
  • With this download, you can also download music-video or only music content from encrypted Blu-ray or DVDs.


With the free downloads and installation with limited features options of StreamFab, you can upgrade your service to the starting subscription plan at $ 139.99 and the 38-all-in-one bundle plan at $259.99.


  • For music video downloads, this downloader provides 8k support to your downloaded Mp4 file.
  • In Mp3 downloads, you will get audio in 320Kbps.
  • The paid version comes with a 30-day money refund policy.
  • While running the downloading process with an easy and simple user interface, you can continue your other work on your computer.


  • Not yet mentioned by consumers.

Steps to Mp3 Mp4 downloads

  • Click twice on the video downloaderr to go to the main interface.
  • Go to the "Explorar" or "Streaming Service" section given in the left column.
  • Go to your desired website for the audio or audio-video content that you like to download.
  • After selecting play the content and customize your output profile file format by selecting the Mp3 or Mp4 format of your choice along with other customizable settings.
  • The selected content will start to download automatically while playing it.

2) Clipgrab

mp4 music downloads:2) Clipgrab

Clipgrab is one of the best online free downloaders that allows you to enjoy Mp3 MP4 music downloads from various audio-video streaming websites on your Windows PC. This audio-video content downloader supports the maximum multimedia website. This free video downloader also supports all major formats, so that you can enjoy free Mp4 music video download in all types of media players on any device.


  • Being a standalone online video downloader, Clipgrab doesn't have to depend on any specific browser for downloading any video content.
  • This downloader can automatically identify the copied web link to its main Window.
  • There are multiple built-in functions to download audio-video content conveniently.
  • While downloading, you can make audio-video file conversion between Mp3 & Mp4 file formats.
  • Along with format, you can also find multiple language options for your downloads.
  • From music, and video clips to animation or movies, you can download anything online for free with this downloader.
  • The integrated search functionality feature has made this downloader distinct and unique from the competition.
  • In one time search, you will get a maximum of 12 results.
  • With the clipboard monitoring feature, you can keep track of multiple video file downloading processes in one go.
  • Save your time with the automatic file downloading process that starts after copy-paste the video link on the main Window.
  • With the integrated downloading button, you don't need to open the downloader every time you need to download.
  • With the audio-specific version download feature, it has become easy to download audiobooks, music files, podcasts, etc.


This online audio-video downloader is absolutely free.


  • This Mp3 Mp4 downloader is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.
  • Extremely easy and simple interface.
  • This software is all-in-one as a downloader, converter, and editor.
  • It is easy to organize your multimedia content with this downloader.
  • From adjusting video quality to selecting the downloaded output file format, you can easily customize your output file profile while downloading content online.


  • Downloading speed might be slow.
  • Downloaded content quality is comparatively compromised.

Steps to Mp3 Mp4 download

  • Go to the Clipgrab official website.
  • Find your desired video that you want to download through the built-in search function.
  • Copy & Paste the URL of the content in the Clipgrab application.
  • The link will be automatically analyzed.
  • You will be asked to select your required file format from the available format list of Mp3, Mp4, WMV, etc.
  • You can also select video resolution for your music video content for your output format.
  • Once you are done with your selection, you can initiate your downloading process to download it in the Mp3 or Mp4 video format of your choice.

3) Mp4 Video Downloader - Download Mp3 music for free

mp4 music downloads:3) Mp4 Video Downloader - Download Mp3 music for free

To enjoy Mp4 music downloads for free, nothing would be more perfect than an Mp4 video downloader. With this Android app, you can download Mp3 audio clips for free. From music videos to only audio files, you can download anything from any streaming platform in Mp3, Mp4, or any other format of your choice.


  • You can play your Mp4 music downloads for free on your Android device with a built-in player.
  • You can easily transfer your Mp4 music downloads to your PC while using the Mp3 music transfer application or built-in Wi-Fi function.
  • This app has a very user-friendly interface.


Since it is a free Mp4 Mp3 downloader app, the pro version comes for $1.99.


  • This downloader runs in the Android 2 version.
  • You can download unlimited songs in one go with the paid version.
  • You can transfer unlimited songs with the paid version.


  • This downloader app is not compatible with Windows or Mac computers.
  • Only one song can be downloaded and transferred with the free version.

Steps to Mp3 Mp4 download

  • Download and install this app on your Android device.
  • Go to the file format list to select the output download file format such as Mp3, Mp4, or other file formats for your audio file.
  • You can select the number of songs you want to download simultaneously while going to the setting option.
  • Once you are done with your selection, click on the "Download" option.

So, when you have the top 3 Mp3 Mp4 downloaders to enjoy Mp3 Mp4 music downloads on any of your convenient devices anytime, anywhere without any internet dependency, the best one is just one click away.

FAQs of Mp4 music Downloads

What is Mp3 Juice?

Mp3 Juice is one of the most popular free songs or music downloaders that allows you to explore free Mp3 Mp4 music downloads juice by downloading any audio or audio-video content from any streaming platform in your desired Mp3 or Mp4 format. This downloading app is for the Android platform.

Why do I download the audio file in Mp4 instead of Mp3?

If you want to enjoy videos along with your audio, then the Mp4 container format is always better than Mp3. Or, if you want to enhance the quality of your downloaded audio file by selecting the lossless codec of the output Mp4 file format, then Mp4 is also the best option. The Mp4 format is compatible with all types of audio-video media players, but the Mp3 file is restricted to only audio players.

Why do you download Mp4 video files to Mp3?

Because Mp3 audio file formats are smaller and take minimum storage space in your device compared to larger Mp4 video file formats. If you want to enjoy your custom-made audio library on any portable device without video, then nothing would be great but Mp3 file format.

Bottom line

So, when you know how to make the most out of Mp4 music downloads, it's time to select the most appropriate Mp3 Mp4 video downloader among the above-mentioned top 3 best music downloaders. To enjoy Mp3 Mp4 music downloads on your convenient device in your favorite pastime, all you have to do is to make a few clicks.