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Best Free Video Downloader for Redbox Latest Movies


   Posted by Rebecca; Starry

2020-04-16 22:56:37


Summary: This article aims to introduce you the best free video downloader, DVDFab Downloader, which can be applied to download Redbox latest movies. Besides, here are 20 Redbox latest movies for your choice.

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Redbox is a great distribution service that allows customers to rent movies of DVDs and Blu-rays from over 34,000 locations across the US. Most people only know Redbox is mainly intended for distributing movies via automated retail kiosks. However, the company also offers streaming services like Redbox Instant and Redbox on Demand, which are perfect for watching contents online with plenty of good new movies to choose from. But not all film lovers afford to watch the latest movies on Redbox. Hence, to meet the needs of Redbox movie fans, this article demonstrates how to download Redbox latest movies with simple clicks and lists top 20 Redbox latest movies for your reference.


Normally, you might tend to stream Redbox movies online or download them with free online video downloader. However, the indisputable fact is that Redbox only allows for ‘Rent On Demand’ and ‘Buy On Demand’, and free online video downloader is confined to internet connection and delivers third-party pop-up ads for business consideration. In the long term, seeking a professional video downloader program can help you achieve remarkable results. Here comes the best free video downloader, DVDFab Downloader, able to download the Redbox latest movies.



1. How to Download Redbox Latest Movies with DVDFab Downloader


The following simple guideline will help you take full advantage of this best free video downloader, which is available on Windows, Mac and Android smartphones.


Step 1: Run this Redbox downloader and search your wanted movie on Redbox


Download and install this video downloader for 30-day free trial. Go to and search your wanted movie.



Step 2: Choose video quality


Tab ‘+Paste URL’ in the left pane of this video downloader, copy & paste the movie URL on Redbox. If you want to download Redbox movies in batch, add all URLs in the text line by line. Then choose your video quality as needed. This video downloader allows you to download movie videos of high quality (SD~8K).



Step 3: Start to download Redbox movies


Once done, tab ‘Download’ button and wait for the Redbox latest movies to be downloaded. If you subscribe to the premium version of this video downloader, Turbo-speed will be activated to quicken the downloading process. Then search the downloaded movies from ‘Local Files’ on the left pane. By the way, you can enjoy downloaded Redbox latest movies with the 4k media player, DVDFab Player 6, the most full-featured media player able to playback DVDs, Blu-rays, UHDs and all kinds of videos.



2. Top 20 Redbox Latest Movies You Want to Know


After knowing how to download Redbox movies, it’s necessary to download Redbox latest movies right now with this best free video downloader. To fulfill your personal preference, here are 20 Redbox latest movies for your choice.


Darkest Hour

A great biopic set during WW2 that focuses on Winston Churchill (played by Gary Oldman) and his role in the events that lead to Britain declaring war on Nazi Germany.




One of the scariest latest movies on Redbox, It is an adaptation of the Stephen King novel bearing the same name.


I, Tonya

Margot Robbie and Sebastian Stan star in this highly acclaimed biopic about the life and struggles of competitive ice skater Tonya Harding.


Thor: Ragnarok

We can’t have a list of Redbox latest movies without including at least a few superhero flicks. Thor: Ragnarok came out on DVD earlier this year and revolves around the latest adventures of the God of Thunder.


The Disaster Artist

Brothers James and Dave Franco join forces in this comedy/drama about Tommy Wiseau, the man responsible for one of the worst movies in recent memory, The Room.



A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is an excellent horror movie that blew both critics and fans away in 2018. The movie marks the directorial debut of John Krasinski, who manages to demonstrate his immense potential not only as a director but also as an actor.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi

One of the latest movies on Redbox taking place in the Star Wars universe is a must-see. Although Solo: A Star Wars Story came out after The Last Jedi, this is actually the latest entry in the main series so far.


Avengers: Infinity War

Almost all the major characters we’ve seen in the previous Marvel films come together in what many believe to be the absolute best superhero movie to date.


The Shape of Water

Movies about monsters don’t usually win four Oscars but this one is a little bit different. The Shape of Water is the latest project of Guillermo del Toro and it’s a beautiful creature feature that deserves all the praise it got.



Blade Runner 2049

Another excellent sci-fi movie for our Redbox latest movies list. No superheroes or magical creatures here, though, just a good old-fashioned dystopian future and cyberpunk themed film that serves as a sequel to the original Blade Runner.



If Darkest Hour got you interested in bleaker historical movies you’ll also want to add Dunkirk to your list.



A highly unsettling horror movie with a great cast that includes names such as Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfeiffer, to name just a few.


The Death of Stalin

A very well produced historical drama with a splash of comedy, the movie tells the story of the Soviet Union’s continued rise to power after the death of dictator Josef Stalin.




We already have a few horror movies on here but our Redbox latest movies list could do with a heart-pounding thriller as well so we went with the aptly titled Revenge.



If you’ve missed Nicholas Cage’s over-the-top acting style you’re in for a real treat with Mandy.


You Were Never Really Here

The movie is a mystery drama about a war veteran that tracks down missing girls for a living but quickly stumbles upon more than he bargained for during a new mission.


Paddington 2

Paddington 2 is a great addition to our Redbox latest movies list because we haven’t had many family-friendly movies here so far.



Black Panther

Few movies have been as hyped as Black Panther and fewer still managed to live to the high expectations set by die-hard fans.



A great sci-fi adventure movie starring Natalie Portman that seemingly came out of nowhere and impressed a lot of people in 2018.


Isle of Dogs

We wrap up our Redbox latest movies list with a lighthearted animated film about a young boy who travels to a remote island in search of his lost dog.





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