TikTok is a social networking service, which focuses on videos, owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance. Its primary function is to host many short-form videos of the users which may have a duration from 15 seconds to over 3 minutes. TikTok offers a variety of genres like pranks, tricks, jokes, dance, entertainment, and stunts to name a few. Over the past few years, the TikTok industry has witnessed a humongous growth in its followers and views.

It has managed to stand out as an entertainment brand that is enjoyed globally. People are observed enjoying the videos of the users in the application and even making videos of their own and publishing them. There are many social media influencers who like to repost their videos on other social media platforms after posting them on TikTok. However, if a user downloads its videos after posting on TikTok it will include a TikTok watermark which is something the user would obviously not want to be seen on other platforms. Now, the question arises of how to remove TikTok watermark 2022.

Therefore, there are various ways and applications available online for users on How to remove the TikTok watermark from the content without compromising on the matter of the content or its quality. 

remove tiktok watermark

How to remove a watermark from TikTok?

Majorly, many users prefer the easiest way to remove watermark TikTok which is to crop the watermark out. Though it might work for many, it still doesn’t look very professional with the chances that the quality will be compromised.

Therefore, many social media influencers prefer the proper removal of the watermark. Listed below are some of the ways, software, and apps to remove TikTok watermark from the videos.

VideoProc Vlogger

VideoProc Vlogger is online software that helps users to remove TikTok watermark-free. It provides the users an opportunity to hide the TikTok watermark with any other logos, icons, gifs, or anything else liked by the users. As a matter of fact, this particular software is also recommended by PCMag and it is considered as one of the best methods to remove watermark from TikTok for free. 

remove tiktok watermark with videoproc vlogger

Step 1. The users need to install VideoProc Vlogger on their Windows or Mac. This software runs on both Mac and Windows.

Step 2. The timeline in the application needs to be added with TikTok for the purpose of editing. After adding, one needs to hit on the blue button in order to create any new project, then drag the TikTok video that has been downloaded into the media library and finally drag the video to the timeline.

Step 3. You can select any GIF from Giphy or any other source of your choice and preference and then further add it to the timeline.

Step 4. The next step is to drag the playhead to the point of time when the watermark of TikTok appears.

Step 5. The GIF is supposed to be snapped to the playhead, then to be moved in the Preview Window to remove the TikTok watermark.

Step 6. Lastly, the TikTok video is supposed to be exported.


This application is considered to be one of the best methods for TikTok remove watermark by the original file being downloaded. This application is different and very user-friendly because no watermark is burned during the removal process and thus there is no pixelated or mosaic area in the content. Also, as the name of the app suggests, users get an option to re-post any content from other users as well.

remove tiktok watermark with reposttik

Step 1. The application RepostTik is supposed to be downloaded from the Appstore. This application is only available for iOS users.

Step 2. Click on the Share icon and then copy the link of the video which is preferred.

And, it's done. The users can then go to the Photos application and they will find the TikTok video on their phones that too with the TikTok watermark remove.

how to remove tiktok watermark


Amongst many applications, the SaveTok application also offers the answer of how to remove a TikTok watermark from any video content. It is widely known that when a TikTok video is processed for the removal of the watermark then the content goes through a series of quality degradation with blurred pixels specifically around the logo which is something not very desirable. Therefore, removal isn’t the most suitable option. However, Savetok does its task quite well for the ones looking for ways on how to remove watermark from TikTok.

how to remove tiktok watermark with savetok

Step 1. The application SaveTok needs to be downloaded from the Appstore.

Step 2. The next step is that of copying the video link from the TikTok application by clicking on the Share icon.

Step 3. Check the No Watermark box before proceeding further

Step 4. Tap on the option of Save Video.

Step 5. You will find the processed video in your Photos Library.


Snaptik is a free online service for the obvious question of how to remove TikTok watermark free from TikTok video content. The users can visit the official site of SnapTik through their PCs or Mobiles. This online free service works well for the TikTok videos from various regions. We recommend you more Best AI Alternatives to Inpaint for Watermark Removal to make your watermark removal easy.

remove watermark from tiktok with snaptik

Step 1. The link to any TikTok video needs to be copied and pasted.

Step 2. The green button which is next to the address needs to be clicked next.

Step 3. There will be three servers offered on the official page and the user can select anyone out of the three.

The question of the users of how to remove watermark from TikTok videos will be answered as the video saved will be without any watermark.


MusicallyDown somewhat works the same way SnapTik does. However, there is one added bonus feature provided by this online service, and that is, the users can save the TikTok videos as MP3. Besides, we also recommend you with Best Free Video Editing Software No Watermark.

remove watermark from tiktok with musicallydown

Step 1. The users need to pause the TikTok video at the timing where the watermark appears.

Step 2. Next to @ type the name of the user.

Step 3. The mentioned user needs to be searched on TikTok and then the user has to find the concerned video.

Step 4. Then click on the Share icon and copy the link to the video.

Step 5. Visit the MusicallyDown website and then paste the link of the video into the red box available.

Step 6. Lastly, the user can download the MP4 available with the watermark removed.


Why is there a need for the removal of TikTok watermarks?

Ans: The watermark of TikTok makes the video content less relatable and presentable while being shared on other social media platforms than TikTok. Therefore, the removal of watermarks will make the video more desirable.

Which application will be best suitable for the watermark removal without leaving any blurred pixels?

Ans: RepostTik is considered one of the most used applications for watermark removal as it doesn’t leave the video content with blurry or mosaic pixels.

How to remove watermark from a downloaded TikTok video?

Ans: The users can use any method from the ones listed and explained above. All 5 methods are user-friendly, convenient, and free.

Which is the best software to convert and enhance TikTok Videos?

DVDFab provides video converter and video upscaler tools.