Rap music might seem too upbeat to be listened to in a sad mood. When music lovers are in that mood, they usually don’t go for rap music to wallow in their feelings. However, there are definitely a lot of options available if someone wants to listen to rap but still maintain a sad vibe.

If you’ve previously thought that rap was just about arrogance, materialism, and ruthlessness, you may have to think again! Read on to know the sad rap songs 2019 has to offer, with some top best sad love songs included. If you want to download music, ask video downloader for help.

1. “Emotionless” by Drake

Whenever you see a list of the top rap songs within this decade, get ready for a whole lot of Drake! This seasoned artist is barreling his way to the highest rankings for sad rap songs everywhere. The very name of the track “Emotionless” evokes a sad, depressive feeling that seems just right for when you’re feeling down and cynical.

Moreover, this track is great for those disillusioned individuals who’re all too aware that social media is nothing but a glowing mirage. Drake manages his viewpoint very carefully since he’s also answering several questions raised about why he had hidden his son from the world. In short, depressing rap songs like these might be just what you crave in a certain moment.

2. “Sad!” by XXXTentacion

This song has recently found even more popular than when it came out. This is mostly due to the unexpected death of the rapper himself. With XXXTentacion meeting an untimely end, his fans have been losing themselves in his tracks even more than before.

“Sad!” is another number where the very title should give listeners a hint about the feelings it would convey. This is basically a reflective song that speaks of broken hearts and deep emotions but is more mysterious and moody than outright depressing. It’s also completely unapologetic in its non-rhyming glory, giving full rein to the inner emotions of the rapper himself.

3. “I’m Upset” by Drake

This is a track that’s not meant to convey depressing or sad emotions but is definitely one of the more listless ones. It’s something to listen to during the rainy days of life. This is when one's bitterness and inner darkness just needs a bit of company.

This track should be all the more fascinating because it’s coming from the big man Drake himself. This is one rapper that doesn’t need to protect his reputation but feels threatened by his rivals in any case. He’s a global sensation, but he can still feel low like the rest of us.

4. “Slipknot” by XXXTentacion ft. Kin$oul & Killstation

Among XXXTentacion’s last offerings was ‘Slipknot,’ a song where the track is backed up by piano and jazz. There’s no distortion involved here – just a whole lot of self-awareness. This number serves to remind anyone that those suffering from depression could be aware of their situation even if they’re as successful as the rapper himself.

The lyrics of this song are also worth listening closely to. The rapper is absolutely aware that he’s being pessimistic. This would be a highly effective lesson for teaching people about depression both that of others and their own.

5. “How Could You Leave Us” by NF

This song is absolutely heartbreaking since it’s written from the perspective of a child who’s lost his mother. The death was presumably caused by an overdose since this is a tribute to NF’s own mother. It’s a vulnerable, passionate, and eye-opening song that makes us sit up and take notice. He also touches upon the fact that his future kids are now deprived of their grandmother’s love.

This track is the perfect one if you simply fancy sad rap songs that make you cry. Many listeners have ended up doing so by the time the song concludes. It’s no wonder that his song is on an album titled “Therapy Session.”

6. “Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares” by XXXTentacion ft. Shiloh Dynasty

Shiloh Dynasty opens up this amazing track with their underrated, melodious, and soft vocals. This introduction gives just the right lulling moment before we’re exposed to the crazy collection of XXXTentacion’s “Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares.”

This track is very much symbolic of how the rapper became what he is. Many of the songs in this whole album are based on death and depression with sleep used more as a metaphor than anything else.

7. “Snow” by XXXTentacion ft. Killstation

This list does contain a lot of XXXTentacion’s work, but we’ll try to balance things out by listing those songs that feature some other artists as well. The fact of the matter is that XXXTentacion is known for his unapologetically depressive raps. Hence, he’s going to be a natural choice for most of the entries here.

With “Snow,” we get an insight into the darkness that surrounds this rapper. There are themes of death, sadness, depression, insecurity, and loneliness all around. Drake is more of the emo kind of crooner, while XXXTentacion has more of a raw sound.

8. “Let’s Pretend We’re Numb” by XXXTentacion

The rapper XXXTentacion has made it clear how he feels that love causes pain, and this concept is all too apparent in such sad rap songs about love. At the tender age of 19, XXXTentacion has given us an immensely emotional song about a broken relationship. He’s loved hard and lost it all, which is how he can come up with such sad rap songs about breakups

With this particular track, we get the emotions in a highly poetic manner to boot. He’s sad, jealous, and completely unable to move on. If you have loved and lost, this song is best for wallowing in your grief before you start feeling better.

9. “Vice City” by XXXTentacion

This is one of the first tracks we’ve had from XXXTentacion. Again, it’s about his depression and how he explores it through his music. It does take some time to grow on you, though.

10. “Jocelyn Flores” by XXXTentacion

Artists are generally immersed in a world where not everyone gets the fame or experience they want. The results could be frightening and even tragic, such as a dancer or model committing suicide. In this first track of the album ’17,’ XXXTentacion raps about a real female model who modeled for him and later committed suicide on that same trip.

The undeniable pain and even guilt this incident caused the rapper are highly evident in this song. It’s a perfect introduction to the symbolic “17,” which was named after the age at which his life took a defining turn.

11. "Sad Songs" by Elton John

"Sad Songs (Say So Much)" is a song by Elton John and is the closing track on the 1984 album Breaking Hearts. This lyric is very suitable for someone who is feeling sad, or who has lost a partner.

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