Children get the most excited when Halloween comes around. Why not? They get to express themselves with unusual costumes. What's more, the Trick or Treat, practice is strictly for them as you'll learn below.

With that in mind, here's a list of Super Simple songs for Halloween that would add zing to any Halloween party that involves the younger ones.

Part 1: Top 10 Super Simple Halloween Songs

1. Learn to Trick or Treat! Scary Halloween

This Monster School song centers on the Trick or Treat which is a Halloween practice.

Children go around house-to-house in costumes asking for treats. If no treat is given, there could be a ‘trick’ performed on the house owner or his property.

Usually children are given candies or money and sent away.

2. Baby Shark Halloween

The songtalks about Baby Shark, Pirate Shark. Cowboy Shark and Princess Shark - all in Halloween costumes.

They go swimming for Trick or Treat. It soon gets dark.

Something black comes and chases these characters. They swim away to escape.

Fortunately, Papa Shark comes out in time to protect them.

3. The Skeleton Dance

 This song has a white skeleton dancing against a black background. You may wonder if this isn’t scary for kids. No, it's not. In fact it's quite educational, talking about how the bone parts in a human body are connected.

The skeleton shaking its head and hands doing the dance is quite amusing.

This will be good enough Super Simple song for Halloween to dance to, especially for those children who wear skeleton costumes.

4. Five Little Monsters Jumping on the Bed

This is the variation of the popular song, Five Little Babies Jumping on the Bed.

In this song, Mummy puts five little monsters to bed and switches off the light.

As soon as she's out of sight, one by one start jumping and falling off and hurting their heads.

Mummy calls the doctor but the doctor keeps saying no more monsters jumping on the bed. You get the drift.

5. Peekaboo Halloween

This rhyme-like Peekaboo song is apt for very young children. Every time Peekaboo is said, a different character appears.

Play this song if there’s an infant around.

6. Five Creepy Spiders

This song takes place against the backdrop of night with stars and a crescent moon.

First five creepy spiders crawl past, then four bony skeletons come out and dance. Also three black cats run past.

This Super Simple Halloween song has an eerie note to it.

7. Go Away Scary Monster

First a scary monster tries to scare children outdoors on a moonless night. Then a spooky vampire comes out of a tombstone and goes after the children.

The children sing the song to keep these baddies off.

8. Go Away, Spooky Goblin

An unsightly goblin enters the house where there are kids. He looks like he's about to do some mischief. The children sing, ordering the goblin to go away.

He moves off. However, he doesn't leave. He hides and reappears to scare them.

9. Knock, Knock, Trick or Treat?

The Trick or Treat practice has been explained in Song 1. Explaining further, it usually happens on October 31. Some house owners leave their treats outside their house for children to take them freely.

Halloween characters knock on a house owner's door for their treats.

First a ghost appears to take his treat, followed by a cowboy and a witch.

10. Goodbye, My Friends

Thissong deals with the conclusion of a Halloween party.

Four kids are back after having Halloween fun. One of them enters his house and waves goodbye to his three friends.

More Halloween party goers walk past the street. After each child enters the house, he or she waves goodbye to the others.

Other Super Simple Halloween songs include, Knock, Knock, Trick or Treat Part 2, Down By the Spooky Bay, Over the Deep Blue Sea, Give Me Something Good to Eat, and One For You, One For Me.


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