The music industry has seen some of the best artists of all time, and these legends and their voices live on, even today! These names have made it into the history of music, but fans and young artists continue to take inspiration from these top singers. The following list focuses on the best singers that the world has seen and continues to enjoy.

These artists have brought the world’s music industry to where it stands today. Music wouldn’t have progressed as it has if it weren’t for the soulful songs and amazing performances of these top artists of all time.

1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson gave the world some of the best-selling albums such as Off the Wall, Dangerous, HIStory and Thriller. He wrote songs that spanned genres like pop, soul, rock disco, dance-pop, and new jack swing. He received several awards that led to him being recognized as a brilliant singer, songwriter, and dancer.Try to download his songs by using this YouTube MP3 Converter.

2. Whitney Houston

Whitney was both a singer and actress, the best that America had and still holds onto. She established the Guinness World Record for best-selling music artists of all time. She managed to sell 200 million or so records globally. She was the queen of R&B, pop, soul, and gospel.

3. Freddie Mercury

Mercury died at the age of 45, leaving behind a legacy that the world can’t let go of. This British songwriter, singer and record producer performed with Queen, a rock band. He composed songs such as ‘Don’t Stop Me Now,’ ‘We Are the Champions’ and ‘Killer Queen.’


4. Elvis Presley

Presley was an American singer and actor and definitely the best of his time and times to come. He is also known as the ‘King of Rock & Roll.’ He gained commercial success in genres such as pop, country, blues, and gospel. He managed to secure 3 Grammys, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and many other similar accolades.


5. Stevie Wonder

Not only does Stevie fare well as a singer, songwriter and record producer, but he is also known for his brilliant instrument playing abilities. He is a multi-instrumentalist. He recorded more than 30 US top ten hits and secured 25 Grammys while selling over 100 million records globally. He was also named among the top 60 bestselling music artists.


6. Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin is another amazing American singer, songwriter, actress, and pianist who passed away just recently. She released some of the best albums that the American music industry has seen such as I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You and Lady Soul. She was able to record as many as 112 charted singles on Billboard, which consisted of 17 singles, 100 R&B entries, 20 R&B singles, and 77 Hot 100.

7. Paul McCartney

Paul rose to fame as a bass guitarist and singer for the famous Beatles. The English singer pursued a solo career after 1970. Later, he formed a band of his own that featured his wife and Denny Laine. He is known as one of the best composers and performers of all time. 32 of his songs have made it onto the Billboard Hot 100 and by 2009, he had 25.5 million RIAA-certified units in the USA.

8. David Bowie

English singer, songwriter, and actor, Bowie was one of the most influential artists of the 90s. He managed to sell 140 million albums globally during his musical career, which landed him among the world’s top 10 singers of all time. Bowie died of liver cancer, exactly 2 days after his album release in 2016. Use thisYouTube to MP3 tool to download hissongs from YouTube.

9. Elton John

Elton John is another English music composer and singer who released a total of 30 studio albums as of yet. He also has 4 live albums, 7 soundtrack albums, 16 compilation albums, 3 extended plays, and 2 others. He has managed to sell more than 350 million albums globally.


10. Ella Fitzgerald

Ella was the best Jazz singer that America or, for that matter, the world had ever seen. She was the queen of swing, bebop, traditional pop, vocal jazz, and blues. She managed to secure 14 Grammys, the National Medal of Arts and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

11. Nat King Cole

The world remembers Cole as a professional jazz pianist and vocalist. He had over 100 songs recorded during his singing career, most of which charted as hits on the pop charts across various regions. He was an expert on genres of jazz, swing, blues, and traditional pop.

12. Prince

Prince was yet another famous American singer, songwriter, musician, and filmmaker. He showcased his brilliant lyrics and combination of funk, dance, and rock with his best-selling albums, Dirty Mind, Controversy and 1999.


13. Tina Turner

Tina rose to fame as a featured singer in Kings of Rhythm by Ike Turner, after which she pursued a career as a solo singer. She is eminent for some of the best-selling singles from the likes of ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’ and ‘Golden Eye.’

14. Jim Morrison

Morrison is popularly known as the lead vocalist of The Doors. He died at a very young age of 27, leaving behind an ever-lasting legacy with songs such as Light My Fire. He was ranked among the top 100 singers of all time.

15. Bob Marley

The Jamaican singer and songwriter was better known as a musical inspiration and cultural icon. He rose to fame in 1977 when his first album earned him a place among the world’s best-selling artists of all time. The album sold over 75 million records at the time. Marley died in 1981 at the age of 36.


Other Big Names

In addition to the aforementioned artists, the following artists have also played their part as the top artists of all time. These names are:

16.   Otis Redding

17.   Sam Cooke

18.   Rickie Lee Jones

19.   Steven Tyler

20.   Dolly Parton

21.   Mick Jagger

22.   Louis Armstrong

23.   Bing Crosby

24.   Lionel Richie

25.   Neil Diamond

26.   Rod Stewart

27.   Janis Joplin

28.   Nina Simone

29.   Annie Lennox

30.   Bonnie Raitt

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