Rap songs are the rage these days. With a new release and hit every day, it can be quite intimidating to keep track of them all. Our list of 50 best rap songs will help you find the most happening songs of the year.

1. The Carters – Apeshit

We have seen some amazing and billboard-breaking rap songs in 2018. Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s Apeshit can safely be included in the list. The song analyzes and points out cultural institutions that somehow do not include black artists. It’s hip hop and pop and delivers a lot of compelling arguments.

2. Kid Cudi & Kanye West – Kids See Ghosts

This song is from the joint album of Kid Cudi and Kanye West, where both push each other out of their melodic comfort zone and delight their fans with a chart-breaking number. It is the complete opposite of their solo outputs, making it delightfully fresh.

3. Drake – Nice for What

Included in the top 100 rap songs of 2018, this number by Drake is the story of a woman’s confidence in the way she does her own things like paying bills and visiting clubs without anyone. It’s a great song which got Lauryn Hill’s approval in one of her concerts.

4. Cardi B ft. SZA – I Do

This hit number by Cardi B is a call to action. This song pumps up women through her rap lines where she is unapologetically herself and encourages women to do their own thing.

5. Tyler, The Creator – Okra

Just a few months after being nominated at the Grammys for the best album, Tyler comes back with yet another hit number. The song is full of brags and jokes. Jumping from shoe sponsorship references to a pun of a Robert de Niro movie, Tyler once again does not disappoint.

6. Lizzo – Boys

Included in the top rap songs of 2018, this hit number by Lizzo is about celebrating sexuality from a woman’s perspective. The famous rap lines and the tune will have you grooving to it.

7. Drake – God’s Plan

He has yet again out-Drake’d himself. With a philanthropic music video and sweet lines that are the most Drake lines ever, how can one not like him?

8. Jay Rock – Redemption

In his hit new album’s title track, Jay Rock asks, ‘What would you if you were given a second chance at life?’ This is his first release after a motorcycle accident that almost killed him. The song is about faith and redemption.

9. Meek Mill ft. Miguel – Stay Woke

After being released from prison where he was sentenced to 2 or more years for violating parole, Meek Mill released this number where he admits his mistakes along with highlighting the awfulness of mass incarceration. The song showcases the position of black people in the justice system.

10. Childish Gambino – This Is America

This Is America is another gem from Glover’s catalog. The song and video showcase and criticize the violence in the country, making it among the top rap songs of the year.

11. Teyana Taylor – Rose in Harlem

Teyana Taylor’s Rose in Harlem lands among the top 100 raps songs of 2018. It is a biography of her making it out of her hometown. She sings of her past in a passionate and the most heart-touching way.

12. Kanye West – Violent Crimes

Whether you love Kanye or not, you have to admit no one has been able to steal the spotlight in 2018 like him. The things he’s said and done are unlikely to be forgiven, but in this song with his talk on the evils of men, he’s able to produce a blockbuster.

13. Juice WRLD – All Girls Are the Same

This number by Juice WRLD is among the top rap songs right now. Juice WRLD’s agony over not being able to fall in love is quite relatable today. The vulnerability, feelings and misguided emotions that people feel make it universal.

14. Saba – Life

Among the top rap songs of 2018, this popular number by Saba adds jazz and R&B to create an outstanding track. He offers his experience of the struggles of being black in a mix of slow and rapid fire.

15. A$AP Rocky ft. Frank Ocean – Purity

Purity from A$AP Rocky has been rated among the top rap songs from 2018 so far and for a good reason.

16. Drake – In My Feelings

Another great number by Drake, In My Feelings has quickly topped the charts for the top rap 2018 song list. The song has slight references to Jennifer Lopez, who he dated for a while, and a few other exes.

17. Post Malone ft. Ty Dolla $ign – Psycho

One of the top rap songs of 2018, it has become quite a hit. I’m sure you already have it on your playlist. If not, then what are you waiting for?

18. J Balvin, Wisin, Yandel – Peligrosa

Peligrosa will make you forget Despacito. Really, it’s that good! Even though Balvin’s genre and influence is mainstream, this song offers a unique groovy feel.

19. Lil Yachty ft. Trippie Redd – 66

The rapper has given some really cool beats. This song showcases Yachty as a teenager who somehow gains a lot of money and makes a rap song about it.

20. Mozzy ft. Sjava and Reason – Seasons

This track from the rapper Mozzy is the new rap song of 2018. He outlines the unjust system, brutality, class, race and other violations. The beautiful lyrics will definitely get you thinking. It’s a great track that you’d be surprised to hear as a song for a Disney movie.

21. Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee, Slim Jxmmi ft. Juicy J – Powerglide

This truly great track from Rae Sremmurd will make you addicted. The powerful beat and the melodic vocals of Rae are not to mess with. For those higher vocals, Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi add another level to the song.

22. SOB X RBE – Lifestyle

The powerful lyrics of the song help it land among the top rap songs of 2018. The song opens with a few lyrics from Slimmy B in he which he raps a few lines about people getting murdered at the spotlight. This song is a must-add to your playlist.

23. JPEGMAFIA – Macaulay Culkin

This song may not be for all people but has a true SoundCloud hip hop aesthetics. The artist had previously released three albums in the same year, and this track is surely a winner. Although artistically he’s hyperactive, in this song, he has kept the tunes low, making the song truly shine.

24. Pusha T – The Story of Adidon

The never-ending feud between Drake and Pusha T reaches a whole new level with this new track. This song dismantles Drake’s good guy image, highlighting his use of ghost writers and his alleged child with a former porn star. It is without doubt one of the game-changing songs of the year.

25. Saba ft. Chance the Rapper – Logout

This cool track from Saba tells how you become invisible when you log out and how you are completely a non-entity. Sung alongside Chance the Rapper, this song makes a lot of sense and embodies how the new generation thinks and stays connected these days.

26. Maxo Kream – Roaches

Roaches by Maxo Kream has a fiery opening. It showcases all the things he had witnessed as a child, from shooting guns to watching his uncle get shot. The song also takes a jibe at the new era of rappers with a line such as this, ‘Remember back when music had content and metaphors.’ This track is worth listening to.

27. XXXTentacion – Sad

Recently after the rapper’s death, the song started gaining a lot of popularity. His songs had been steadily making their way to the 100 rap songs on the billboard. This song will surely make his fans miss him more.

28. Drake – Emotionless

This is another great track from Drake’s new album. This song seems to feature some of Mariah Carey’s vocals, on which she gave the rapper a shout-out on Twitter for appreciation of the song. Another good song to add to your list!

29. Drake – Nonstop

Just like the song, Drake is non-stop. Another great hit from the rapper has made this track among the top rap songs right now. A hit after hit has certainly made Drake go on top of the list of the most amazing rappers.

30. SAINt JHN – I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night

Incorporating pop, rap and R&B, SAINt JHN has made this low-end track with a melancholic beat, which is a much-acknowledged hit. With all the right notes and lyrics, the track has made the top rap song 2018 list.

31. CupcakKe – Cartoons

Dedicated to cartoon references, this track by CupcakKe has created quite the buzz. The song has quickly made to the top 100 rap songs 2018 due to the cocky and confident chorus.

32. Tee Grizzley ft. Meek Mill – First Day Out Remix

The track has quite likely been recorded when Meek Mill was out on probation, as he was sentenced to jail on parole violation. The track touches all points that highlight bad blood between him and Drake and references Nicki Minaj.

33. ScHoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar – Blessed

This mellow song is all about loving life. The song makes some good points and makes it to the top 100 list of rap songs. Add this to your song list if you haven’t already.

34. Migos – Made Men

While Migos recorded some unforgettable tracks, this one stands out. Using some classic references and a groovy beat, this track has made its way to the top rap songs of 2018 so far.

35. Valee ft. Jeremih – Womp Womp

The rapper’s multifaceted personality is quite clear in this music. The track exhibits hip hop at its most relaxed and laid-back form. This song is definitely something to add to your list.

36. Drake – Mob Ties

This hit number by Drake is one of the tracks from his album Scorpion. The album has produced some other major hit tracks, and this one graces the billboard along with them. The song was initially thought to have been rapped by Young Thug, but later, the misconception was cleared.

37. Nicki Minaj – Chun Li

Among the new rap songs 2018, this great number by Nicki Minaj is a winner. Its fiery beats and fun lyrics will get you dancing to it. This song is definitely among the best songs of this year.

38. BlocBoy JB ft. 21 Savage – Rover 2.0

In this track, the rapper BlocBoy JB has collaborated with 21 Savage to create another blockbuster number, previously having recorded one with Drake. This track is definitely the next big song of 2018. Go listen to it now!

39. Lil Dicky ft. Chris Brown – Freaky Friday

This track’s music video has already got a large number of views. This is a parody single which is absolutely hilarious, created alongside Chris Brown. This song is already making its way to the top ten best rap songs of 2018.

40. Chris Brown and Joyner Lucas – Stranger Things

This song is from a joint album of Chris Brown and Joyner Lucas. This track has been created by inspiration from the Netflix popular TV show ‘Stranger Things’ and, since its release, has gained quite the popularity.

41. Migos ft. Drake – Walk It Talk It

This song is among the top rap songs right now. Migos and Drake linked up to create a blockbuster hit. This should be on your top rap songs list!

42. BlocBoy JB & Drake – Look Alive

This song was released after the success of Drake’s God’s Plan. It is a collaboration with the Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB.

Other top rap songs 2018 so far include:

43.   Juice WRLD – Lucid Dreams

44.   Lil Baby & Drake – Yes Indeed

45.   Cardi B – Be Careful

46.   A$AP Rocky – Praise the Lord (Da Shine)

47.   Jay Rock, Future, James Blake, Kendrick Lamar – King's Dead

48.   Lil Pump – ESSKEETIT

49.   Rich the Kid – Plug Walk

50.   XXXTentacion – Moonlight

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