If you have been using SoundCloud to tune into your favorite music, here are 20 artists that you simply cannot miss. They are definitely giving the all-time singers and musicians some head-to-head competition. Check out the following list featuring the top SoundCloud artists.

Part 1: Top 20 Best Artists on SoundCloud


If you listen to Solange, then Nao has gotten your jam. She belongs to East London and specializes in soul, funk, and R&B genres. Her recent singles include ‘Complicated’ and ‘Another Lifetime.’

YE Ali

For all those fans craving 24-hour music, Ye Ali has you covered on SoundCloud. He has collaborated with several renowned names in the music industry, as a singer and producer. This Los Angeles-based musician rocks the hip-hop world with his melodious music.

Lala Romero

One of the hottest singers on SoundCloud, Lala Romero, is specifically out there producing music for fans of Azalea Banks. Her 2017 debut album titled ‘Palm Tree Dreams’ was one of her greatest milestones. She is soon to become a young and talented hip-hop sensation from Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Mark Battles

Mark is the best rapper on SoundCloud and a songwriter from Indianapolis. His latest hits on SoundCloud include ‘Fortunate’ and ‘Back On.’ He has released an EP titled Vasi World. He is yet to give his beloved fans more hip-hop music in times to come.


Another innovative hip-hop artist on SoundCloud is NyzzyNyce who engages the audience with songs like ‘Smoke All Day’ and ‘Blow Pounds.’ If you are a Wiz Khalifa fan, you are going to love NyzzyNyce for sure.

Payroll Giovanni

For all those dedicated fans of Mozzy, Giovanni has been giving his fans and followers hit singles such as ‘How We Move It’ and ‘This Is How We Do It.’ He has his own alum too called 4-IP that came out in June 2017.

Nadia Rose

Nadia Rose is a must listen if you love and enjoy music from Bugzy Malone. She belongs to Britain. Her debut album surfaced on SoundCloud in 2017, titled ‘Highly Flammable.’ She is also involved in producing eclectic music for the festivals.

Lil Skies

Here is another best SoundCloud artist named Lil Skies, who has given the music industry and his global fan base singles such as ‘Nowadays’ and ‘Red Roses.’ His debut tape peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Top 200.


This one is a hip-hop artist from Atlanta, Georgia. His debut album came out in 2017 titled ‘There’s Really A Wolf,’ which was a certified platinum immediately after release. You should really tune into his super-hit single ‘The Flute Song’ on SoundCloud. Songs of Russ are also released on Audiomack, you can use an audiomack downloader to enjoy his works in case of no internet access.

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino is a popular artist on SoundCloud. You must tune into his super-hit singles on SoundCloud including ‘Candler Road.’ He usually tweets about his new track, once he plans to release it. So, you can follow him for new tracks.

Metro Boomin

If you like listening to Wiz Khalifa, Travis Scott, and Young Thug, another popular name on SoundCloud is Metro Boomin. His productions can be downloaded for free from SoundCloud.

Big Boi

Here is another great name on SoundCloud that features free music for fans all over the world. He has given his fans super-hit singles such as ‘Boomiverse’ and ‘Da Next Day.’


This one is a popular Scottish band on SoundCloud that has given some great remixes and a whole album to music lovers around the world to stream into and download for free.

Childish Major

Major is an Atlanta-based producer that you can find on SoundCloud. He has worked with popular names such as Rome Fortune, Young Jeezy, and Juicy J on SoundCloud to give hit songs such as ‘Talk That.’

Lana Del Rey

Lana is known as a superstar on SoundCloud owing to her remixes and covers. If you tune into her SoundCloud stream, you will find remix gems ranging from Clams Casino to Four Tet.

Other Best SoundCloud Playlists

In addition to these 15 top artists, SoundCloud features popular names such as the following.

1.       Rome Fortune

2.       Diplo

3.       KwamieLiv

4.       Aaron Cole

5.       Lorde


Part 2: How to Download the Songs of These Artists from YouTube?

Nowadays, music comes and goes on many different platforms due to license issues. We need to download different apps or music platforms in order to enjoy the music we want. Sometimes, although you subscribed to the platform, it is still in vain, because the cooperation between the musician and the platform may expire.

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top fastest rap song:Part 2. How to Download Rap Songs from YouTube and Other Music Platforms

Step 3  Choose the download format as Audio and select your wanted audio quality, and then click the Download button to start the download process; if you want to download the music as MP4 video, then you should choose Video as the output format, and then the video quality.
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Warming Tips

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top fastest rap song:Part 2. How to Download Rap Songs from YouTube and Other Music Platforms