As a paid DVDFab Video Enlarger AI subscriber, I received a notice that I’d get a lifetime version of UniFab Video Upscaler AI, so, I quickly downloaded and tested the upgraded software.

Today, I am going to share my review of using UniFab Video Upscaler AI with my experience of some of its features that helped improve my productivity and work and the ones I loved. Here’s my experience after using UniFab Video Upscaler AI for a few days.

UniFab Video Upscaler AI Review


UniFab Video Upscaler AI is a powerful video-enhancing software that uses AI technology to improve the quality of your videos. It works by analyzing your video’s pixels and enlarging them without sacrificing quality. Unlike other video-enhancing tools that simply stretch the pixels, UniFab Video Upscaler AI is trained by advanced deep learning algorithms, presenting you with a more realistic and vivid visual effect.

UniFab Video Upscaler AI

UniFab Video Upscaler AI

A professional AI-based video enhancer designed to improve video quality, such as enlarging video up to 4k, enhancing video clarity and quality, etc.
  • Restore your low-res videos into 720p/1080p/4k content
  • Enhance video clarity to a more realistic and vivid visual effect
  • Support video editing to meet your personalized demand
  • Get 50x faster speed with GPU acceleration

Personal Reviews of UniFab Video Upscaler AI

I uploaded an old-resolution video to see if UniFab Video Upscaler AI can detect its low-quality content and enhance the quality. And to my surprise, the software did fairly well. I found it works on advanced deep learning algorithms, and its AI models are trained to recognize, analyze, and improve video content with realistic and vivid visual effects.

What's more, I tested the software for multiple genres by uploading different media files like some low-resolution TV shows, black-and-white movies, and animations. And guess what! Even there, UniFab Video Upscaler AI surpassed my doubts by developing a general enhancement model that delivered impressive results. 


What I like
  • AI Upscaling: Increase video resolution up to 720p/1080p/4K without and compress or convert videos without losing quality
  • Detail Enhancement: Improve the sharpness and clarity of any kind of videos, no matter it is cartoons or BW movies
  • Video edition function: Crop or trim the video, can customize the sound effect ot remove background noise
  • Import videos from DVDFab/StreamFab: Very friendly to DVDFab/StreamFab users, make the full video workflow a convenient streamline
  • Easy and clear UI design: Very simple interface, unlike other AI tools, which are outdated and complicated to use. The design and operation is simple for beignners


Overall, UniFab Video Upscaler AI is an essential video enhancement tool for me to improve my video quality. However, there are some undeniable aspects which need to be improved:

❌ What needs improvement
  • High demand for your device hardware: considering that UniFab adopts AI algorithm, so it has a relatively high requirement for your computer configuration (see the below content for more info)
  • 30-Day free trial: You have only 30 days to use it for free under the trial period

Supported systems

As we mentioned above, UniFab Video Upscaler AI has a high system demands, it is better for you to check if your devices is supported to enjoy this AI enhancer:

* For specific system requirements on RAM, GPU, and Graphic cards, as well as test examples for processing speed, please see UniFab Video Upscaler AI

UniFab Video Upscaler AI system requirements

How to use UniFab Video Upscaler AI

Here are the steps you need to take to use UniFab Video Upscaler AI to enhance your videos:

Step 1

Launch UniFab and choose the 'Enlarger' module.

Install UniFab Video Upscaler AI on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Load the source and edit the output video

Choose the 'Enlarger' module. Click the Add Video button to select the video you want to enhance in the local file. 

How to use UniFab Video Upscaler AI

Step 3

Customize the restoring video file

Customize the enhancement choices, including the enhanced resolution, frame rate, codecs, etc. After that, you can click 'Start' and wait until the end of the enhancing procedure. 

How to use UniFab Video Upscaler AI

Using UniFab Video Upscaler AI to enhance your videos is a straightforward process that can help you achieve professional-level results quickly. Whether you’re a video editor or just someone who wants to improve the quality of their videos, UniFab Video Upscaler AI can help you well.


1. What is the relationship between DVDFab Enlarger AI and UniFab Video Upscaler AI?

DVDFab Enlarger AI is the previous version of UniFab Video Upscaler AI. In other words, DVDFab Enlarger AI has been upgraded into UniFab Video Upscaler AI since Oct.2023. The adopted tech and enhancing model of UniFab is much better than the old one in DVDFab.

If you are previous DVDFab Enlarger AI member, you can access UniFab Video Upscaler AI for free.

2. How long it takes to enhance a video with UniFab Vieo Enlarger AI?

The time it takes to enhance a video with UniFab Video Upscaler AI depends on several factors, such as the length and complexity of the video, the hardware specifications of your computer, and the settings you choose. The following are our test results for your reference only.

  Enlarge 480p-720p Enlarge 720p-1080p Enlarge 1080p-4k
GTX 1660 10 times the length of the original video 16 times 50 times
RTX 3070 5 times 7 times 32 times
RTX 4080 4 times 6 times 28 times


Anyway, UniFab Video Upscaler AI is the ultimate tool for enhancing my videos. Its advanced artificial intelligence technology allows you to upscale videos to higher resolutions without sacrificing quality or clarity.

Compared to other video-enhancing tools in the market, UniFab Video Upscaler AI stands out with its exceptional performance and ease of use. The tool’s ability to transform low-quality videos into high-definition masterpieces impressed me a lot.  Looking for sharpenning your video? our guide on AI video sharpen can dramatically improve your videos.