Best Video Enhancer Tools to Increase Video Quality

2020-01-03 06:11:39     Posted by Starry


Summary: This article aims to present a list of best video enhancers that are used on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, online, apps of both android and iOS. Meanwhile, free video enhancers are also introduced here.

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With the advent of fragmented era and innovation of smartphones, an increasing number of people are keen on streaming video clips for communication, recreation, knowledge and even personal growth. Hence, it is a proven fact that content is the king at this competitive society. However, outstanding video content is largely depended on the keynote, diction, format, logic and even video quality.


Considering this, a video enhancer, whether desktop software, online tools or smartphone apps, is crucial to those who aim to win more viewers or followers by means of uploading quality video content on social media sites. In this post, you will be presented some instruments to help you stand out in the tide.


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1. DVDFab Enlarger AI

2. DVDFab Toolkit

3. iMovie

4. Kizoa

5. Adobe Spark

6. Hippo Video

7. PowerDirector

8. Videoshop

9. InShot


PART 1: Best Video Enhancer Software


In terms of desktop video enhancer software, below tools are worth of being ranked at the top of this list.


1. DVDFab Enlarger AI

This video enhancer Windows 10 has gained wide popularity due to its strong capability to enhance video resolution from 480P to 1080P, which outputs MKV.AI and MP4.AI to meet common needs. Besides, good compatibility with ripping and converting features maximize its advantages and potential. Actually, this video enhancement software has every reason to be graded as the best video enhancer for Windows users among the list.

video enhance to improve video quality


Main Features

1. Upscale old videos in quality and resolution

2. Enlarger video clarity by 300% with AI powered

3. Present true color and great details of video image

4. Rip DVDs to mainstream videos or audios

5. Convert DVDs to Blu-rays, transcode video/audio between various formats

6. Trim and rotate video, and adjust brightness/contrast/saturation

7. Add watermark (text&image), subtitles and music

8. Share output video onto social media platforms

Note: the last five features can be achieved to the maximum when Enlarger AI respectively works with DVD Ripper, DVD to Blu-ray Converter and Video Converter modules.


Compatibility: available on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (64-bit)

Con: essential graphics configuration for PC

Free trial: 30 days (full & advanced features available to premium version)



2. DVDFab Toolkit

This Windows-based software is a must-have one-stop video editing tool designed to considerably improve video quality and user viewing experience, whose diverse features contribute to its powerful performance.

free video enhancer to increase video quality


Main Features

1. Convert videos between various formats

2. Trim/Crop video and adjust video speed

3. Flip/Rotate and Denoise/Deshake videos

4. Sharpen/Unsharpen and De-interlace videos

5. Add timestamp & image watermarks into videos

6. Video to GIF/PIC


Compatibility: available on Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Free trial: 30 days (full & advanced features available to premium version)



3. iMovie

Despite existing professional video editing software on the market, Mac users have the last straw to choose iMovie, a free video enhancer, when it comes to video editing on Mac computer, iPad or iPhone, thus seeking quality video image. Therefore, this iPhone video enhancer brings great convenience to Mac and iOS users who anticipate owning a free 4K video enhancer when their shot video clips are of low resolution or poor video image.


Main Features

1. Intuitive interface makes editing funny and easy

2. Trim unwanted footage on timeline

3. Add background music, titles and credits

4. Create cool visual effects

5. Support 4K video editing and sharing into social media sites


Compatibility: Mac OS, iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Free trial: always free


The above are strongly recommended to enhance video quality on desktop. Once you hope for the best video enhancer, go and select the first one since it can satisfy your additional demands aside from video quality.



PART 2: Best Online Video Enhancer


As a popular idiomatic proverb holds that ‘you cannot simultaneously retain your cake and eat it.’ Similarly, it’s hard to expect an online video enhancer performs best when being used for all video editing tasks. Thus, the final enhanced quality depends on what video enhancer you choose.


4. Kizoa

This is a browser-based video editing tool without any registered account before enhancing video quality. Users have access to various features that aim to improve video footage with high quality.


Main Features

1. Ample special effects, transitions and fonts

2. Trim, crop and rotate videos

3. Add intros and outros to videos

4. Create movies or videos with 4K videos

5. Ratio adjustment and preview playback


Compatibility: online, iPhone

Cons: full HD and 4K videos only accessible via subscription



5. Adobe Spark

Without download and installation, this web-based video editing software is capable of enhancing video quality and producing high resolution footage based on its advanced features.


Main Features

1. Create social graphics, web pages and short videos

2. Abundant templates of fonts, images and music

3. Create memes, portfolios and webpage


Compatibility: online, Android, iPhone

Cons: registered account; subscription to premium version



6. Hippo Video

This browser-based video tool is designed to create and edit screen captures via video enhancing features with simple clicks or drag&drop, fairly suitable for teachers, game lovers and Youtubers.


Main Features:

1. Trim, cut, blur and crop videos

2. Blur out sensitive objects or areas inside the video

3. Add text, emojis and callouts to expound the video

4. Add voiceovers to video


Compatibility: online

Cons: limitations on free account; bugs and crashes; good internet connection

Free trial: 14 days


Such video enhancer online software easily help you to improve video quality within simple clicks. If you are in urgent need of enhancing image quality of your shot videos, just be free to try out.



PART 3: Best Video Enhancer Apps


Apart from desktop and online video enhancers, there are some free video enhancer apps available to strengthen video quality, which facilitates video enthusiasts who want to edit video on smartphones.


7. PowerDirector

This application software is a good video enhancer with ample features to create movies or videos with high quality, whose high-end performance and multi-timeline features are beloved by Youtubers, Vloggers and Instagrammers.


Main Features

1. Edit and export videos up to 4K resolution

2. Speed adjustment to create fast-forward or slow-motion videos

3. Video stabilizer to fix shaky cam footage

4. Chroma key to perform green screen editing

5. Reverse, repeat and replay


Compatibility: Android, desktop

Cons: Subscription to advanced features



8. Videoshop

This is a handy app for video editing, which is free to use and in-app purchase for advanced features.


Main Features

1. Trim or merge video clips

2. Add music, subtitles, and sound effects

3. Adjust video speed, filters or transitions

4. Share onto social media sites


Compatibility: Android, iPhone

Cons: limited use for free; pop-up ads



9. InShot

This is a popular video editing tool used to enhance video quality via numerous handy tools, which is totally free of cost. You can use this create video clips or edit existing videos.


Main Features

1. Trim, merge and split video clips

2. Filters, effects and stabilizers to enhance video image

3. Convert video between common formats

4. Add stickers, music and texts to video

5. Adjust speed


Compatibility: Android, iPhone

Cons: pop-up ads


The above-mentioned are possible free video enhancer apps that are able to personalize your shot video footage, through which you will have chance to attract more followers or viewers once uploading the enhanced videos onto your social media sites.





Now you might have gained a comprehensive understanding of what to choose from an ocean of video enhancer tools available on computers, online browsers and mobile apps. Whatever you decide to choose, you shall take priority over its actual features that help you achieve your goal. By the way, next time when you worry about how to edit video with a powerful tool, it is worthwhile to try out this versatile video converter, DVDFab Video Converter.

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