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15 Best Video Enhancers to Increase Video Quality 2020

2020-07-31 22:15:31

   Posted by Starry


Summary: This post aims to give users a list of video enhancers that work on various platforms, such as video enhancer software, video enhancer app and video enhancer online. If you happen to hunt for tools to enhance video quality, you are in luck.

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Nowadays numerous people are keen on streaming video clips for communication, recreation, knowledge and even personal growth, even some begin to shoot videos and share them with their followers or friends. However, outstanding videos are not merely depended on the contents and formats, but largely on video quality.


So, to make videos with high quality is the top priority of user experience. To achieve this aim, a tool named video enhancer comes in handy. In reality, video enhancers fall into different categories based on its technology applied, like AI-powered video enhancer and non-AI-driven video enhancer, or based on application platforms such as video enhancer software, video enhancer apps and video enhancers online. But for video shooters, to look for free video enhancers that are able to improve video quality can help win more viewers on YouTube or Facebook, and even attract target audience to promote their products or services. Go and check the following list!


How Do You Enhance a Video?

To enhance video quality, below tips are worth full considerations for video lovers.

• Improve video resolution

• De-shake, de-noise, de-interlace

• Adjust brightness, saturation and contrast

• Trim, crop, flip and rotate

• Apply filters, transitions and effects

• Convert formats


Nevertheless, among all listed tips, to improve video resolution ranks first. Despite many so-called video enhancers on the market, you shall tell truth from falsehood. To upscale video quality, AI-powered video enhancers can iron out the problem radically, while other non-AI video enhancers might be the icing on the cake.


Table of Main Contents
PART 1: Top 4 Best AI-powered Video Enhancers
PART 2: Top 11 Non-AI Video Enhancers


PART 1: Top 4 Best AI-powered Video Enhancers Software


Looking around us, there are a few powerful video enhancers with compelling public praise, which are driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning. Among the given list, DVDFab Enlarger AI stands out from the crowd.


1.1 DVDFab Enlarger AI (Best AI-powered Video Enhancer) 

Available: Windows 10/8/7

Price: $79alone/$138.5Bundle (killing three birds with one stone)

Highlighted Features:

•  Upscale video resolution from SD (480p) to Full HD (1080p)

•  Improve video sharpness and quality

•  Enhance video image (no visible film grains, artifacts or distortions)

•  Work seamlessly with DVD Ripper, Video Converter and DVD to Blu-ray Converter

•  Trimming, cropping, rotating

•  Well-balanced brightness, saturation and contrast

•  Add music, subtitles and watermarks

•  Share on social media platforms

Tech Support: deep learning, neural networks and advanced algorithms


Based on TebsorFlow Framework, this powerful AI video upscaling software delivers stunning output quality via deep learning. Powered by NVIDIA CUDA, cuDNN and NVIDIA Graphics, this video enhancer can speed up conversion process beyond expectations.


Hence, numerous users resort to this video enhancement software to reborn their DVD collections and regular videos with low resolution. Once you opt for this best video enhancer with bundled package, it will bring you superior results both in video and image.


1.2 Topaz Gigapixel AI (Face-refined AI Video Enhancer)

Available: Windows & Mac

Price: $99.99alone/$249.99Bundle


• Automatic face refinement

• Recover real details for actual sharpness

• Machine learning and neural networks applied

Pros: artificial upscaling features; only free beta version on Windows

Cons: not ideal for low-res videos; watermarked output for free use


In a nutshell, this AI-driven video upscaling software requires extremely high system configuration. Once you aim to make the most out of it, you shall be prepared to spend much more money compared to its rivals. In addition, this free video enhancer works only when upscaling videos for personal use.


1.3 GDFLab

Available: online

Price: free trial by September


• Restore image to high resolution

• Upscale videos up to 4K

• AI deep learning applied

Pro: available online

Con: bandwidth constraints


This video enhancer online maximizes its advantages by uploading images and videos online and gain high-resolution resulting files as hoped.


1.4 iSize

Available: online

Price: fluctuating


• Upscale videos and images with superior quality

• Reduce the complexity of machine learning models

• Integrate codec with intelligent upscaling

• Machine learning and deep neural networks applied

Pro: online and live on portable device

Con: necessary efficient bandwidth


In conclusion, when it comes to substantially improving video resolution, you shall turn to the above-mentioned programs, which are able to help you out.



PART 2: Top 11 Non-AI Video Enhancers


2.1 Video Enhancer Software


1. Pinnacle Studio

Available: Windows; Studio Pro for iOS

Price: $769 Studio/$1679 Studio Plus/$2594 Studio Ultimate


• HD and 4K video editing across multiple tracks

• Titles, effects, transitions and templates

• Multi-camera screen recorder

• Split screen videos

• Selective colors

Pro: creative and customized editing options

Cons: occasionally crashes and lag spikes; amzing price


It is an indisputable fact that this Windows-based 4K video enhancer comes at price. You shall never count on free meal for advanced features.


2. iMovie

Available: Mac & iOS

Price: free


• Intuitive interface and visual effects

• Footage & images editing on timeline

• Music, titles, themes, effects and transitions

• HD & 4K video editing support

Pro: compatible with iPhoto, iTunes, Photo Booth, GaraBand & iLife

Con: movement sensitive; no full features of video editor


The above are strongly recommended to enhance video quality on desktop. Once you hope for the best video enhancer, go and select the first one since it can satisfy your additional demands aside from video quality.


3. Fillmore Video Editor

Available: Windows & Mac

Price: $39.9/$59.99/$99.87 Bundle


•  Intuitive and modern interface

•  Audio, titles, filters, transitions, effects

•  Overall video editing capabilities

Pro: easy-to-use video editor

Cons: watermarked content for free use


This free video enhancer only works with simple basic needs. However, it fails to enhance video quality from resolution perspective.


4. Avidemux

Available: Windows, Mac & Linux

Price: free


•  Video editing and processing

•  Upgrade video resolution

•  Improve stability

Pros: open-source; cutting, encoding and filtering

Cons: clunky and lacks powerful editing features


This free video enhancer software offers the basic video editing and process service. Buy you cannot expect to have your cake and eat it too. To seek a professional video editor, you have to blaze a new trial.


2.2 Video Enhancer Online

On top of online video enhancers, the following options shall be taken into your considerations when aiming to increasing video quality.


5. Kozia

Available: online & iPhone

Price: free trial


•  Effects, transitions and animations

•  Trim, crop and rotate videos

•  Create movies or videos with 4K videos

•  Ratio adjustment and preview playback

Pro: edit videos without registration

Cons: overwhelming interface; limited features; Full HD for Pro version


This browser-based video editing tool can merely add little color to the previous video footage, unable to improve video quality thoroughly.


6. Adobe Spark

Available: online

Price: free trial


•  Create short videos, social graphics, web pages

•  Abundant templates of fonts, images and music

•  Create memes, portfolios and webpage

Pro: straightforward user interface

Cons: integration with Adobe products for further purchase


This simple video enhancer online rises to fame with its brand huge name, Adobe, in the software industry. Nevertheless, you shall endure the learning curves to better use Adobe Spark integrated with its brand products.


7. Hippo Video

Available: online

Price: 14-day free use


•  Trimming, cutting, blurring and cropping

•  Text, emojis, voiceovers and callouts

Pros: user friendly; easy to customize

Cons: limited features for free use; bugs and crashes; internet connection


This browser-based video tool is designed to create and edit screen captures via video enhancing features with simple clicks or drag & drop, fairly suitable for teachers, game lovers and Youtubers.


2.3 Video Enhancer Apps

Aside from desktop and online video enhancers, several free video enhancer apps can be used to upscale video quality, especially suitable for video enthusiasts.


8. Videoshop

Available: Android & iOS

Price: free trial


•  Trim or merge video clips

•  Music, subtitles, and sound effects

•  Apply filters or transitions

•  Adjust brightness, contrast or saturation

Pros: rescale video; music integration

Cons: limited features for free; pop-up ads


With this app, you can download video enhancer for Android to increase your video quality via editing and effects processing, which is a fast and easy vide editor to personalize your videos and share with your followers or friends.


9. Inshot

Available: Android & iOS

Price: free trial


•  Trim, merge, split flip or rotate video clips

•  Music, sound, filters, effects, text, and animation stickers

•  Video speed adjustment

•  Convert video between common formats

•  Add stickers, music and texts to video

•  Adjust speed

Pro: creative editing features

Cons: watermarks and ads


This free video enhancer app has limited features unless you upgrade to its Pro version to remove ads and watermarks, and unlock its advanced features.


10. Power Director

Available: Android

Price: free trial


•  Edit and export videos up to 4K resolution

•  Speed adjustment and video stabilization

•  Video effects, slow motion and reverse

•  Chroma key license

Pros: powerful timeline video editing and creative effects

Con: Subscriptions to advanced features


This free video quality enhancer for Android boasts high-end performance and multi-timeline editing which are beloved by Youtubers, Vloggers and Instagrammers.


11. Videoleap

Available: iOS

Price: free trial


•  Green screen & chroma compositing

•  Layer-base and timeline editing

•  Text, audio, mixer, effects and filters


You can download this video enhancement tool for free, you will get limited access to advanced features unless you make a purchase for its premium version.





Now you might have gained a comprehensive understanding of what to choose from an ocean of video enhancer tools available on computers, online browsers and mobile apps. Whatever you decide to choose, you shall take priority over its actual features that help you achieve your goal. For example, if you anticipate upscaling video quality via radical change, you shall try AI-powered video enhancer like DVDFab Enlarger AI. Once for regular video editing, top 11 non-AI video enhancers will be at your choice.


By the way, here recommend you a reliable media player to playback your upscaled videos or movies so as to gain better viewing experience. But if you aim to create DVD backups out of expectations when tackling your upscaled old DVD collections, CloneDVD will be at your disposal.

Enhance video quality from 480p to 1080p or from 1080p to 4K

DVDFab Enlarger AI is the best video upscaler, able to improve video quality by 300%, display more details and offer fantastic watching experience. If you are not content with your SD videos, change its video quality to 1080p. If you want 4K videos, continue to enhance video quality with this free software.

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