Generally, we hire a professional to guide us throughout the AI video-enhancing procedure. Now we can do it ourselves using Topaz Video Enhance AI, thanks to the latest technology. This software has excellent features to smoothen your editing experience.

Earlier, this tool only improved photos; now, developers have updated this software to AI to enhance the video. However, we understand you will have many doubts and questions regarding this latest fantastic tool. In this article, we have included every vital detail that you may need to know before using this software.

What is Topaz Video Enhance AI?

Topaz Video Enhance AI:What is Topaz Video Enhance AI?

Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI is the epitome of all the valuable features. This app is proficient in upscaling AI, enhancing your videos' display quality. Advanced AI technology doesn't require additional assistance.

It accurately carries out the editing process to ensure realistic visualization. Further, you can also use it to recover old or low-resolution videos. Finally, it enables brilliant editing of slow-motion videos. With its unique features, this awesome app can improve and make your video upscaling experience exotic.

Notable Features

  • Upgrade the video resolution from 4K to 8K, SD to HD, or HD to 4K.
  • Removes high ISO noise within seconds.
  • Convert the frame rate of your video from 25fps to 3fps. Allows customization of frame rate settings in the app.
  • It can deinterlace the video to give a natural finish so that artifacts aren't visible in the final output.
  • Loading several videos at once to enhance the AI quotient.

Additional Perks –

  • Outstanding video quality
  • Gives access to the user-friendly interface
  • It has outperformed or eliminated traditional techniques of interpolation
  • Accessible even for beginners.

System Requirements

Windows: The app is unavailable for Windows 7 or 8 and only supports Windows 10 and 11 (build 19041 v2004 and above).

Mac: 10.14 Mojave and above for CPU support, 10.15 Catalina and above for GPU support.

Hardware Requirements

Processor: Support Intel HD 5000 iGPU and 2016 or above AMD CPUs

System Memory: Requires 8GB or 16GB to ensure better performance.

Graphics Card: Intel HD 5000 on your CPU DirectX 12 that supports all Windows and Mac 10.15 and above.

Dedicated Graphics Memory: 2GB or 8GB to ensure better performance.

How to Use Topaz Video Enhance AI

Step 1: Download and install Topaz Video Enhance AI.

Step 2: Tap on the center of your screen, and import the video you need to edit. You may use the drag & drop option to add your video.

Step 3: Choose your preferred AI processing model to improve the video.

Step 4: Navigate to the in-built application standards to select your video output. You can customize the settings.

Step 5: Move to the dialogue box to name your video output. Add your location, name, and format for your output video. Tap on ‘Save’ & ‘Proceed.’

Step 6: You can watch a brief excerpt of your video to get a preview of the final product. Drag the slider to the timeline of your video. Keep it where you wish to see the output preview to do this.

Step 7: Your video can be edited to make it shorter and more focused. Drag the slider on the video's timeline to do this, then choose the timestamp.

Step 8: After processing the video by selecting "Start processing," your finished video will appear.

Latest Update: Topaz Video Enhance AI Crack

Topaz Video Enhance AI Crack is a highly demanded video enlargement tool that combines data from many input video frames after being trained on hundreds of recordings. Using technologies that work through machine learning algorithms, it is possible to upscale video streams up to 8K resolution.

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What's New

The software offers a few latest improvements:-

Speed Improvements: This tool offers turbo speed to users.

Enhanced AI models: Generate improved results with just a single tap.

Deblock/ DeNoise processing: Nullifies noise & bold artifacts; improves significant bug improvements and fixes.

Best Improvements

  • Performance on Nvidia GTX increased by 10% to 15%.
  • Performance on M1 16GB computers increased by 15% to 20%.
  • Users of M1 devices can utilize the app without getting too hot by reducing machine load.
  • On some PCs, fixes must be applied again during login.
  • For some input formats, such as WMV, VOB, etc., audio is now correctly maintained on the Mac.

Installation Process

Step 1: Get done downloading Topaz Video Enhance AI Crack.

Step 2: Using WinZip or WinRAR, extract your zip file.

Step 3: Then install the software, and make sure to read your Readme File.

Step 4: Copy and paste your crack file into your C/program files.

Step 5: Launch the software.

Topaz Video Enhance AI Review

Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI provides a clear and straightforward user interface suited for beginners. Unfortunately, every piece of software has certain flaws. We have listed some of them below:

  • Taking forever to render without a strong GPU
  • Not as efficient with inferior videos, such as outdated VHS tapes
  • A resized file may be huge.
  • Long videos may cause the software to crash.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to overlook these drawbacks. Because it plays a considerable aspect in improving your video resolution. Although the software has been updated and improved, the developers still need to make the software effective for low-resolution videos. That's again a big worry.

We noted such problems and to deal with these we have brought the best alternative of this tool. Yes, you heard it right. Presenting DVDFab Enlarger AI, this software is popularly used to enhance video resolution using AI. Discover in-depth about it below.

Best Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI alternative: DVDFab Enlarger AI

Topaz Video Enhance AI:Best Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI alternative: DVDFab Enlarger AI

The best alternative to Topaz Video is DVDFab Enlarger AI. This tool eliminates all of Topaz Labs' restrictions. This is the most fantastic AI-based tool for enhancing video resolution and quality. Utilizing artificial intelligence models educated by a neural network and super-resolution technology automatically enhances videos or movies with low resolution and poor image quality.

To get the best viewing experience, enjoy watching these films on a large screen. With the operation of Super-Resolution technology, DVDFab Enlarger AI, the top compelling video upscaling solution equipped with deep learning capabilities, can maximize video resolution from 480p (SD) to 1080p (Full HD) or from 1080p to 4K. To increase the degree of video quality, it increases the size of the video images by 300% and adds a tonne of small details.

Best Qualities:

  • To breathe new life into old videos, increase their resolution and quality.
  • A 300% increase in video size powered by AI with exponentially better clarity
  • High-Definition AI Video Image Upscaling with True Colors
  • Use a video converter, Blu-ray ripper, DVD ripper, and converter to convert DVDs to Blu-ray.
  • Four Output Quality file Options: Premium, Ultra, Deblock, Ultra+Deblock
  • Pursuing Better Only Through Intelligent Deep-Learning
  • Higher Conversion Rates and Hardware Acceleration

Downloading Method

Step 1: Download and install DVDFab Enlarger AI as the first step.

Topaz Video Enhance AI:Downloading Method

Launch DVDFab 12, head to your Copy module, and choose Blu-ray from your Backup Mode panel.

Step 2: Access your file.

Topaz Video Enhance AI:Downloading Method

Load your DVD, ISO file, and folder you are looking forward to upscale, and then check your Enlarger AI option box hidden beneath the wrench icon.

Step 3: Affirm the conversion.

Topaz Video Enhance AI:Downloading Method

Click the Start button to initiate the upscale conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one does Topaz use: the GPU or the CPU?

Topaz Labs advises using the GPU rather than the CPU to speed up AI processing in Topaz VEAI1. The newest large workflow GPU from AMD, the RadeonTM PRO W6800, offers an enormous 32 GB of dedicated high-performance memory that enables you to operate several VEAI instances on the same GPU, significantly optimizing your workflows.

How do I turn on Topaz's AI for video enhancement?

Make your account on the Topaz Labs My Account Page first if you still need to create it. To start your free 30-day trial, download Video Enhance AI from the Topaz Labs Downloads Page, sign in with your account details, and choose "Start Trial."

Does Topaz's AI for video enhancement function offline?

Internet access is required for user login and the downloading and updating AI models in all current Topaz Labs apps. For optimum performance, Windows 10/11 most recent version, is advised.


The ideal method for upscaling videos is Topaz Labs Video Enhance. It is a simple and effective software that lets you edit your videos as per users' preferences without any foundation.

Although functioning rapidly needs some testing with various AI models, it might be more faultless. For example, we have provided DVDFab Enlarger AI, its finest substitute, to help you overcome this. This expert tool embodies every attribute you require to raise your image resolution.