Facebook is doing wonders connecting friends and family across the globe. It is also a great platform to showcase one’s talent. However, for musicians who want to upload mp3 to Facebook, it can be quite tricky. Regular users know what a pain it is to upload an mp3 onto the site. Facebook doesn’t support mp3 files as easily as it supports pictures and videos. If you aren’t sure about how you can upload mp3 to Facebook, you are on the right page. The Internet is so full of questions such as ‘how to post mp3 file on Facebook’, ‘how to upload mp3 to Facebook’, ‘how to upload an mp3 to Facebook’; we have attempted to put your doubts to rest!

Here, we have listed four methods to upload mp3 to Facebook. Find out what works best for you!

Part 1: How to Upload mp3 to Facebook

Method 1: Upload an mp3 to Facebook using CloudApp

CloudApp stores your data on the web and gives you a link for it that is shareable with all. It supports all kinds of data such as pictures, videos, and music.

upload mp3 to facebook

●        Create a free account on their website

●        In your profile select “Choose or drop a file from your computer."

●        Select the mp3 files you want to upload on Facebook and hit ‘Open.’

●        Click on the file once it is uploaded. A new window will open with your shareable link.

●        Paste this link on your Facebook timeline, and that’s how you upload mp3 to Facebook!

Method 2: SoundCloud

Another Cloud-based website, SoundCloud is best known for supporting audio files personally uploaded by users. The site allows you to upload mp3 to Facebook by sharing content on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. after linking your accounts.

how to upload mp3 to facebook

●         Create your SoundCloud account.

●        Import files from your PC that you want to share on Facebook using the ‘Upload’ option. In case you want to record the audio on the spot, click on the “Start New Recording.”

●        Enter details such as title and descriptive tags to complete the upload and set the Sharing option to Public.

●        Then, select Facebook as a media to share your uploads. Hit Save.

●        Click “Go to your sound” button and press the “Share” and “Facebook” respectively. Wasn’t that an easy way to upload mp3 to Facebook!


Method 3: Chirbit

With a Chirbit account, you can record, upload and share audio files as well as music files. Most importantly, you can upload mp3 to Facebook! After logging in to your Chirbit account, start recording and uploading music on the site so you can use it to upload MP3 to Facebook afterward.

post mp3 to facebook

Here’s how you upload mp3 to Facebook:

●        Click Record/upload after logging in

●        Click New File Upload.

●        Then, click ‘Choose file’ button and upload the file you want to share on Facebook.

●        Enter a description for the audio data and click Submit.

●        Go to your Profile and then click Share icon.

●        Click the option of Share on Facebook.

Method 4: Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the easiest ways you can upload mp3 to Facebook. Another Cloud-based service on the list, Dropbox allows you to upload from your PC and store a large chunk of data. With shareable links, you can select your favorite audio files and upload mp3 to Facebook.

how to post mp3 on facebook

●        Create your Dropbox account.

●        Click ‘Upload’ and import the mp3 that you wish to share on Facebook.

●        After the upload is completed, the mp3 files will be displayed on the ‘Files’ list. Select the audio files of your choice and hit ‘Share.’

●        A pop-up window will open with ‘Create a link’ to generate a shareable link. Copy the link.

●        Paste the link on your timeline to upload mp3 to Facebook.

Part 2: Tips on How to Convert Videos to MP3

If you first want to convert your video into mp3 format before uploading it on Facebook, you should definitely try DVDFab Video Converter.

DVDFab Video Converter is an advanced video converter that supports almost all popular file formats used on the internet, camcorders, capture cards, etc. Using DVDFab, you can convert any video to the file format of your choice within seconds.

Here’s how you can convert your video to mp3 format:

Launch DVDFab

Get to DVDFab homepage and click on ‘Converter’ from their options bar. Upload the video you want to convert to mp3 by dragging and dropping it into the main UI.

upload mp3 to facebook

Customize your output video

Click ‘Profile Switcher’ option on the left panel. Then, determine the details of your output video including the format titles, audio tracks, and subtitles.

Tweak the parameters in Advanced Settings to customize the video according to your personal preferences. Finally, click on ‘Save’ to select a storing location for the converted video.

upload mp3 to facebook

Start Convert

Click the Start button to start the conversion. The converted file will be stored in the location determined by you. You can set your PC to automatically shut down, hibernate or stay on once the entire process is completed.

upload mp3 to facebook

Hope this page helped you upload mp3 to Facebook. Good luck!