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How to Convert WebM to MP4?


   Posted by Amanda

2019-03-18 18:57:27


Summary: WebM is not one of the popular formats for portable devices, so you may need to convert it to MP4 format that is supported widely. Here we introduce you the best WebM to MP4 converter and show you how to convert WebM to MP4.

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WebM file format, developed by the Google, has become one of the most common selections for the web videos nowadays. Initially, it accommodated only VP8 video and Vorbis audio streams but later in 2013, it was upgraded to support VP9 video and Opus audio as well. And while when we talk about its performance, it delivers an excellent quality of the WebM videos which are highly compatible with all the web browsers as well as on the sharing sites like YouTube.

On the other hand, probing more into it, we have found out that WebM is not one of the popular formats when it comes to the case of portable devices. But since now with the evolution of smartphones, everything seems to be one click away and thus whoever prefers to play WebM videos on these smart devices are advised to convert WebM to MP4 which surely is a pretty good option. For this purpose, DVDFab Video Converter is an ideal choice to convert WebM to MP4 videos within no time.

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DVDFab is an all-in-one software program which contains all the helpful products, including DVDFab Video Converter, DVDFab DVD Copy, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, and more.

Choose the one which best suits you and fits perfectly well with your requirements.


How much do you know about the DVDFab Video Converter?

Are you interested in posting a video or do you want to share the file? Well, DVDFab Video Converter can perfectly perform this job for you by keeping a backup as well as converting and copying into various forms of formats.

The software is ideally designed to read almost every format. No matter where the video has come from, either downloaded from the internet or shot from the smartphone, tablets, DSLR or professional camcorder, the outcome is fantastic. The best part is that it covers almost all the brands of smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles and hence it also conveniently allows you to transfer video files from your computer to other handy devices like PSP, iPod, and Smartphone or to the consoles like Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. Moreover, if you want to make certain changes in the video, for instance, audio information or changing the format of WebM to MP4, it offers you to do so.


What are the key features of DVDFab Video Converter?

DVDFab Video Converter is equipped with an easy to use interface yet extremely professional, supporting massive customization options, reaping high level of satisfaction and contentment for its users. Let’s move ahead and explore its key features one by one to unfold the hidden wonders.

Embraces broad range of video formats:

As discussed earlier DVDFab Video Converter is capable of converting a tremendous amount of video file formats including the HD videos. Well, a list is a bit long. However mentioning a few are a 3GP file, ASF File, AVI file, FLV File, M2TS file, VOB File, WMV File, TS File and a lot more. As the developers are keen to upgrade it side by side, you surely will get a positive response in any case.

Successfully converts video to audio files:

This is something at least I like the most. Well, DVDFab software allows you to convert a given video into audio files of many popular formats encompassing MP3, M4A, WMA, WAV, AC3, and DTS. Additionally, it even allows you to customize the process, like where to start from and where to end. So if you want to convert any specified clip from the video into the audio, DVDFab proficiently accomplishes this for you.

Supports 3D and 4K video outputs:

Imagine making your own 3D video. Yes!! You have guessed it right. DVDFab tools now let you convert 2D videos into 3D with the inclusion of a wide range of 3D effects. In addition to it, this amazing video converter can now let you watch videos of high resolutions by converting into 4K videos. Now, this is something truly exciting.

Greatly backs numerous mobile devices:

If you require quick conversions on your portable devices including iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, cell phone, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3, etc., simple look for the device from the internal profile, select and hit the start button. The conversion will smoothly be completed within a couple of minutes. The conversion speed of the software is quick and accurate.

Armed with easy customization options:

DVDFab Video Converter is quite easy and simple to use. Its sleek, user-friendly interface lets you enjoy every bit of the conversion techniques. It comes with many quick edits practices for your video formats such as encoding method, frame resolution, file size, aspect ratio, etc.

DVDFab Video Converter comes with advanced tools to make the desired adjustments to the videos and audios. Moreover, the built-in video editor allows you to professionally have a complete command over making deeply personalized edits and comes up with a superb audio/video output.

Facilitates live preview:

Well some videos do take a long period of time to be converted and the users usually stay curious that is everything is going perfectly well and according to their requests. Thus, in this regard, DVDFab Video Converter provides you with an option to watch the live previews during the process so as to ensure that everything is up to the mark.

Fast conversion speed:

DVDFab Video Converter is capable of memorizing the preferred conversions and the requirements of the users and thus saves time by its fast conversion speed feature.


How to Convert WebM to MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter?

If you want to change the format of your videos like WebM to MP4 then read this guide. The WebM to MP4Converter is undeniably an excellent video converter, supporting a tremendous range of formats and allows you to convert video on any device you need. Furthermore, it provides 30-days free trial period, permitting you to convert videos and assess every feature of this remarkable video converter without paying any single penny for it. Once satisfied, which you are surely going to be, make the payment and enjoy its genuinely fruitful features.

Now let us move a bit forward and let me show you how to convert WebM file to MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter. Follow the mentioned simple steps to do so.

Step 1: Open up you DVDFab Video Converter and load the video which you want to convert from WebM file to MP4.

Step 2: Next on the top left corner on the primary interface,

•          Click on the tab ‘Format.’

•          Hit Video

•          Then select General/Filter to choose a video format

•          If you are looking forward to converting the video to a certain device then you are required to click on the device you want the video to be converted on and there you go, it will be done directly without any complications.

•          Now, if you want to convert a WebM video to MP4format then click “Format”.

•          Next, select the ‘MP4’ option in the format section.

Step 3: Next comes the customization section from where you can conveniently change the name of the video, add external subtitles, choose the audio tracks and a lot more, the way you want it to be. In addition to it, you can also go to the ‘Editor’ from where you can crop the video, add subtitles, a watermark and much more. Moreover, you can also adjust the brightness and the contrasting solutions.

Step 4: Next, click on the ‘Folder’ icon which is present at the bottom to select the directory to save your output video.

Step 5: Lastly, simply click the ‘Start’ button and the process of WebM  to MP4 video converting process  will begin.

This is it. Congratulations!! You are done.


Wrapping up:

Undoubtedly, DVDFab is one of the most professional and incredible video converters of the present times that is capable of converting all the standard formats of the videos to different audio and video files. Moreover, its support to many of the smartphones and tablets of different companies has made it one of the most sophisticated choices, catering the needs of every user out there. You can try it free by download the Windows Version or if you’ve macOS Download the Mac Version.


Over to you:

I hope you’ll like this article about how to convert WebM to MP4 videos easily with DVDFab Video Converter. Try out the free version and let me know how it works for you in the comment box below. Spread the love by sharing this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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