1. Why convert WEBM to MP4?

Which is better, WEBM or MP4? The answer is MP4. MP4 video format is almost compatible with all the mainstream devices, so people are likely to convert any other formats of video like WEBM to MP4. Besides the strong compatibility of MP4 format, converting WEBM to MP4 also helps to save power to encode and provides a better video quality. So why not convert a video to MP4 format, all things considered? Today I will choose WEBM to MP4 conversion as example to show you how to finish video format conversion free and fast.

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2. How do you convert WEBM to MP4 for free

If you want to convert WEBM to MP4 for free, ask DVDFab Video Converter Pro for help. This free software includes three programs including Video Converter, Toolkit, as well as Video Editor Edit. If you want to convert WEBM to MP4, there are more than one way to make it. Now, let’s start with Video Converter first.

(1) Module One – Video Converter

Features of this WEBM to MP4 converter:

  • Convert any formats of video to AVI, FLV, M2TS, MKV, MP4, TS, WMV formats
  • Support 214 output devices, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, BlackBerry, Box, Google, HTC, HuaWei, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, PVP, Samsung
  • Output files to Mobile Device, Folder, or YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook
  • Read files from Local or Mobile
  • Enable you to convert WEBM file to MP4 in batches
  • Allow you to add credits, text, image and music to your file
  • Help you to rotate, adjust video properties, crop, trim, and set video playback speed

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How to convert WEBM to MP4:

  • Step 1: Download DVDFab Video Converter Pro on Window
    • Choose Converter module
    • Add a WEBM file from Local or Mobile

How to Change WEBM to MP4

  • Step 2: Click the Little Triangle icon in line with Info and select “Choose Other Profile”

WEBM File to MP4

  • Step 3: Click Video > Format and choose MP4 as the output video format

.WEBM to MP4

  • Step 4: Customize your WEBM file by clicking Advanced Settings and Video Edit

The option of Advanced Settings allows you to set the parameters of video, audio and subtitles like code, frame rate, resolution, sample rate, render subtitles to video or remux into file.  The option of Enlarger AI helps you improve video quality up to 1080p.

WEBM Converter to MP4

Click the option of Video Edit, and you will be able to add credits, text, music, image to your file. In the meantime, set video brightness, contrast, saturation, playback speed, rotate, crop or trim you video based on your preference.

How to Convert WEBM to MP4 and Edit it

  • Step 5: Set output video directory
    • Mobile Device
    • Folder
    • YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook

WEBM Converter to MP4

  • Step 6: Click the button of Start and convert WEBM to MP4

This is how to convert WEBM to MP4 with the help of Video Converter in DVDFab Video Converter Pro. Since this software is only compatible with Windows, you can install DVDFab Video Converter instead to convert WEBM to MP4 Mac.

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Module Two – Toolkit

There is more than one way to convert WEBM to MP4 besides Video Converter, Toolkit can also finish that and it is easier. Let’s see how to WEBM to MP4 converter with this free software.

  • Step 1: Click Toolkit module after launching DVDFab Video Converter Pro

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WEBM to MP4 Converter

  • Step 2: Tap “Converter” under “Video Tools”


  • Step 3: Add your WEBM video

This WEBM to MP4 converter is competent to read 26 video formats, such as WEBM, 3GP, FLV, MTS, MOV, M4V, MPEG, MKV, MP4, etc., so you can convert WEBM or any other formats of videos to your favorite video formats like MP4.

How to Chnage WEBM to MP4

  • Step 4: Set the output video format as MP4

This WEBM to MP4 converter supports MP4 and MKV as the output format, so it is easy for you to convert WEBM to MP4 with this free software. Besides, you can also set video codec, resolution, encoding method, frame rate, video quality, bit rate, as well as audio codec and channels with the options provided in this WEBM to MP4 converter.


  • Step 5: Set the output video directory

After converting WEBM to MP4, where are you going to save your file? Use the default destination or set a new folder to store the converted WEBM to MP4 file based on your need.

  • Step 6: Click the button of Start

After setting the output video directory, start to convert WEBM to MP4. DVDFab Toolkit works swiftly, 10 times faster than the normal speed. There is a belief that you will be able to enjoy your file very soon after the WEBM to MP4 conversion.

Convert WEBM to MP4

This is how to convert WEBM to MP4 with Toolkit freeware on Windows. Besides acting as a free WEBM to MP4 converter, this program can also be used to crop video, extract video, rotate video, flip video, deshake Gopro, speed up or down video or trim video; convert audio, extract audio, denoise Gopro, trim aideo, normalize audio; convert Video to GIF, PIC to Video, or vice versa; add text, time and image to your file, and render or extract subtitles. If you have any need related to such functions, including but not limited to converting WEBM to MP4, never hesitate to ask Toolkit for help free and fast.

Module Three - Video Editor Edit

The third module in DVDFab Video Converter Pro also enables you to convert WEBM to MP4, and this time, you have more options to customize your video like adding filters, transitions, overlays, elements, mosaic, etc. to your file during WEBM to MP4 conversion. Now, let’s see how this free video editor works.

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  • Step 1: Launch DVDFab Video Converter Pro and select “Video Editor Edit” module
  • Step 2: Click the button of Import to add your WEBM files, or drag them to this WEBM to MP4 converter directly. Video Editor is so powerful that it can read almost all mainstream formats of videos, audios and images.
  • Step 3: Drag the imported WEBM file(s) to the Timeline section below

How to Convert a WEBM File to MP4

  • Step 4: Select the video clip in the Timeline section and use the options available in this WEBM to MP4 converter to customize your video. For example, there are options on the left for you to add audio, text, filters, transitions, overlays, and overlays to your file. There are also options above the Timeline section for you to rotate, split, delete, crop, mosaic your file, and among others. Use any button you like to make your video beautiful while converting WEBM to MP4.

WEBM to MP4 Converter Free

  • Step 5: Preview your video and export it in MP4 formatClick the “Play” button on the right to preview your video and press the Export button next. Then you will be asked to name your file, set output video directory, select export video format and output video quality. Afterwards, another Export button you need to click to convert WEBM to MP4.

How about using the Video Editor Edit module to convert WEBM file to MP4? It is also very easy and fast without one cent to be charged. In this WEBM to MP4 converter, there are several kinds of aspect ratio for your choice, like 16:9, 4:3, and among others. The any two modules in DVDFab Video Converter Pro don’t have this option.

WEBM to MP4 Converter - Video Editor

3. Conclusion

How to convert WEBM to MP4? There are three methods embedded in DVDFab Video Converter Pro. It is not easy to find a free program with so many accesses to WEBM to MP4 conversion. And you can also use this free software to do other editing work, like video crop, video rotate, “extract audio from video”, “extract subtitles”, “add text/filters/trasitions/mosaic” to you videos.

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