YouTube is the first video search engine to attract anyone with a video project, which has all kinds of videos at the top of your priority list. However, the main problem is that a particular scene is more efficiently removed than the whole video. Downloading the YouTube video before getting the best scene that rhymes with our project are not easy. That's why YouTube video cutters online take care of each YouTube cutting issue.

Sometimes you want to merge scenes from Emma Watson's Cruella movie with other of your favorite scenes in her other movie. You don't need to download it; you can cut it directly online if you want. Cutting out the best or worst scenes is more efficient than trimming them.

To cut your favorite YouTube videos scenes easily, always choose the best YouTube cutter online. We will discuss some top YouTube cutters that help you cut, edit, trim and shorten our videos. They are here:

Video Editor Video Editor

youtube video cutter

Price: $59.99 yearly

Compatibility: Windows  

If you are looking for an excellent Youtube video cutter, this product is definitely your best choice. Video Editor is the best video editor to turn your imaginations into reality. It is the most widespread platform for professional filmmakers. This is the best pick-up to experience your ideas and enjoy different things. The tool has a graphical user interface that appeals to new users. Furthermore, it is a fast Youtube video cutter download application in the market. You will find it with a 30-days money-back guarantee.


  • There are best and easy tools like split, crop, flip, mirror, rotate, set duration, speed adjustment, and others to make your video of high quality according to your desires.
  • You will enjoy applying the beautiful filter, transition, overlay, and text to your video.
  • Moreover, you can record, edit and master your audios.
  • It is the best online and offline YouTube video cutter and download software.

Joyoshare VidKit

youtube video cutter online

Joyoshare VidKit Video Cutter YouTube is the best and excellent YouTube Cutter that can accurately shorten large videos and keep only small portions of videos you desire. It also supports many video formats such as MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, ASF, MPEG, WMV, etc. Besides, it permits you to output the files without any harm as a compatible YouTube web video.

The cutter performs special functions like editing YouTube videos as you want, adjusting aspect ratio, cropping undesired areas, adding effects, embedding watermark or logo, giving or inserting subtitles, etc. It is also available for changes in resolutions, codec, sample rate, and more in your file and makes it more accurate.


  • There are no chances of any issue or mistake while cutting.
  • It has the property to cut video with 60X speed.
  • It has advanced editing functions.
  • The software almost supports all well-known audio-video formats.


  • It doesn't support finding a video with the help of a URL.

YT Cutter

online youtube video cutter

As the name mentioned, YT is a YouTube video cutter online free. It works online without any registration requirement and can remove or delete an undesired video piece. It cuts videos with high precision. Besides it, you can trim YouTube videos to 0.1 seconds, take snapshots, and export files to videos, animated GIFs, or audio.


  • It cuts videos with complete correction.
  • It permits taking screenshots.
  • Moreover, the tool can safely file in audio GIF and video formats.


  • It works with limited output-input formats.

YouTube Trimmer

video cutter youtube

This is the best online YouTube video cutter for professionals. This straightforward tool helps you crop, share, and trim your desired video segments online. You only have to enter your YouTube ID or URL. Moreover, you can easily choose a part for output by previewing it. However, you have no options to change your YouTube videos except aspect ratio.


  • It helps add YouTube ID and adjust the video at the ratio of 16:9 or 4:3.
  • It helps to open the video with a background.


  • It lacks pro-working functions.

YT Cropper

youtube video cutter mp3

YT Cropper is a free YouTube video online cutter that can also be taken into your consideration. It trims your YouTube video to the length you want and saves only your favorite piece. The steps of using YT Cropper are elementary; they are mentioned step by step, and you can easily complete your cropping process by following those requirements.


  • Its use is effortless.
  • This simple video cutter online YouTube gives a bulletin video with excellent background.


  • Sometimes work is slow.
  • Required confirmation from the main machine.


youtube video cutter and downloader

iMovie is a famous tool in the multimedia field. It offers a professional video editor to crop, filter, rotate, background music, and many more. Besides it, you can clip videos into short segments, rearranging and combining them with its help. Only Mac users can get benefits from this free YouTube video cutter online.


  • It helps in the free transfer of video on social media to YouTube with the background.
  • There is also a wide range of free video modifying tools.
  • It is the best YouTube video cutter software free download program.


  • It doesn't work without macOS.


online video cutter youtube

HashCut is a particular YouTube video cutter and downloader and helps you keep the highlights. It enables you to find or search the desired portion of videos by recording them. The best advantage is that this tool permits you to add stickers and text according to what you want.


  • The users can search via an online chrome extension.
  • It helps in the recording, explanations, and sharing of video clips.
  • You can add stickers and text with different cases.
  • It is the best YouTube video cutter online and download software.


  • Works slowly
  • Sign up required to make a mashup

FlexClip Free Video Trimmer

youtube video cutter online free

FlexClip free Video Trimmer is one of the most famous and YouTube cutter free online video Trimmer. Its video editor helps you change, adjust, filter, speed, and divide videos. The professional functionalities make it more reliable to use. It helps trim the file by moving the sliders and playing your desired YouTube video. It gives a preview window. However, you need to note that it only helps in MO4, WebM, MOV, and M4V formats.


  • You can trim videos easily.
  • This video cutter for YouTube offers perfect video editing options.


  • Cannot search video through URL.
  • Sometimes it does not work accurately to open the file due to poor compatibility.


youtube cutter free online video cutter

Typito is used for editing and cutting videos on YouTube. It converts videos in the ratio of 16:9, 9:16,1:1, and more than that. You can use its practical tools to change the size, crop, add subtitles, text, and music. It is always similar to other video-sharing platforms. Except it, you can also cut videos according to the required length.


  • You can cut videos free from YouTube and preview them.
  • It works while supporting a well-known aspect ratio and 20+formats.


  • Signup required to work on it.


youtube video cutter online and download

Here comes another online video editor with video cut property. This is a well-known video editor which consists of many adding functions, including subtitles, reverse or merge video. You can cut any part of your video, even from the center, and add it to any format you want, like AVI, MP4, MPG, etc.


  • Sharing your completed video functions from software on social media makes it appreciated.  


  • Work slowly While editing multiple videos at a time.

Kapwing Video Trimmer

youtube video cutter

The online video cutter YouTube from Kapwing can help you shorten the long videos to a specific portion with the smaller duration you want. Not just cutting, it also allows further in adding, texting, watermark, and subtitles. It works without ads and watermarks on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Chromebook, and tablet. It supports MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, FLV, WEBM, and website links from YouTube, TikTok, and more. Moreover, it is not essential to install the app. It also works online, but it works more accurately through the app.


  • It is best in cutting, merging, and division.
  • This is a free YouTube video cutter mp3 with no ads.
  • It helps in uploading files and pasting links via YouTube.
  • The changing functions will help you to add watermark subtitles.
  • It helps change the size of clips and make memes and gifs according to social media like Instagram and YouTube.


  • The software required more latest functions like 3D editing, Multicam modules, and 360 degrees to make it more appropriate to use.
  • It is a 4K video editor and can upload videos, but the viewer wants perfect UHD; it doesn't give this level while exporting files.


Can I trim a video on YouTube?

You can cut out the beginning, middle, or end of your video on a computer. You don't need to re-upload a video to trim it. The video's URL, view count, and comments will stay the same. This feature is only available for videos shorter than 6 hours.

How to Crop a YouTube video?

  1. Paste a YouTube link. Go to the YouTube video that you want to crop and copy the link. 
  2. Start cropping. You will now see the YouTube video in the editing pane. 
  3. Export. Click on 'Export' and save the cropped video to your device.


This passage introduces a roll of convenient and powerful software to cut Youtube videos and hopefully, this will be of help for you.