Have you ever heard of zoom in video editor? The indisputable fact is that you must have been familiar with zoom feature, both zoom in and zoom out, when you are using your smartphone or DV camera to capture your perfect video footage. The same goes for zoom video editors. If you are unhappy with certain shot video frame or just want to view it in great detail, you can resort to video editor zoom function so that you can fine-tune and polish your video clip as desired. Come on to have a quick glance over the following free video editors with zoom effect.

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1. Why You Need Zoom in Video Editor?

It’s quite hard to shoot a 100% perfect video footage for normal persons, even for professional cameramen. Great works always come with constant fine-tuning and polishing, which drives the emergence and popularity of video editors. In the final analysis, why do you need zoom in video editor?

First, your camera device is out of date or does not work well.

Second, you need to emphasize certain part in video frame.

Last, zooming frame creates better visual effect.

However, not all video editing tools are embedded with zoom feature. Besides, professional and free video editors with zoom effect are few and far between. In this case, you need to make the right choice. To save you time and energy, below options will offer you better clues.

2. Free Video Editor with Zoom for Windows

Since most users are loyal fans of Windows operating system, let’s first have a look at Windows-based free video editors with zoom feature.

Video Editor

This Windows 10/8/7 zoom in video editor gives you the power to zoom in certain video frame to highlight specific details or create special visual effects pleasant to the eye. Above all, aside from zoom feature, you can edit video clips with ample editing options and stunning effects that can be summarized as follows.

Best Zoom in Video Editor You Shall Try

⚬ Powerful edit toolbox: split, crop, rotate, reverse, video speed change, volume adjust, zoom, mosaic, freeze frame, set duration, green screen, speech & text converter, PIP.

⚬ Ample media library of audio, music and text, creative filters, transitions, elements, and overlays.

⚬ Import & export videos and audios of diverse formats, upload edited works on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Google Drive...

With this video editor zoom crop feature, you can crop video to zoom in or out any frame on the timeline panel so as to suit your needs, which resolves the pain spot for those seeking to customize specific frame. For an overall detailed user guide to this zoom in video editor, click here.

Movie Maker 10

Movie Maker 10 is the free version of Windows Movie Maker series which includes Pro application, all designed to make stunning home movies from videos, photos, and music based on lots of editing tools including cross-zoom. Nevertheless, this video editor with zoom feature merely enables you to zoom in the whole video frame from start to finish. Thus, this video zoom editor fades next to that of Video Editor.

Free Video Editor Zoom Crop for Windows

3. Video Editor Zoom Crop Effect for Mac

Now let's turn to a popular but free zoom in video editor for Mac users.


iMovie is a household free video editing program for macOS users to make appealing Hollywood-like home movies from video clips, pictures, music via basic editing tools (crop to zoom in, split, audio detach, fade in & fade out, soundtrack) and wonderful special effects (Ken Burns, transitions). This zoom in video editor allows you to zoom in on a portion of the frame. Meanwhile, Ken Burns pan & zoom effect will also come in handy, which excels in still photos than videos.

How to Zoom in on Video Editor with iMovie

How to Zoom in on Video Editor with iMovie

You might be anxious to master how to zoom in video editor on Mac. Here comes a simple guide. To zoom in on a video clip, load a clip to the timeline and hit the Crop button above the preview window. Choose ‘Crop to Fill’ or ‘Ken Burns’, and drag the slider to identify the portion of the clip that you want to crop. Finally, tab the Check mark to apply your crop effect. A piece of cake, yes?

4. How to Zoom in Video Editor with Video Editor Free & Easily

Since you have known the highlighted features of Video Editor, especially its zoom effect. Now let’s have a quick glance over how to zoom in a video editor, Video Editor.

How to Zoom in Video Editor Video Editor

Step 1: Import file from local media library to the timeline

Step 2: Drag the slider to identify a part of the clip that you want to zoom in (PS: you can press 'Set Duration' button to set start and end time of the clip you want to zoom in and zoom out). Press ‘Zoom’ button on the toolbar and click the chosen clip on the timeline to check the zoom effect from the preview window. You can tick ‘Keep aspect ratio’ to fix the video aspect. Alternatively, right-click on the video clip you want to zoom in, choose 'Zoom' to crop the wanted part of the frame. Then hit 'OK'.

Step 3: Export the final work processed by the video editor zoom crop effect.

Note that this free video editor with zoom feature can zoom in and zoom out frame to bring about better visual feast.

The above is how to zoom in on video editor Video Editor to enlarger certain frame to make specific details stand out or just create stunning visual effect to glut audience’s eyes.

5. What Video Zoom Editor You Shall Choose

When it comes to selecting zoom video editor, you need to take into account the following factors.

⚬ Customized options to zoom in & out video frame

⚬ Support various video formats & operating system

⚬ Export high-quality video files with fast speed

⚬ Save to multiple devices or upload on diverse platforms

Final Thought

This article has recommended best free zoom in video editors on Windows and Mac, and further demonstrates how to zoom in on video editor with flexible and considerate options to make your clip sparkling and compelling. Take Video Editor as example, do not forget to try out other features. Lots of surprises are waiting for you to unveil. Have a try right now! By the way, if you are looking for MP4 video editor, click here.