When you play back your Blu-ray ISO discs, folders and ISO files, what do you expect? Fast speed, crystal images, attracting sound and playlist creation, right? Now, there is a powerful Blu-ray media player named DVDFab Player 6, which can satisfy your needs with considerate services. Would you like to know it and use this best MKV player to play back your Blu-ray ISO files.

1. Download and Install DVDFab Player 6

To use this versatile Blu-ray media player, you need to download and install it first. Only three clicks are needed and you will have a good experience of video watching.

2. Functions provided by DVDFab Player 6

PC/TV Mode

There are two modes provided for you to play back your Blu-ray ISO files: PC Mode and TV Mode. By PC Mode, it means to play back your video on PC. By TV Mode, it means to play back your video on TV. You can choose either of them to meet your needs.

Simple/Menu Mode

Simply speaking, choose the Simple Mode and there will be nothing different from your playing videos’ mode in daily life. However, if you choose the Menu Mode, the notice will navigate to help you decide what to do next by using the keyword featuring the arrow keys and “Enter” key. By the way, the Menu Mode is only limited to DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K UHD Blu-rays. For common videos, this mode is not available.

HDR10 Playback

Enable HDR10 playback mode by clicking the “Little Triangle” > Settings > Video, where you can also change the output color range including Full Color Range (0-255) and Limited Color Range (16-235).

3D Display

Enable 3D playback mode by clicking the “Little Triangle” > Settings >3D Display, where you can choose “Play 3D Media in 3D”, “Convert 2D Media to 3D”, adjust 3D scene depth, select 3D Display Device ranging from “Anaglyph Red/Cyan Mode to 3D-Ready HDTV (Checkerboard), Micro-polarizer LCD 3D (Row-interleaved) and HDMI 1.4 enabled 3D TV. Besides, you can decide the mode of “swap eye view”, with “Left view first” and “Right view first” included.

Hi-res Audio Output

Enable Audio Passthrough by clicking the “Little Triangle” Settings > Audio, where the choices encompass “Dolby Digital (AC3) CAPABLE RECEIVER, dts capable receiver and TrueHD/DTS-HD capable receiver. In addition, you can adjust the volume and audio offset.

Playlist creation

There are options available below to help you create a playlist. Pay attention to the buttons below, Then, you can follow the order and make your videos well-organized and enjoy your favorite videos at will.

3. Load your Blu-ray ISO File

When you see this notice below, click “Add Now” to add your Blu-ray ISO files to this media player. Then you can you load your video using three methods. First, pay attention to the left navigational column where options under “Library” and “My Computer” are both helpful to locate your preferred Blu-ray files. On the top, there is a search bar, which is also available. After your video is playing in DVDFab Player 6, you can right-click the video interface to adjust the playback speed, add an external subtitle and do more.


Have you known how to use DVDFab Player 6 to play your videos with HDR10 mode output and crystal images support? Create a playlist to put your Blu-ray ISO files in order. Each time you want to playback something, remember that this powerful Blu-ray ISO media player is your best friend. If you also want to learn about Professional DVD Media Player from DVDFab, just read it.