How to Convert MKV to MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter

2020-05-28 03:31:33

This article presents a quick and easy-to-use way to convert MKV to MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter, whose overall performance makes it possible to use a MKV to MP4 converter free of charge to suit your personal needs.



Part 1: Why do we recommend you to try DVDFab Video Converter?

Part 2: How to convert MKV to MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter

Part 3: Is there any other powerful software to play converted videos?

Part 4: Conclusion



Part 1: Why do we recommend you to try DVDFab Video Converter? 


Probably, it often happens that you have downloaded your favorite videos and saved them to your tablet, laptop computer or mobile device, only to find they are unplayable. How do you feel when encounter such frustrating situation due to restricted playable format? Such embarrassing case implies your playable device is not compatible with original video format, which means you are in dire need of a video converter. In this case, you maybe resort to the Internet for available solutions. However, you are likely to select reliable software to convert MKV to MP4 when searching possible answers online. It is somewhat an act of dredging for a needle in the sea. If you anticipate resolving such problem via certain state-of-the-art software, then we recommend you to master how to convert MKV to MP4 with the help of DVDFab Video Converter compared to similar products. This magical converter makes it a reality to convert MKV pass-through to MP4 with no extra charge, which brings you desired resulting videos.



Part 2: How to convert MKV to MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter


Step 1: Download and install DVDFab Video converter


First, download DVDFab Video Converter free by clicking ‘Free Download’ tab as below. If you long to convert MKV to MP4 on Mac computer, you shall choose Mac download mode. Here, the author mainly takes Windows OS for example. Next, you shall start to install the downloaded converter. 




Step 2: Launch DVDFab 11 


Since this converter have been downloaded free, it automatically gives you a free account without further login to User Account and Password as you do for a paid version. After installation, you just need to start DVDFab11.


Step 3: Choose 'Converter'  module and customize output videos


After your click on the ‘Converter’ Tab, the interface auto-selects MP4 output format.




Then you are required to choose output device where you intend to save or watch your converted movies. There is a wide range of devices available for your preference. For example, if you choose Microsoft series, you have alternative to save converted videos from MKV to MP4 on several optional devices. Red box in the picture merely represents one option.



Before loading source video with MKV format, you are allowed to customize output parameters through the built-in profile library as indicated in the following red square pane where ‘General’ or ‘Filter’ are offered for your option.


Nevertheless, free MKV to MP4 converter does not support non-H.265 and non-4k videos. In other words, if you expect to adjust your output video in the form of 3D, 4K, H.265 and 10 bit, you shall choose the paid version because you can gain supported videos in all formats as hoped.





Meanwhile, the difference in output videos when you pursue free and paid version is as follows.





Step 4: Add MKV video from local file or mobile device


Now click on the ‘+’ tab at the center of dotted-line box to load MKV videos, or simply drag and drop it from the local file. In terms of free-version converter, you can convert MKV to MP4 videos as many as you wish.





If you mean to load MKV files from your mobile device, you shall scan the below QR code to extract your video files that need to be converted from MKV to MP4. One thing worth your attention is that you are obliged to download DVDFab Remote in order to transfer file from your mobile device to DVDFab Video Converter for the ultimate goal of subsequent conversion procedure.







Step 5: Convert MKV to MP4


Click on the ‘Start’ button to start conversion as follows upon your premium choice of free MKV to MP4 converter. As mentioned above, you can add MKV videos as more as possible, leaving them waiting in the task queue to be converted, which may take you some time to wait for the completed process.





Nevertheless, if you are reluctant to wait for so long, a paid DVDFab Video Converter endows you with Hardware (GPU) Acceleration that supports MKV to MP4 conversion with turbo speed and high quality. In this way, you can convert all selected videos from MKV to MP4 within a short time regardless of network environment.


Step 6: Wait for 'Process Completed Successfully'


Once the format of chosen video files are changed from MKV to MP4, ‘Process Completely Successful’ will pop up, indicating the conversion is completed with the help of this powerful MKV to MP4 converter. What to do next is watch your preferred videos at your convenience on your portable or mobile device. That must be quite a feast for your eyes. Enjoy it!





Last but not the least, if you choose paid-version converter, you have authorization to experience all-new built-in non-linear video editor that gives you privilege to customize your converted videos. For detailed information, please do not hesitate to search your desired information from DVDFab website. 



Part 3: Is there any other powerful software to play converted videos?


If you are unsatisfied with existing portable or mobile device for the betterment of visual effect, we recommend you to try DVDFab Player 5, a marvelous player considered as the world’s best 4k UHD media player to the present. This player will bring you an astonishing experience on premise that you are willing to pay extra money for it because its free version has limitations on certain functions. The following reasons can account for the high praise of DVDFab Player 5.


First, this media player possesses all-new playback engines, substantially improving stability, compatibility and playback smoothness.


Then, a charming UI is available to meet the needs of users’ recreation purpose.


Finally, DVDFab Player 5 supports navigation menu on numerous multi-media devices. 


Should you expect more information, please search DVDFab Media Player 5 to gain a comprehensive understanding of this striking software that will you with a marvelous user experience.






Part 4: Conclusion


If you are in urgent need of converting MKV to MP4 and fully believe in DVDFab Video Converter, the free MKV to MP4 converter will bring you a fabulous experience as described in the above-mentioned steps. Meanwhile, if you are unhappy with this free converter, we strongly advise you to subscribe to our paid-version converter with a view to achieving a striking visual effect.

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