The Hills Have Eyes

If you are a fan of Wes Craven's earlier films, then you'll likely love The Hills Have Eyes, the latest in the series. This spooky film follows stranded travelers as they make their way to sunny Los Angeles. However, as they approach the desert's mysterious hillside, they find themselves preying on the innocent travelers for their food and supplies. In fact, the movie contains scenes of gore, violence, and s*xual assault.

Despite the film's spooky setting, The Hills Have Eyes is a classic, a remake of the 1977 suspense thriller by Wes Craven. It's a terrifying tale of a family road trip that goes horribly wrong in a government atomic zone, and the Carters encounter a family of mutants. While the movie is frightening and disturbing, it's also amusing and endlessly quotable.

If you're looking for a good horror film on Tubi, you've come to the right place. Not only does the service offers free, ad-supported streaming, but it also has a great selection of classic films. Arrow in the Head scoured the horror section of the service and compiled a list of the best ones on Tubi to download MP4 movies. This article is updated regularly, so check it out!

Another good horror movie on Tubi is Intruder, directed by Scott Spiegel (Evil Dead II). It was originally released in a heavily censored version, but now the unrated version is available. Watch it for the best slasher kills ever. The co-writers of The Hills Have Eyes and Evil Dead II both appear in Intruder. Bruce Campbell even makes a quick cameo.

The Exorcist III

Among the best horror movies on Tubi is The Exorcist III. The original film was an enduring classic, and this third installment is no less thrilling. However, the theatrical version contains some scenes that aren't necessary for the film's atmosphere or suspense. In fact, one of the film's biggest problems is the unnecessary exorcism scene, which is included in the theatrical version. To avoid this, a director's cut of the film was released by Scream Factory in 2016.

This film is loosely based on the life of Emily Rose, who died during an attempted exorcism. Jennifer Carpenter gives a stunning performance as Emily, while Leelee Sobieski plays her teenage daughter, Ruby. The parents live in a glass house, and the two friends, Erin and Terry Glass are her neighbors. Ruby soon starts to suspect that they aren't entirely trustworthy.

Tubi's free streaming service is one of the best ways to watch horror movies. Its catalog contains a wide variety of movies, including some classics and new releases. Additionally, it offers over 4000 movies and TV shows. As with most streaming services, Tubi's free version has ads. However, if you're not a fan of the ads, the service is still worth a try.

In addition to The Exorcist III, Tubi will be showing a number of originals during February. Many of the movies on Tubi are based on real crimes. The first one, "Howard High," is a drama about a black high school musical group competing against a rival school. Other titles in the lineup include "30 Days of Night" starring Camilla Belle and "Love and Penguins."

The Devil's Rejects

If you are looking for a way to stream "The Devil's Rejects," you will find it on several platforms. It is available to stream free with ads on HBO Max, VUDU Free, and Tubi TV. You can also rent the movie online on VUDU or Pluto TV and purchase it on Apple iTunes. If you don't have the time to stream the film for free, it can be rented on a DVD from Amazon or a store.

The Devil's Rejects is an incredibly scary film directed by Rob Zombie. It is the sequel to the hit film House of 1000 Corpses and features three of the same characters. It's also a throwback to the 1970s, with a cool soundtrack. If you're interested in renting the film, try Tubi, or Amazon. It's worth checking out, even if you've already seen the original.

Watch The Devil's Rejects on Tubo to find out if the movie is available there. The movie is 107 minutes long and has a great cast. Whether you like horror movies, crime dramas, or just good old fashioned action flicks, you'll find what you need on Tubi. And if you're looking for a free alternative to Netflix, you can watch The Devil's Rejects on Tubi for free.

If you're looking for a free alternative to Netflix, Tubi offers classic horror titles with minimal subscription fees. The service offers a generous catalog of over 26,000 titles. Just be aware that ads may interrupt your movie viewing experience. If you're not a fan of ads, there are several other streaming services that offer more than just movies. In addition to watching movies, you can also subscribe to an email list to stay up to date on the latest releases.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an excellent example of exploitation horror. It was filmed in Texas hill country in 1973, and follows five teenagers who fall victim to a bizarre cannibalistic family and a masked chainsaw monster. It has all the hallmarks of a classic horror film, but it has some flaws that detract from its overall appeal. The sequel, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, is one of the worst movies of the franchise.

The film was selected as one of the best horror movies of all time in a Total Film poll. The poll panel included John Carpenter, Wes Craven, and George A. Romero. In 2003, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was ranked sixth on its list of top 25 cult films. It was inducted into the Horror Hall of Fame and made a permanent part of the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection. It was also named one of the top 250 movies of all time by Empire magazine in 2008.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is based on several true stories and post-war crimes in the media. While Tobe Hooper's 1974 film was hailed as a "true story", the newer remake, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is based only lightly on real-life crimes. Known as the "Plainfield ghoul," Ed Gein was suspected of committing multiple murders between 1954 and 1957.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre also helped usher in the postmodern horror genre. Using five distinct postmodern horror traits, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre embodies the ideal of horror movies today. Its themes are gender, gratuitous violence, and the body. The gender of the protagonist and antagonists are both ambiguous. The body genre, and the relationship between these elements, are revolutionary in nature. If you've never seen a Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you've probably seen at least one episode.


In a year when a lot of horror films come out on Netflix, Suspiria remains one of the best. The Italian remake incorporates some of the best elements of the original, including the underwater ballroom scene. While the original is still the best Italian horror movie, the remake takes things a step further. It includes elements from "Inferno" as well as horror films from other countries.

The original film was made for young children, and director Dario Argento built sets that seemed enormous next to the adult cast. The film's atmospheric supernatural fantasy and German surrealism are well captured in the colorful production design. This is one of the reasons to watch the original. The remake is stylistically bland and narratively confusing. But it is a masterpiece in the horror genre.

There are many horror movies on Tubi, if you want to get Tubi download on different devices to watch your favorite movies offline, head here to know more info. A lot of these movies are classics, and they're free. While many people prefer Netflix and Hulu for watching movies, there are other streaming services you can check out that offer free, high-quality horror. Fortunately, the free service Tubi offers is not a bad choice for horror movie fans. There are tons of good movies on Tubi, so you're sure to find one that catches your fancy.

Another good horror movie on Tubi is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This reimagining of the 1974 classic is packed with double entendres, visual gags, and puns. Cassandra Peterson is a charismatic actress, and the movie is a good introduction to the character. This movie is great for Halloween or a light movie. And it doesn't take itself too seriously.