The cast of BoJack Horseman is quite humorous. From Margo Martindale to Princess Carolyn to the titular character, the movie features some of the funniest characters in animation. If you've never seen the show, you should definitely check it out. You'll have a blast! You'll be laughing and clapping along with the characters as they fight for supremacy.

Diane Nguyen

Diane Nguyen is one of the most popular and most relatable characters in the BoJack Horseman series. Despite her outwardly self-centered nature, Diane cares about others in a very strange way. She believes in helping friends even if they make her feel uncomfortable, and she tries to help BoJack even if it's unhealthy for them. She even suggests that BoJack get into rehab, despite the fact that this would be unwise. She even admits that her caring nature makes her stubborn and stupid.

While Diane initially denies her BoJack connection, she later reveals that she had been a fan of the show as a kid and that watching the show made her pretend to have a good home for thirty minutes. She didn't share this information with BoJack, however, because she wanted to maintain her objectivity as a journalist. After all, BoJack's point of view is that she's too good to be writing Instagram captions.

As a result, Diane visits Dr. Indira to ask her about BoJack's tape. BoJack confesses to nearly doing something to a young girl and Diane wonders why he didn't tell her. BoJack then tells her that his mother died. He doesn't need her condolences, but he does feel slighted when she doesn't mention his mother. The scene also suggests that BoJack may be in denial about the grief he's experienced.

After the two visit with BoJack, the two spend time together in BoJack's guest room. BoJack is a drunkard who keeps his room stocked with alcohol. He promises Diane a happy life but isn't happy above ground. As a result, Diane realizes that she isn't happy in her life.

Margo Martindale

BoJack Horseman's Margo Martindale is a close friend of BoJack who is often involved in illegal activities. Her first appearance is in Zoes and Zeldas, in which she helps distract BoJack from his work on his rock opera. Later, she helps BoJack stage a bank robbery to steal Diane's engagement ring. She hopes that the robbery will delay BoJack and Diane's wedding, but is caught by a SWAT team.

As an actress, Martindale has been in movies and on stage for nearly three decades. In fact, she remembers the exact moment when she decided she wanted to become a screen actress. Before, she had been performing on stage since she was a little girl. She is known for her humor and wit and loves playing character roles.

Margo Martindale has made several appearances in the series. She was previously in a TV show starring Mitch McFadden. She played the role of Angel in that show. She played this character in a season six episode. Margo's role is also well-known in the comic book series The New Adventures of Old MacDonald.

As a character in this television show, Margo Martindale is a great actress. She has won two Primetime Emmy Awards as an outstanding guest actress. In the series Mrs. America, she plays a mysterious woman with decades of experience working for the KGB. Her character is a comforting yet intimidating force to be around. She is also married to musician Bill Boals and has a daughter, Margaret.

Margo Martindale is a character actress and voice actress. Her role as the wealthy Cooper's mother is a highlight of the series. Other notable characters include Aparna Nancherla, who plays the horse's teenage owner, a policewoman, and an alcoholic doctor. In addition, the movie also stars Bobby Cannavale and Ken Jeong. Margo Martindale's voice is also heard in a shady movie, and her character has a number of recurring appearances in the series.

Margo Martindale has appeared alongside Ewan McGregor, Julia Roberts, and Meryl Streep in the film August: Osage County. The film is an adaptation of Tracy Letts' play of the same name. In the show, a large family returns to their ancestral homestead after a tragic death of their patriarch. While Martindale was not the lead actress in the movie, her character is the first of her major roles.

Princess Carolyn

The story revolves around a female protagonist named Princess Carolyn. The character has suffered through a series of bad relationships, but has stayed by Bojack for years. She needs to be convinced that the story of their shared past is beautiful, so she stands by Bojack's side throughout.

Princess Carolyn is a self-described career woman and works in a field that creates narratives. She helps her clients craft the public narrative of their lives. Her life is inspired by a story; when she was a young girl, she watched the Amelia Earhart Story and imagined herself as a pioneering woman who would soar to the heights.

In the story, BoJack has to deal with the fact that his co-star is a child, and this causes him to have a great deal of anxiety. This causes him to leave the set before the episode is finished. BoJack also suffers from anxiety when he hears the child actor Bradley mentions that he would like to be like him.

While the story focuses on a woman, it's also a story about a woman's struggle to balance work and motherhood. While "having it all" is a common goal, the reality of being a working mother has been elusive. Women are often penalized for attempting to balance work and family life. As a result, they must prioritize their values. As a result, Princess Carolyn's fantasy character Ruthie is a coping mechanism for her. She has a tendency to avoid the unpleasant truths in her life, and this is evident in her love life.

BoJack's mother, Beatrice, is played by Wendie Malick. She is the heiress of a fortune from the Sugarman sugar cube fortune. During her childhood, Beatrice's family treated her badly and made her feel inferior. She later married Butterscotch and moved to San Francisco, where she became resentful.

The show's portrayal of Asian Americans was controversial for a number of reasons. For example, the fact that the Asian character was voiced by a white woman made it difficult for the show to portray diversity realistically. Eventually, it became white by default.

Butterscotch Horseman

Butterscotch is an ultra-conservative, patriarchal character who uses hyperbole to express his resentment of the world and his wife. He tries to blame everyone for his problems, including liberals, Democrats, Jews, and Communists. He also blames imaginary friends, which he claims were created by communists.

There are several characters in the film, including Will Arnett as BoJack Horseman, Alison Brie as Hollyhock, and Vincent Adultman as BoJack's alcoholic father. The voice actors voicing the characters are often the same, but some voice actors do double duty.

The film has several characters who are related to one another. Charlotte, who plays a reporter, is BoJack's former assistant. She helps him with his work and is a loyal friend. The two become involved in a romance after she discovers that she is in love with him. However, when BoJack finds out about this, Charlotte insists she does not want to get involved. As a result, BoJack ends up hyperventilating and passing out.

The show's characters are also important to the story. BoJack and Herb had a falling out at the height of the show's success. BoJack did not stand up for him because he feared losing his job. However, they reconcile after almost 20 years and reconnect. Herb reveals that he led a full and meaningful life, but will never forgive BoJack for not supporting him enough.

Herb Kazzaz created the characters. He also voiced Mr. Libertore, BoJack, and Bradley. He and BoJack first met while they were comedians. Later, he was caught in a sexual act and had to be removed from the show. This caused the cast to think twice about continuing the show.

Mr. Witherspoon is another character who appears in the series. He is the boss of Princess Carolyn and is the father of Charley. His voice is often accompanied by trombone music. He later dies in the movie Old Acquaintances. The movie has several twists and turns.

Another major character is Dr. Hu. In season five, Hu makes a reappearance. He has been to drug rehab after killing Sarah Lynn. In the following episodes, Hu will not indiscriminately prescribe pills to Sarah Lynn.