Dark Aether storyline

In the Call of Duty: Black Ops: Zombies expansion, you will continue the Dark Aether storyline from the previous game, Black Ops Cold War. This storyline takes you to the darkest corners of the occult. In this expansion, you will find new characters and terrifying new horrors.

During the storyline, the Omega Group, a group of elite soldiers, deploys to Outpost 25 in Vietnam to investigate an attack. The Omega Group's lead scientist, Dr. William Peck, discovers Samantha Maxis attempting to break into an Omega Group research facility and sends her into the Dark Aether. However, the Omega Group continues to communicate with Kazimir Zykov, a Soviet engineer trapped in the Dark Aether dimension.

The storyline of Dark Aether for Cod CW Zombies begins in 1983. Nazi experiment gone terribly wrong has opened dimensional rifts, connecting the real world with a darker fantasy realm. In this world, there are zombies, Plaguehounds, Giants, and more. The players need to find these creatures, and they need to get to them before they destroy the facility and the planet.

The portal to the Dark Aether is located under the Pack-a-Punch building. To enter the Dark Aether, you must activate the Wonder Weapon. You can suck up the gas in a canister, but you need to use it with the Wonder Weapon first. You will need to activate the "suck" mode on your Wonder Weapon before using it to suck the crystal.

The Dark Aether storyline is an expansion of the original Aether storyline, and continues the main narrative of the campaign. Players will also be able to take on the role of the Operator characters from the Multiplayer mode. These characters are members of a CIA response team codenamed "Requiem". This expansion also carries over the game's returning mechanics.

Weapon rarity system

Cod CW zombies features a weapon rarity system, which means that different weapons are more effective in different situations. There are several tiers of weapon rarity, from common to rare to epic and legendary. Moreover, weapons are also available with different attachments, so players can customize their weapons with the help of cosmetics.

One of the most important weapons in Cold War Zombies is the sniper rifle, which can take out zombie hordes in just a couple of shots. This weapon also has a 50-round capacity, making it the most powerful weapon in the game.

There are five tiers of weapon rarity, and each tier increases the amount of damage and attachments available with a particular weapon. For example, an Uncommon weapon can deal 50% more damage than its Loadout version, while a Legendary weapon can deal 300% more damage and has eight attachments.

Weapons can be acquired by killing zombies or completing certain challenges. Some challenges are relatively easy, while others are more difficult to complete. For example, the UGR unlock challenge requires you to kill 1000 enemies using the purple weapon. Other challenges include completing the Super Easter egg, which rewards a permanent weapon rarity upgrade.

For more powerful weapons, you can also buy perks to improve their performance and make them more powerful. For example, the electric variant of the DIE is a great weapon for crowd control. You can also use the RAI-K 84 to slow down zombies. Finally, if you're looking for a great combo of pistols, the 1911 is a great choice.

Another new feature in Cod CW zombies is the Skill Tier system. The skill tier system is similar to the one used in Multiplayer. Each tier increases the effectiveness of equipment and perk. These upgrades are permanent but cost Raw Aetherium Crystals, a rare resource. This means you should allocate your skill tiers strategically. This will allow you to focus on your most frequently used equipment and skills.

Crafting system

The new Crafting System in cod CW zombies allows players to create various items. Players can make their own weapons, armor, and other items by using the resources that are dropped by zombies. These items are called Armor. The older type of shield is now replaced by Armor, which provides protection from all angles and reduces the zombies' damage. However, players must be careful because Armor only has a limited amount of durability.

The crafting system in Cod CW zombies includes skill tiers, which increase the effectiveness of perks and equipment. These upgrades are permanent, but they cost Raw Aetherium Crystals, a scarce resource. Players must carefully distribute skill tiers and focus on items that they use the most.

The first step of crafting items is to level up. In Multiplayer, you can level up by completing Multiplayer Trophies. Once you reach Player Level 54, you can start playing the game in Zombies mode. This will give you the opportunity to earn the Zombies trophy.

The crafting system in Call of Duty CW zombies is much more refined than in previous entries. It is a crucial aspect of the new game and helps players make the most of their experience. It also allows players to get craftwork achievements. The Craftwork achievement requires players to craft 14 items during a single game.

Players can also level up their Zombies gear by unlocking new weapons and equipment. For example, they can build powerful melee weapons. They can also use a cane in combat to kill zombies.

Ammo mods

The game has recently been updated and Treyarch has made a major addition: Ammo Mods. They allow players to add new special effects to their weapons without having to make upgrades to the weapon itself. The effects of Ammo Mods can be increased with Aetherium Crystals. There are many types of Ammo Mods, but some are better than others.

Ammo Mods are upgraded by collecting Aetherium Crystals, which are acquired through gameplay. Each tier increases the amount of damage that the mod does. To reach Tier 4, you need four Refined Aetherium Crystals, while Tier 5 requires five Flawless Aetherium Crystals. There's a guide available that explains how to collect the crystals and what they do. When you use Tier 1 ammo, your enemies take 25% more damage and are slowed by five seconds. By using Tier 2 ammo mods, you can slow enemies down to a quarter of their normal speed, while Tier 3 zombies only move half the normal speed.

Ammo Mods can be extremely useful in combat. A good example is the CryoFreeze Ammo Mod, which deals frost damage and slows enemies. The mod can be used to buy time or get a quick kill in a tight spot. The cooldown is extremely short, and the effects are powerful enough to melt a giant horde in seconds.

Ammo Mods in Black Ops Cold War Zombies are extremely interesting upgrades to add to your arsenal. They change the behavior of bullets, and can even deal fire damage to zombies. Those upgrades make Ammo Mods even more effective when combined with Elemental Pop.

Bringing custom loadouts into Zombies

Black Ops Cold War has introduced a new feature that lets players bring their custom loadouts into Zombies. These loadouts can include different weapons and attachments. They can also be stored in a Custom Mods save slot and switched between different configurations in the game. Custom loadouts are available in both Zombies and Multiplayer.

While these new weapons may not be the best choice in every situation, they can help players make their gameplay more personalized. For example, they may allow players to start off the round with the same weapon, but a different cosmetic set. They could also allow players to make their weapons and attachments more powerful than the standard ones.

Custom loadouts can also be improved through artifacts. These upgrades grant players powerful abilities that can be used against zombies. They can be acquired from Mystery Boxes or through a crafting process. Artifacts can also be upgraded using Field Upgrades. These upgrades give players an edge during battle and boost a player's damage. However, these abilities take up the charge and must be recharged.

In addition to the Custom Loadout system, players can build their own Operator loadouts in the game. Starting as an Operator with five slots, players can customize their loadout with additional weapons and equipment. As they progress through the ranks, additional slots will be unlocked. In the end, they can create up to 10 different loadouts. They can also customize their weapons and gear, including their primary weapon. The primary weapon can be a submachine gun, assault rifle, tactical rifle, light machine gun, or sniper rifle. Each weapon has different Firepower, and this value reflects the weapon's ability to deal damage to enemies.

As for adding custom loadouts, players can also add attachments to their weapons. The M16, for instance, can be upgraded with the help of a blueprint. This allows players to quickly equip an M16 with various attachments. These attachments can be found in the Wall Buy and Mystery Box.