Medici: The Magnificent

During the great social upheavals of medieval Italy, the powerful Medici family rose to power. They were a wealthy and artistic family who contributed to the life and culture of their country. Their wealth and power made them the envy of those who sought to depose them.

Medici: The Magnificent is a period drama that follows the lives of the great lords of Florence. The cast includes Daniel Sharman as Lorenzo De Medici and Sean Bean as Jacopo Pazzi. The series also follows the lives of Lorenzo's grandfather Cosimo and his great-grandfather Giovanni. The series will premiere on Rai 1 in Italy on 2 December 2019.

In Medici: The Magnificent, Botticelli paints a fresco of the Temptations of Christ, which is commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV. The Medici family is still in conflict with the pope after the Pazzi conspiracy, but Lorenzo and Botticelli reconcile. They decide to use Botticelli's art to exert political power.

In season three of Medici, the focus turns on Lorenzo de'Medici, the protagonist of the second season. Lorenzo is a strong and resourceful man who is enraged at his brother's murder. The series introduces new characters and sets up the events of the Pazzi Conspiracy. Lorenzo also seeks revenge on Riario and Pope Sisto IV.

Medici: The Magnificent season three will premiere on Netflix on 1 May 2020. It will star Daniel Sharman, Sarah Parish, and Synnove Karlsen in the lead roles. The third season will feature a darker storyline. The show continues to impress with its outstanding acting and characterization.

Lorenzo de' Medici was the son of Piero de' Medici and the grandson of Cosimo the Elder. He was a scholar and a distinguished vernacular poet, and was passionate about classical antiquity. He was also a patron of the arts, supporting artists such as Botticelli.

Medici: Masters of Florence

The Medici family arose to power during a period of great social upheavals in medieval Italy. They contributed to the artistic life of the country, but their wealth was coveted by those who wanted to overthrow them. As such, their history is filled with intrigue and enmity.

The series focuses on the Medici family's era in Florence, starting in the early 15th century. It follows the Medici and their struggle against the Albizzi family, one of the most powerful families in the city. The Albizzi had great wealth and increasing influence and were feared by the Medici. Ultimately, they took control of the city, becoming absolute rulers.

There are a number of changes to the Medici family. The Medici family's bank account was mismanaged by Piero, who married Lucrezia and mismanaged the family bank. This led to a run on the bank. Piero then took up the "Deal with the Devil" of Galeazzo Sforza, causing a disastrous PR disaster for the Medici family.

Medici: Masters of Florence is an excellent historical drama that follows the Medici family's turbulent life during the Renaissance era in Italy. It depicts the politics and intrigue of the city-state of Florence, and stars Dustin Hoffman and Richard Madden as members of the Medici family.

Cosimo de' Medici inherits the banking dynasty when his father Giovanni dies. However, his father was murdered, leaving him with a dangerous secret. Cosimo and his brother must try to find the culprit and restore the family's power. The show also portrays their rivalry in the city.

The Medici family was already mighty and wealthy in the era, but after Giuliano's death, their destinies are rewritten. In Season 2, the Black Death comes to Florence, upsetting the gameboard. Moreover, they already had a rival, Ugo, who murdered and poisoned Giovanni, and framed Marco to cover up the murders.

Aside from the Medici and Albizzi families, the Pazzi family is also a rival. They fight for supremacy, and the Pazzi family tries to undermine the Medici family. Their rivalry is based on personal grudges, and the Medici family is no exception.

The series has taken considerable liberties when it comes to setting and costumes, but the Medici Palazzo was built in the fourteen40s to 1480s. Benozzo Gozzoli's frescoes in the Magi Chapel were painted in 1459-61. The Lorenzo rooms were also decorated with a Giulio Romano fresco called "Mars and Venus" painted in the 1520s.

During the first season, Piero wants to join the family business and his father was forced to do so. He is the son of the Medici family. He is a well-intentioned extremist, but will feel bad later. In Season 2, the Lorenzo character makes a comeback, which is fitting as he was Francesco's childhood friend.

The Villa Medici contains a Perugino painting from 1497. The series also features scenes in a medieval town. The medieval oldtown of Viterbo and Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli are used as filming locations. In addition, several scenes take place on the streets of Florence.