The filming of the third season of "Outer Banks" is about to start. While the official release date of the third season has not been announced, several reports have said that the series is slated to begin filming in early 2022. The season is expected to consist of ten episodes. While it is not official yet, many expect to see it on TV sometime in 2023 or 2024.

Episode count

While Outer Banks season 3 has yet to be officially confirmed by Netflix, the show has already received a renewal in December of 2021. The series' original creators are set to return as executive producers and showrunners. Season one premiered in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Season two hit Netflix in July 2021 and immediately climbed the charts for the best TV series in English.

The third season of Outer Banks will revolve around John B's reunion with his long-deceased father, Big John. Big John knows about the sacred garment that Limbrey used to heal him. Although John B isn't sure whether his father will accept him, he's still hopeful that the three of them will be reunited.

The cast for season three is full of newcomers. Fiona Palomo, Andy McQueen, and Lou Ferrigno Jr. are all set to join the cast. The cast will also include returning cast members Chase Stokes, Jonathan Daviss, and Austin North. The series is also executive produced by Shannon Burke.

Outer Banks season 2 ended with an exciting episode that saw the gang search for a missing cross. Season two was full of exciting action and suspense. The team was in the process of reclaiming stolen $400 million. The Pogues, meanwhile, were still in the process of finding the cross.

The upcoming season of Outer Banks will include ten episodes. This will follow the success of Seasons 1 and 2. While there's no word about the number of episodes, fans can still expect an exciting new season. In fact, the third season is expected to be released on Netflix later this year.

The upcoming Outer Banks season has a lot to offer fans. The show has been renewed on Netflix and the cast is excited. It's not clear whether the show will be available on other platforms as well. Further information about the new season can be found on the show's web site.

The series has a strong cast, and many familiar faces will be returning. Madelyn Cline and Rudy Pankow have been promoted to series regulars. In addition to those two, there are also a couple of new faces. The show's third season will also feature new faces like Andy MacQueen and Lou Ferrigno Jr.


Netflix has already confirmed that Outer Banks will return for a third season, with the premiere date set for April 15, 2022. The show follows the exploits of a group of teenagers who are on the hunt for a legendary treasure that ties to their missing father. The cast includes Fiona Palomo and Andy MacQueen.

Outer Banks season 3 will continue the storyline of the series, as the gang searches for $400 million in the Bahamas. The plot has not been officially revealed by Netflix, but there are rumors that a fourth season may be in the works. This could mean that seasons 3 and 4 may be filmed back-to-back.

Season 2 ended with the gang searching for treasure and a reunion with the Pogues in Charlotte. However, the loot was taken from them by Sarah's family. However, they have not given up hope, and they are now determined to find it. The team's journey is paved with obstacles, but they remain determined to find the treasure.

The first two seasons followed the story of the Pogues and John B., as well as their relationship with their father and sister. Season two widened the scope of the plot and introduced the new characters like Pope and Denmark Tanney. The story also revealed that Pope had a crush on Kiara. In the second season, he is claiming the Cross of Santo Domingo, a prize that once belonged to the legendary Black plantation owner and former slave. Ultimately, Pope is on the road to becoming the rightful heir to Denmark Tanny's treasure. The series will continue with its upcoming third season.

Although Netflix has not confirmed the Outer Banks season 3 release date, the cast has announced that the third season will be available on Netflix. The show's popularity is well-documented and it is likely to be a huge hit. Once it becomes available on Netflix, you can download it for offline watching via a Netflix video downloader. The show has been nominated for multiple awards, including Best Drama Series and Best Male TV Star.

Outer Banks season 3 will feature a new storyline and three new cast members. This season will also see the reunion of John B. with his long-lost father, Big John. John B's long-lost father may be alive and may even know about the sacred garment that Limbrey once wore.

Despite its ridiculous finales, Outer Banks has managed to become a Netflix fan favorite. Though it's not groundbreaking, the show follows a crew of misfits searching for riches along the North Carolina coast. Although it isn't a groundbreaking show, fans should buy into its asinine plotlines.

Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger that will have repercussions far into the future. In the second season, the Pogues temporarily gain control of a golden cross but it falls into the wrong hands. In season three, the crew is almost certain to find the treasure, but their journey will be a challenging one.

Casting call

Netflix has released the casting call for Outer Banks season 3. Three new characters have been added to the series. Andy McQueen will play the merciless Caribbean leader Carlos Singh, Fiona Palomo will play Sofia, who is close to Rafe (Drew Starkey), and Lou Ferrigno Jr. will play Ryan, the leader of Carlos' security team.

After two seasons, the show has gotten more complex and interesting. The final season threw up a massive bombshell ending scene, and Outer Banks season 3 can't come soon enough. Netflix confirmed the renewal of the show and teased upcoming season 3 in a recent tweet.

Outer Banks is a teen drama that follows a group of teens living on the Outer Banks. It's a seaside town in North Carolina that is marked by a social divide between the rich seasonal residents and the local working class residents. Jon B. Routledge and Sarah Cameron are a Pogue couple on a mission to find the missing father of John B, and they find buried pirate treasure while on their quest.

Although Netflix has officially announced that Season 3 of Outer Banks is in the works, the show is unlikely to hit the screens this summer. The show's original creator Jonas Pate initially envisioned four to five seasons, but the new season will probably not be released until 2022.

Outer Banks Season 3 is a highly anticipated show on Netflix. It has become one of the most popular shows on the network in the past couple of years. The first season premiered in the year 2020 and continued to dominate the charts. The show's success led to a Season 2 that left many questions unanswered. Now, if the show decides to return in 2022, the fans will have more to ask.

Season 3 will feature many familiar faces from the original series. Chase Stokes will reprise the role of John B. Routledge, while Madelyn Cline will be back as Sarah Cameron. Also returning are Jonathan Daviss and Rudy Pankow. The cast of the series also includes a number of newcomers.