Introduction to Allavsoft

Allavsoft video downloader is used to download video and music and enables users to save online media to their computer in MP4, MP3, WAV, WMV, AVI, AC3, MOV, and more. With this tool, users can save songs and even whole playlists in MP3 format.

Regarding videos, users can select between different websites to download video content. There is also a feature to convert these videos into different required formats as per user needs. 

allavsoft review

Allavsoft could be used to download streaming videos with 3 simple steps

Copy the video URL you want to download.
Paste it into the Allavsoft interface.
Choose your preferred output format or profile before clicking “Download”.

Just as easy as that. This is also why Allavsoft gains good ratings from thousands of users. However, as the development of DRM technology and the growing of people's multiple demands and higher standards on the downloading experience and video quality. Allavsoft used to be a good option, but today, it is hard to say.

Brief Overview of Allavosft Downloading Experience

The following content aims to provide an evaluation of Allavsoft. For every users, it is better to know more before you choose.

What We Like

Download & convert 2-in-1

Frankly, the sole attribute which resonates with me about this software merges downloading and converting into one software. For more intricate tasks such as editing, slicing video files, or amalgamating multiple videos into a single entity, I would recommend opting for a different tool that specializes in these functions.

In-Built video player

Displays videos that are being downloaded without leaving the dashboard of the tool. Users can un-pause the downloads at any point and carry on downloading like they have never stopped.

 Comprehensive supported sites and good quality

According to Allavsoft's official website, over 1000+ online video sites are supported (OTT not supported). You can download videos/audio from YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, etc. What's more, 360° VR videos from YouTube can also be downloaded. Resolution from 480p-8k is supported (not sure, see the content below).

What We Do Not Like

Outdated design and interface

As evident from the illustrative images below, Allavsoft leaves much to be desired in terms of its modernity. It has a considerable disparity when it comes to delivering a gratifying user experience, which may let us doubt will its technology and software upgrade keep the pace of time.

allavsoft review

Lack of customization

Although Allavsoft announced they support 480p-8k resolution, but you are confined to generic options such as High, Optimized, Medium, and Low, with no provision to modify parameters like bit rates, sample rates, or channels. Although these intricate adjustments may not be essential for most users, this limitation is a letdown for those who possess a more technologically inclined understanding.

 Unpractical edition tool

Downloading, converting, and even editing. Allavsoft is boasting of its "comprehensive" function. However, this is a question. There is the absence of a feature to preview a video when designating the trim areas. The requirement to specify the length manually in minutes, seconds, and milliseconds is quite cumbersome. It is hard to say whether this function shall be a pro or con.

After checking the features and shortcomings before Allavsoft, if you think this tool is worth trying, here is the price plan you can get from Allavsoft:

  • 1-month license: $19.99 for one to two devices.
  • 1-year license: $39.99 for one to two devices.
  • 3-year license: $59.99 for one to three devices.
  • Lifetime license: $69.99 for one to three devices.

The price is not too high, but not low. I still suggest you enjoy a free trial before you make the final purchase decision in case you might be disappointed or find a better option. 

Check Alternative: StreamFab Video Downloader

There is not only one downloader like Allavsoft in the world. If you need a video downloader, but not as outdated as Allavsoft, have a look at StreamFab.

Comparsion: Allavsoft VS StreamFab

  StreamFab Allavsoft
Supported sites
  • 43 main OTT platforms
  • 1000+ online video sites
  • OTT is not supported
  • 1000+ online video sites
Download Quality
  • video: 480p-8K
  • audio: EAC3 5.1/AAC 2.0
  • video: 480p-8k
  • audio: NA
Special downloading quality
  • 1080P HDR effect for Netflix
  • 360° VR videos for YouTube

360° VR videos for YouTube

Batch mode YES. Download multi-tasks simultaneously YES. Download multi-tasks simultaneously
Auto-downloading mode

YES. Schedule mode to download new episodes once released.

NO. (because no OTT platform is supported)

Continue downloading process after a short pause YES YES
Available format MP4、MKV、MP3


Free trial option No need to register Registration is required
Customer support 48 hours get response 24 hours get repsonse

For both video downloaders: Allavsoft and StreamFab, we still insist users enjoy a free trial first. You will get more familiar with the software and know clearer about your demands and the difference between downloaders after you tried them.

So, feel free to follow the below steps to start your free trial period of this StreamFab Video Downloader. During the free trial period, you will not be required to register and use it totally for free.
Step 1

Download the video downloader

Install the software on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Find the streaming service you want, or copy and paste your video URL directly into the address bar on the Homepage.

allavsoft review:allavsoft vs streamfab

Step 3

Customize the file

Search for the video and play it, then a pop-up window will ask for your video options. You can choose the audio and subtitle language.

allavsoft review:allavsoft vs streamfab

Step 4

Click the download button

After customization, you can download it right now or add it to the queue.

allavsoft review:allavsoft vs streamfab


Does Allavsoft offer a free trial?

Yes. Indeed, the complimentary evaluation period of Allavsoft grants users the capability to download a mere five videos. Moreover, any conversion or amalgamation processes are restricted to five minutes each. You'll be prompted frequently by the software to consider an upgrade, which might grow to be somewhat bothersome. 

Is it safe to use Allavsoft?

Allavsoft has passed the virus detection test, so it is safe to use, but the prerequisite is that you need to download it from an official source, such as its official website.


As a video downloader, Allavsoft stands as the epitome of simplicity and efficiency. User-friendly and effective, but it is not perfect. It is better for users to check more reviews about it or get a free trial of it before they invest wallet in this software. Hope this review could help you to know more about Allavsoft and make the right decision.