One of the most popular functions of Audials is to record videos from Amazon Prime so that users can get the content for offline watching.

However, Audials is not free to use. Therefore, it would be much better if we could have a comprehensive review of this tool before our purchase.

audials one amazon

Audials Amazon Review: Is it Worth Trying?

You can only decide whether Audials One Amazon is worth trying if you weigh the cons against its features (pros) and all the offerings. So, let's look at the two to decide if it's worth it.

Features and Cons of Audials One Amazon

  • Offers massive features to find and download from multiple OTTs
  • Provides tools to record streaming videos and audio tracks with ease
  • Converts media files to different formats
  • Cannot record DRM-protected video files
  • Audio and video are out of sync
  • It offers bad output quality, such as low-resolution videos and poor-quality sound
  • Only a yearly subscription plan is available
  • The free trial enables recording only for 10 minutes and 25 files

How to Record Amazon 1080p with Audials

*Before saving your Amazon videos, ensure you have set up Amazon properly with the option of Best Video Quality only.

Audials Video Streaming has a vital role to play here. After setting up Amazon and the playback settings, you can use Audials to record your Audials Amazon 1080p with the following steps: 

Step 1

Open Audials and tap Video Streaming in the navigation.

Step 2

Choose Amazon Video from the Popular video streaming list.

Audials amazon 1080p recording steps

Step 3

Follow the instruction prompts in the recording window to proceed with your video recording.

Step 4

Audials will indicate to you once the recording finishes. You can find your videos in the Video Recording view and save them automatically on your system.

After a while, they even list in the Player. You can enjoy the detected videos depending on your recording tool and settings.

How to Fix Audials Amazon 1080p Not Working

Audials One Amazon is a smart way to get your Amazon video titles for an offline watch. However, you may encounter the issue of Audials Amazon 1080p not working due to multiple factors, such as:

🧐 Why I cannot record Amazon with Audials?
  • Buffering due to an unstable internet connection
  • Technological limitations as it does not support removing DRM protection from videos
  • Bugs can harm your system, resulting in Audials not recording Amazon in 1080p
  • The website is not supported anymore

Nevertheless, these limitations shall not restrict you from a seamless video-watching experience. To say, when Amazon has a massive video library, why not download it to your device instead of recording it?

Before you struggle to find a reliable downloader and fix Audials Amazon 1080p not working, we have a wonderful suggestion for you, i.e., StreamFab Amazon Downloader. Let’s find out more about the comprehensive tool.

Recommend: StreamFab Amazon Downloader

fix Audials amazon 1080p with StreamFab

With advanced technology following the Widevine DRM update and trusted by 80+ million users, StreamFab helps to save the chosen Amazon video in 1080p MP4/MKV format. 

 Salient Features
  • Enables downloading videos from all Prime Video regional sites
  • Allows users to save the newest episodes of their loved series automatically at the scheduled time
  • Downloads all Prime Video titles in high-quality 1080p MP4/MKV format
  • Save videos with EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio tracks
  • Prime Videos are available in the in-built browser of StreamFab

Operation Steps

Step 1

Grab the StreamFab Amazon Downloader

Before downloading the Amazon videos, ensure to download the program on your Windows or Mac computer first.

fix Audials amazon 1080p not working with streamfab

Step 2

Find and play the chosen Prime Video

Enter your Amazon Prime account details to open Amazon Prime in the built-in browser. Browse to find the video you are interested in downloading and play it.

fix Audials amazon 1080p not working with streamfab

Step 3

Customize and download the video title

Preview the video settings and click the Download Now button to save it offline instantly. Or, if you want to download them later, you can click on the Add Queue button.


1. Can Audial Record Multiple Videos from Amazon in One Go?

Yes. If you set up Amazon to play multiple files in one go, Audials will automatically save all the chosen video titles as one file. This way, you can record an entire season or all the episodes of your favorite series together from Amazon.

2. Can Audial Record New Episodes and Movies from Amazon Automatically?

No. You cannot automatically record new episodes or other media files using Audials One Amazon unless you set up the automatic recording scheduler function.

To Sum Up

Audials One Amazon is a beautiful screen recording solution for recording videos and streaming music files. However, the problem arises when Audials Amazon 1080p not working. In such a case, you must check the Amazon settings and ensure it is set to the best video quality. Moreover, for an unparalleled viewing experience, we suggest you use the StreamFab Amazon Downloader and watch your favorite content on your terms.