We crave entertainment to get some relief from our day-to-day busy schedule. Most often, we get stressed, and this is when we realize that Laughter is the best medicine to overcome all of it, and the most handy way is accessing funny videos on popular sites. 

But do these sites allow you to download funny videos? Well, most of them do not offer this facility. To resolve this issue, we suggest options so you can access videos from popular platforms of top-notch quality to make them available offline on the go.

Top 5 Funny Video Sites to Keep You Laughing All Day

Here are options for finding top and trendy comedy videos on your device. Check them out below:

1. YouTube

YouTube is an age-old and popular platform known for sharing videos of all kinds, be they funny, informative, or educational. Herein, videos are presented to the general public to enjoy by watching, commenting, sharing, and even transferring them to other platforms.

You can access funny videos on various devices like tablets, mobile phones, and PCs. You can also get unlimited best funny videos where top variants are available as the most recent ones for you to access readily. 

Funny Video Sites: YouTube

2. Funny or Die

Your search for funny videos may end with the Funny or Die platform. You can use this website for videos from any part of the world and watch amazing funny videos to relax your mind and soul. Here, you will get fantastic functionality wherein the site helps categorize the most recent videos according to the funny faces that attract the attention of viewers worldwide. 

Funny Video Sites: FunnyOrDie

3. Instagram

Instagram is a popular platform that allows watching videos across various genres and funny ones on multiple devices. Herein, you can access funny videos in the form of reels. These reels are created and shared by the original creator, and once it becomes the trend, other users can make reels on it as well. The creator can use the time limit of 15, 30, 60, and 90 seconds to create a Reel. Here you can do video sharing with your friends and family or on other social media platforms. 

Funny Video Sites: Instagram

4. Ebaumsworld

Ebaumsworld, owned by Literally Media, is a popularly known entertainment website founded in 2001. The website is responsible for featuring viral videos, memes, images, etc. The user gets 'eBones,' a monetary point system followed by the website in exchange for the submitted content. In addition to videos, you get a chat room facility to access eBay merchandise.

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Funny Video Sites: eBaum's World

5. 9gag

9gag is a fantastic site that aids you in getting access to funny and entertaining videos. The site can offer a good compilation of cosplay, viral videos, funny videos, and more worldwide. You can easily find various genres suitable for adults, kids, or any other generation. 

It is a free site that is available for accessibility on various devices, including mobiles, whether Android or iOS. You can share relatable content via social media accounts in the form of GIFs and videos in addition to images. 

Funny Video Sites: 9gag

The options mentioned above to check out funny videos are great and on the go. However, these do not allow free comedy video download on your device. You can check out our suggested options below. 

How to Download Funny Videos on Windows and Mac

You can download funny videos and save them on your device with the suggested option.

StreamFab YouTube Downloader

StreamFab YouTube Downloader helps you get videos and music from various channels on YouTube, Facebook, and over 1000 other sites. Its smooth user interface makes it extremely handy to use both for new and veteran users. It detects any downloadable video stream in an automatic mode for playing it in the inbuilt browser at a supersonic speed. It is a recommended software because it is a great option to get comedy short videos download on your Windows and Mac.


  • Intuitive user interface that is handy to use.
  • Aids downloading videos and music pieces at a ten times faster speed.
  • It helps in multi-task downloading to save on your valuable time.
  • Automatically downloads videos from subscribed channels.
  • Aids in downloading video metadata in MP3 and MP4 format.

Steps to download comedy videos on your device:

Follow the given steps to get a comedy video download on your PC;

Step 1: Launch the software and tap on the desired platform from the Explorer section, like YouTube or any other.

How to Download Funny Videos on Windows and Mac

Step 2: Then make a selection of the video and play it on your device.

How to Download Funny Videos on Windows and Mac

Step 3: Now tap the Download button to download your desired funny video. Voila! It's done.

How to Download Funny Videos on Windows and Mac

How to Download Funny Videos on Android

If you want to access funny videos and make them available on the go, it is a great way to download them on your Android device. We are offering top-notch software for this.

StreamFab for Android

StreamFab for Android offers a facility for getting attractive and latest videos from popular sites on your mobile. It makes varied video content available at your fingertips, wherein you can check and download comedy videos at your convenience in one click. With the top-notch resolution quality, you can enjoy the downloaded content in 1080p, so you do not miss minute details. You can save audio and subtitles in your native language to overcome language barriers. 

How to Download Funny Videos on Android


  • It makes finding videos, TV shows, and movies across streaming services easy
  • It helps in downloading videos in top-quality
  • It enables you to decide across various grades of video to get you the best variant
  • Allows saving of downloaded videos in MP4 format to run on most mobile phones
  • Eliminates disturbing ads when the downloading process is going on 

Steps to get the funniest videos download for mobile

Step 1: Launch the software and get on to its main interface. Fetch homepage and tap on the shortcut option. Alternatively, you can make accessibility to the software by entering the URL.

How to Download Funny Videos on Android

Step 2: Select the required video after browsing the website. 

How to Download Funny Videos on Android

Step 3: Choose subtitle language and audio before downloading the final video.

How to Download Funny Videos on Android

Step 4: Start downloading the video instantly.

How to Download Funny Videos on Android


What Are Some YouTube Channels From Where I Can Download Funny Videos on My Device?

Many YouTube channels offer funny content to viewers. Some of them are;

  • Smosh
  • The Ellen Show
  • CollegeHumor
  • Funny or Die
  • The Late Night Show

What Is the Best Software to Get the Funniest Videos Download for Mobile?

We recommend StreamFab for Android to get the funniest videos downloaded on your mobile in top-notch quality to make them available offline.


You can get multiple platforms like YouTube, Instagram, 9gags, etc., to get hold of funny videos daily and eliminate boredom and stress. However, none of these allow you to download funny videos or 360-view videos on your devices so you can access them later. We offered help by suggesting StreamFab YouTube Downloader for Windows and Mac and StreamFab for Android for mobile devices. Both of these software allow you to download funny videos of top quality from multiple platforms. We hope we addressed your query efficiently.