If you're currently located in Korea, you might be familiar with Laftel, a widely known anime platform. This site allows you to swiftly locate and view popular anime series either with subtitles or dubbed.

However, in order to watch episodes from Laftel offline on your PC, an additional supportive tool is required. But there's no need to worry; this article will guide you on how to download videos from Laftel.

What is Laftel?

Laftel is a South Korean online platform that specializes in animated films and series, similar to Crunchyroll in the United States. Laftel has a wide variety of anime from classics to latest releases, including exclusive Korean and Japanese anime. Users can stream content through their website or mobile app.

The platform offers an intuitive design and a user-friendly interface, making it easy, even for first-time users, to browse and watch anime, including the popular SPY Family Season 2 with dubbled audio.

Can You Download from Laftel?

Download Laftel videos

Yes, you can directly download anime from Laftel. The platform allows you to download Laftel videos through its mobile app. However, the service comes with Laftel download limits.

The first limitation pertains to the term of validity for your downloaded content. Once your membership on the platform expires, so does the accessibility to your downloaded videos. The platform does not provide users with an unlimited download validity period. To retain access to your downloads, you would need to extend your membership per the platform's official guidelines.

laftel download limits

The second limitation is about device compatibility. Downloaded videos from Laftel cannot be transferred to a computer device for viewing. The platform only supports mobile device downloading and viewing. If you wish to watch the downloaded content on a desktop or laptop, you will need to activate and access your account directly on these platforms.

Hence, while Laftel does allow for anime downloads, these limitations are significant to keep in mind for a smooth streaming and viewing experience.

How to Download Laftel Videos on Laptop/PC for Offline Viewing?

Want to remove Laftel download limit and save Laftel videos as MP4? What you need is an amazing Laftel downloader: StreamFab DRM MPD Downloader.

StreamFab MPD Downloader
StreamFab DRM MPD Downloader
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With StreamFab DRM MPD Downloader, downloading Laftel videos quickly and safely can be completed in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Paste URL of Laftel.net to StreamFab

Once Streamfab is opened, copy and paste the official URL of Laftel into the "Search" area.

Step 2: Play the Laftel Anime that You Want to Download

The second step is logging into your Laftel account. It's crucial to note that you must have an existing account with Laftel to proceed further.

After logging in, navigate to the video that you have previously elected to download and play an episode. Playing an episode is an essential step as it allows Streamfab to access the video data it needs to prepare for downloading.

Step 3: Click Download Now Button

The third and final step is the easiest – clicking the 'Download now' button. The button is easily recognizable and should be located somewhere on the screen within Streamfab.

After clicking the button, Streamfab will start to download the video straight away. After a while, depending on your internet connection speed, your desired Laftel video will be downloaded and ready for you to enjoy offline at any moment you want.

Why StreamFab is the Best Laftel Downloader?

StreamFab MPD Downloader is a powerful tool that has been specifically designed to facilitate video downloads from several MPD sites like Watcha and Tving, including Laftel. Its remarkable feature of downloading HD videos further improves the viewing experience for users as they can now enjoy their favorite shows or movies with enhanced precision.

Apart from offering high-definition video downloads, StreamFab MPD Downloader also allows you to download subtitles as SRT files. This useful feature comes into play when you need to understand the dialogues better or want to watch your video in a different language.

Further, the tool provides support for batch downloads. This means, you can download multiple videos at the same time, which not only saves time but also makes the downloading process more efficient.

One of the best features of StreamFab MPD Downloader is that it gives you the advantage of saving your videos forever, with no expiry date. This means, you are free to watch your saved videos anytime, anywhere without a fear of losing them.

To allow users to try its features, StreamFab MPD Downloader provides a free trial where you can download three Laftel videos for free. This can be a great way to test the tool before investing in it for long-term use.


Is Laftel Free?

Laftel offers both free and premium content. You can watch some content for free but access to exclusive content requires a paid membership.


Is Laftel.net Available outside South Korea?

Unfortunately, Laftel.net is exclusively for use within South Korea. The website and its content might not be accessible to users residing outside South Korea.


Are English Subtitles Available on Laftel?

Most of the content is streamlined to a South Korean audience, but there might be some shows that have English subtitles. It's important to check the individual title's description to verify subtitle availability.