Funimation, one of the leading American Anime distributors, is definitely on your priority list if you can't resist yourself when it comes to anime entertainment. Even though after being owned by Sony from AT&T at $1.175 billion, Funimation is in its transition process from Funimation to Crunchyroll, Funimation still rocks its fans' fantasy world with its phenomenal content, including new anime series, new episodes of the current season, other shows, movies, etc. So, if you are concerned about the Funimation subscription cost after announcing its rebranding to Crunchyroll, you will get all the intriguing insights into this platform with this article. 

What is Funimation all about? 

Funimation subscription:What is Funimation all about? 

Funimation started its journey in 1994, and the ownership of this platform has been shifted several times from one company to another. In 2022 Funimation is going to be rebranded as Crunchyroll. However, Funimation still is a paradise for all fantasy lovers with its old and new anime series, shows, and movies.

Apart from that, you can enjoy your favorite anime content in your comfortable language with subtitles and dubbing features of this platform. So, the best part of this platform is that it makes your anime entertainment flexible, customizable, and always desirable with its nostalgic and contemporary content. 

What can you have with your Funimation Subscription? 

There is no doubt that Funimation Library is overloaded with over 800 titles and over 15000 hours of anime content. The Funimation catalog is divided into multiple categories, including food-themed shows, comedy, action, adventure, drama, romance, live-action, and many others. Funimation collaborates with Crunchyroll, which provides AVOD, manga, mobile games, distribution & event merchandise. So, with this joint venture, Funimation will be a part of Crunchyroll's 120 million registered users and 5 million paid subscribers with 1200 anime titles, 200 dramas & 80 manga. Some of Funimation's most popular series are Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, Fruits Basket, and many more. 

How much is a Funimation Subscription? 

When Funimation has become an integral part of your anime entertainment world, and it will be merged with another anime giant Crunchyroll platform, you probably have lots of queries about Funimation Subscription. Even though your favorite Funimation world has its ad-supported free version with lots of free content libraries, you can't have everything for free in this free version. So, there are three subscription plans with 14 days of free trial service. The different plans have come with additional Funimation subscription costs and multiple benefits. So, let's see the details of the Funimation Subscription. 

Premium Plan:

● This ad-free plan is available at $5.99/month and $59.99/year. 

● You can access this plan on every device & all platforms. 

● Contents are available with subtitles and dubbed versions. 

● With two devices, simultaneous streaming is possible. 

Premium Plus Plan 

● This plan comes with $7.99/month & $79.99/year. 

● It includes all the facilities of the Premium Plan. 

● You can download Funimation content on Mobile devices for offline watching.

● You can get prior access to the Special Funimation Shop sales. 

● Get free shipping service for over $20 purchases. 

● You can get exclusive events & offers which are only available to exclusive members. 

● With five devices, simultaneous streaming is possible. 

Premium Plus Ultra 

● Including all the Premium & Premium Plus benefits, this plan comes with $99.99/per year. No monthly payment option is available for the Premium Plus Ultra subscription plan. 

● You will get two free rentals every year. 

● You can get free shipping with any order with no purchase limit. 

● You will also get an anniversary gift every year.

How to get Funimation on your device? 

Now, you have three flexible Funimation subscription plans, an ad-supported free Funimation plan, and a free trial subscription plan to choose the right plan for your requirement. So, you must know how to download and sign up for your Funimation account. Sometimes while signing into the account for the first time, you may have specific issues about what you should choose and what you should not. For example, the Funimation app is available for Android, iOS, & Windows PC. So let's see how to get into the Funimation world with your preferable Funimation subscription option.

Step 1: You can download the Funimation app on your Android or iOS mobile phone from Google Play Store or App Store, respectively, or download the Funimation on your PC through its official website. (Solutions to 'can you download episodes on funimation')

Step 2: Next, move to the Funimation Homepage. You will see three options: "Watch Now" with a Blue button, "Try Premium Plus" with a Yellow button and "Start My Free Trial" with a Red button. Now, you have to select any of them according to your demand. 

Step 3: Among three Funimation Subscription plans, you have to select any of them of your choice. Next, click on the monthly or yearly subscription plan. 

Step 4: Create your Funimation account with your email ID & password. Select "Continue" & give your payment information option of credit card or PayPal. You will be charged after your 14 days of free trial option. 

What are the Specific Settings in Funimation? 

While watching any Streaming platform, you must access its library according to your demand and specification. The customizable settings of Funimation always make you're watching fast, dependency-free, and flexible. So, let's be aware of the specific locations of Funimation. 

● An extensive anime library has a filter of genre, language, & age ratings.

● You can have a filter to discriminate between uncut and simulcast shows. 

● Recommendation option for newly arrived content. 

● Get an option to explore blogs about coming up news & releases. 

● The scheduled page will tell you which new episodes of the presently running series will be available on the platform. 

● Parental Control option for blocking access to adult content for your kids. 

How to download Funimation Library: With StreamFab Funimation Downloader 

Suppose you are enjoying the Funimation ad-supported free version, instead of upgrading your Funimation subscription to the paid one. In that case, you can take the consistent and unlimited downloading support of StreamFab Funimation downloader. With this software, you can download as many Funimation videos as you want without limitations. 

On the other hand, if you are enjoying any paid subscription, you can download Funimation content without any regional or other subscription. So, before leaving the platform, you must keep all of your favorite Funimation content in your offline world. So let's see how you would do that with the most customizable features of this software.


● Get Funimation Download with 1080p video & AAC audio quality. 

Download MP4 movies for all devices compatibility. 

● Get ad-free downloads with subtitles & metadata. 

● Multiple videos can be downloaded in one go in minimum time. 


The software has three subscription plans to select from $44.99/month, $59.99/year, and $79.99 for a lifetime. 

Downloading Steps 

Step 1: Start with the VIP Service 

Funimation subscription:Downloading Steps 

Move to the left column of the screen to select VIP Service after installing the software on your Windows or Mac PC. 

Step 2: Website Found for content selection 

Funimation subscription:Downloading Steps 

Move to the Funimation website while scrolling through the website list, and log in to your account to pick your favorite Funimation video to download. 

Step 3: Playing Video & Downloading 

Funimation subscription:Downloading Steps 

While playing your selected video, you will get a "Download" pop-up that you have to choose to initiate the downloading process. 


In which country Funimation is available? 

● The USA 

● Canada 

● Australia 

● Ireland 

● The UK 

● New Zealand 

What are the Funimation-supported devices?

● Android, iOS 

● Amazon Kindle 

● Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV 

● Samsung TV, LG Smart TV 

● Chromecast, Roku 

● Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Vita 

What are the new releases of Funimation in 2022?

● Tokyo 24th Ward 

● Akebi’s Sailor Uniform 

● Fantasia Sango – Realm of Legends (Funimation exclusive) 

● My Dress-Up Darling 

● Sasaki and Miyano (Funimation exclusive) 

Final Feed 

While planning to take the ride onto the Funimation fantasy world, you are a little confused about the Funimation subscription cost; through this article, you probably have the Funimation subscription details. Since Funimation will be merged with Crunchyroll very soon, to stay close to the memory of this platform, get the systematic downloading support of StreamFab Funimation Downloader.