HBO Max has evolved its service with lightning speed from 15 countries to 61 territories with 150 language support. However, this American SVOD service is crushing your hopes and dreams by not letting its service be available in Canada.

So, before getting heartbroken and digging down the reasons behind this unpleasant fact, go through this article and get to know if can you get HBO Max in Canada. So, it's time to justify the saying "if there is a will, there's a way" by exploring the multiple ways how to get HBO Max in Canada.

hbo max in canada

Why do you want HBO Max Canada?

With over 10,000 hours of exclusive content library and the most happening tagline, "It's HBO and so much more!", the WarnerMedia-owned HBO Max doesn't need the shower of praise. Instead, its library is overflowed with high-end content from renowned brand providers like Studio Ghibli, DC, Crunchyroll, Adult Swim, Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network, and others.

Along with the availability of real-time theatrical released movies, trending web series, and popular TV shows, this platform is known for providing substantial content in HBO Max original content. So, it is clear why people are inquiring about is HBO Max available in Canada.

Why is HBO Max in Canada Unavailable?

Being an American streaming service, there is some licensing issue between Warner Media and Bell Media in many HBO Max movies. As a result, these contents are exclusive to America and can not be available in Canada. So, it wouldn't be worth having a streaming service in a country where you can't get its exclusive content and entire library. So, if you expect an HBO Max Canada release date, that won't happen soon.

Can you get HBO Max in Canada?

Even though you can't have a dedicated standalone HBO Max streaming service, that doesn't mean that you can't add HBO Max to your streaming in Canada. From online to offline, in this article, you will get multiple ways how to watch HBO Max in Canada. So, let's see the 5 options to access HBO Max Canada.

Option 1: How to get HBO Max in Canada Via Crave Subscription?

HBO Max has an official licensing agreement with the Crave streaming station; therefore, you can access the partial library of HBO Max through a Crave subscription. HBO Max can be accessible in Canada as an add-on plan with Crave. However, with this plan, there are some limitations and restrictions that prevent you from accessing the entire library of HBO Max.

  • With Crave, you can only get new HBO Max original content.
  • Movies with license restrictions can not be available via this plan.
  • Since the video quality of Crave service is quite compromised, you can't enjoy HBO Max content in high quality either.
  • With the poor frame rate of Crave, the subtitles and dialogue are incompatible with streaming, which leads to compromised viewing.
  • There is also a difference in subscription charges and features between Crave & HBO Max, and HBO Max always stays ahead with its 4k support, ad-free plan, mobile downloading option, and so on.

So, if you don't want to compromise either with the HBO Max library or your watching experience, try the next options to watch HBO Max Canada.

Option 2: How to watch HBO Max in Canada using VPN

If you want to explore the entire HBO Max library without regional or any other restrictions and with all the exclusive features, using a reputed VPN subscription is the most authentic and worthy option.

Though in some countries, VPNs are restricted, fortunately, there is no restriction on using VPNs in Canada. So, to get HBO Max in Canada with the ultimate streaming experience, follow the steps of using a VPN.

Step 1: Select the branded VPN subscription of your choice while installing it on your device.

Step 2: Connect the VPN server of the United States from the available options of servers. It is recommended to go for the New York server.

Step 3: Head to the HBO Max website, create an account with your username and password and sign into it.

Step 4: You can watch HBO Max in Canada without any limitations or restrictions with access to its full library and high-end features.

If you want to pay for your HBO Max subscription after enjoying a free trial, go for the next option to get an HBO Max subscription in Canada.

Option 3: How can you get HBO Max in Canada using HBO Now Gift Card

Even though HBO Max offers a 30-day free trial, it is not a free service. Instead, you can enjoy this service with the ad-supported plan at $9.99/month or the ad-free plan at $15.99/month. So, when you look for options to pay for your desired HBO Max subscription using an HBO Now gift card is the most convenient and budget-friendly option. So, here you go with the steps.

Step 1: Visit the official website of "My gift card supply." This is the most trusted platform for online gift cards of digital streaming services.

Step 2: You will receive a gift card code through your email.

Step 3: With an authentic VPN service subscription, you must connect to the USA server, preferably in New York.

Step 4: After visiting the website, click the "Redeem Your Gift Card" option.

Step 5: You will be asked to enter the gift card code you have got through email, and you also need to give a US Zip Code that you can find in Google.

Step 6: After completing all the required processes, you can subscribe to your HBO Max streaming in Canada.

Option 4: How to get HBO Max in Canada with US Virtual Prepaid Card

Another best way to pay for your HBO Max subscription is to make your living location in America. To pay for an HBO Max subscription, you must have an American credit card and billing address.

So, creating a US Prepaid Virtual Card is the smartest solution to pay for an HBO Max subscription. With this card, you can access any US streaming service and get a US billing address that acts as an American Card.

Step 1: After opening on your system, head to the "Sign Up" option to create a US Prepaid Virtual Card.

Step 2: By providing all the necessary information you need to register your account.

Step 3: It's time to transfer money to your StatesPay Account using any of your master/ debit/ credit/ visa cards.

Step 4: Connect to the US server using your VPN subscription and visit the HBO Max website.

Step 5: Pay for your HBO Max subscription using your Canada's StatesPay US Virtual Prepaid Card.

Option 5: How will HBO Max be available in Canada using the US Credit Card of your Friend

This is probably the simplest option to pay for an HBO Max subscription using your friend's US credit card on your behalf. So, let's see how you will do that.

Step 1: Using your existing VPN subscription plan, connects to the USA server, and you must visit the HBO Max website.

Step 2: Next, select the "Subscribe Now" option to choose your desirable subscription plan and go for the "Create Your Account" option.

Step 3: Provide all the required information, such as US credit card details, US Zip code, etc.

Step 4: You are ready with your HBO Max account in Canada with your paid subscription, and you can watch your HBO Max streaming.

Can you get HBO Max in Canada on offline watch?

Now, while enjoying your favorite HBO Max content in your online watch, if you want to save them for your later offline watch, HBO Max lets you download content on your compatible device. However, there are certain downloading restrictions in HBO Max, such as:

  • Limited devices accessibility
  • Limited time availability
  • No output profile customization features
  • Downloads are not shareable on multiple devices
  • All content is not available for download

So, to get the best of your HBO Max subscription plan, you must try the unlimited and permanent downloading options of StreamFab HBO Downloader. With this software, you can save the entire HBO Max library on your Windows or Mac PC and share them to any device for your later flexible watch in any country without any regional or other restrictions.

How to get HBO Max in Canada for an offline watch with StreamFab Downloader

After knowing the best ways to catch up with HBO Max in Canada with your favorite subscription, it's time to add its entire library to your offline watch list with the flexibility of HBO Downloader. With this software, you can customize the output profile of your downloads with multiple options like audio-video quality, format, codec, etc. So, let's see what the customizable options are.

Download Customization Options

  • Get ad-free downloads from the ad-supported subscription.
  • Get crystal clear video with 720p or 1080p resolution.
  • Enjoy full theatrical satisfaction with AAC3 5.1/ AAC2.0 audio track.
  • It supports 4K UHD with HDR10 effects.
  • To customize your device's storage space, select your desired codec from H.264/H.265.
  • Enjoy downloads on any device with Mp4/MKV format.
  • Save multiple videos in one go with batch downloading.
  • Enjoy auto-downloading of scheduled videos.
  • Never miss saving subtitles & metadata.

Downloading Steps

Step 1: After starting the StreamFab, move to the left function column to click on the VIP Section.

get HBO Max in Canada for an offline watch with StreamFab Downloader

Step 2: Locate the HBO Max website from the right side website list and sign into your account with your credentials.

get HBO Max in Canada for an offline watch StreamFab Downloader

Step 3: Select the HBO Max video or videos to download for offline watching. Next, play the video to customize the output profile.

Step 4: Once the video will play, a pop-up option mentioning the "Download Now" option will appear. By selecting the option, you can complete the downloading process.

Last Word

So, you will be relieved to know that you will not miss any of your favorite HBO Max content as you know the best ways to get HBO Max Canada. No matter what option you choose to continue your HBO Max streaming in Canada, you must take the offline watching option of StreamFab HBO downloader to enjoy your favorite HBO Max content permanently without restriction.