The United States of America woke up on 23rd May 2023 to HBO Max's iteration of Max. Warner Bros. Discovery announced last year that they would deliver a new streaming product by merging the contents of Discovery+ and HBO Max.

Individual subscribers to Discovery+ can continue to do so at a reduced cost. If you are worried about your favorite shows getting scrapped from the Max library, you don’t need to get all worked up. Max will replicate the entire HBO Max library alongside Discovery+ chart toppers. Read on to learn about the best HBO shows 2023 you can check out on this new platform.

HBO Shows 2023

Best 10 HBO Shows 2023 You Simply Can't-Miss

hbo shows 2023

Succession (2018-Present)


Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, is an aging patriarch of the international media conglomerate Waystar Royco in this hbo shows 2023.


After lingering in the limelight longer than he even dreamt, Logan starts contemplating the future once his family members begin running the organization.







hbo shows 2023

Barry (2018-Present)


U.S. Marine veteran Barry Berkman played by Bill Hader, struggles with depression and loneliness caused by guilt from his past actions. The Midwesterner is now a low-level hitman who is given the job of executing an actor notorious for sleeping with a mobster's wife.


But a journey to the City of Angles completely transforms his purpose in life. As Barry tries to fit in with the crowd by enrolling in an acting class with his target, he finds himself drawn toward the acting community. He is incredibly affectionate towards Sally, played by Sarah Goldberg.




hbo shows 2023

Euphoria (2019-Present)


The hbo shows 2023 centers around the disturbed life of 17-year-old Rue, played by Zendaya, a drug addict released fresh from rehab. However, she has no plans to stay clean; instead, she makes friends with other teens at school, navigating through a minefield of love, sex, betrayal, and addiction.


While the classmates in the fictional town of East Highland, California, struggle with balancing life, they must tackle the anxiety of day-to-day life and substance-enhanced parties, making everything seem like a haze.




hbo shows 2023

Somebody Somewhere (2022-Present)


If you are a sucker for feel-good shows, then you need to add Somebody Somewhere to your watchlist. The hbo max series 2023 follows the story of Sam, who is devastated following the death of her darling sister.


But her life slowly starts returning on track once she meets co-worker Joel. The half-hour series wins hearts with authentic performances by Bridget Everett as Sam and Jeff Hiller as Joel on their pursuit of happiness. 



hbo shows 2023

Rap Sh!t (2022-Present)


HBO's Rap Sh!t is the story of two women, their insecurities, and their struggles as they race towards their dream of making it big amidst the emerging rap revolution. The hbo max series 2023 follows the lives of two former school friends, Mia and Shawna, who have filmed a hypnotic rap video that becomes viral.


The phone-obsessed protagonists of the show are constantly checking their social media feeds and recording additional content. If you are into this new-age music, you need to watch the creation of Issa Rae at the earliest.



hbo shows 2023

Our Flag Means Death (2022-Present)


The pirate comedy is based on the real-life story of Stede Bonnet, who abandons his aristocratic life surrounded by plush comfort to assume his role as the captain of a pirate ship.


The story is set in the Golden Age of Piracy during the early 18th century. Stede Bonnet and his dysfunctional crew try hard to make ends meet as they set sail on Revenge and get at loggerheads with the notorious pirate captain Edward Teach. The unlikely pair of Stede Bonnet and Edward Teach ultimately find love in each other's company. 




hbo shows 2023

The Last Of Us (2023-Present)


Zombie fans are bound to relish the hbo shows 2023 featuring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as the lead characters. This unlikely duo of smugglers and an immune teenager must find their way across America by dodging and killing monsters.


The new hbo series 2023 is based 20 years in the future in post-apocalyptic America, where a mass fungal infection has caused people to transform into zombies.






hbo shows 2023

Rain Dogs (2023-Present)


Rain Dogs is the classical take of Cash Carraway on the rigged societal conventions of modern times. The hbo max series 2023 follows the story of a hapless mother, Costello, played by Daisy May Cooper, who is suddenly thrown out of her house. She hops from one place to another with her lively and quick-witted daughter Iris played by Fleur Tashjian.


Costello finds help from her best friends, Gloria and Selby, who act as Iris's father figure. The new hbo series 2023 depicts how you don't need to be related by blood to come together as a family and tackle the curveballs thrown by society. 




hbo shows 2023

White House Plumbers (2023-Present)


"White House Plumbers" is an attempt to understand the background events which led to the Watergate scandal. It follows the story of G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt, former FBI, and CIA who were hired to investigate the Pentagon Papers leak.


The unlikely pair plots numerous covert operations, including bugging the office of the Democratic National Committee. The Watergate masterminds accidentally toppled the presidency with the actions they were striving to protect.





hbo shows 2023

Love & Death (2023-Present)


It's not every day that a warm community series finale showcases a cold-blooded murder. Love & Death follows the true story of a Texas housewife Candy Montgomery adored by her Methodist community before a negative turn of events following an affair.

How to Download HBO Shows 2023 Permanently

Max supports offline downloading of content so you can watch them later. But the on-demand streaming platforms often keep rotating the content due to licensing agreements between the production studios and streaming service.

For example, your favorite show might get removed if the licensing agreement isn't renewed. Against such a backdrop, it's always safe to bank on a third-party tool like the StreamFab Max Downloader to save the new HBO series 2023 before they aren't available. 

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Now you will have to press the download button after making necessary audio and video quality customizations. 

Download HBO Shows 2023


In most cases, your HBO Max app will automatically update to Max on smart devices. Otherwise, you might have to download the Max app separately, and all your saved credentials will be transferred to the new portal. Max promises double the content than HBO shows 2023 and will feature better navigation to find your way through its content-rich libraries easily.