Britbox is a BBC Studios and ITV operating subscription-based online video streaming service. The service is available in nine countries. While offering British television series and movies, it also offers an exclusive collection of original content.

*Note: The service offers different content in the UK and other international locations. Some contents are restricted in different locations. If you want to stream Britbox shows outside UK, you have to download them first for offline watching. 

download britbox shows

Can You Download Britbox Shows?

Yes, you can download Britbox shows on mobile and tablets for offline watching with an appropriate subscription plan. However, downloading Britbox content has some rules and restrictions:

❌Britbox downloading limits
  • Downloading is available only on mobile devices: Android, Tablet, iPhone & iPad
  • Only 6 countries support the Britbox downloading functions
  • Not all Britbox titles are available for download
  • Once you start streaming, within 48 hours, you have to finish watching
  • Downloaded titles will be saved only for 30 days
  • With a single subscription, you can download Britbox titles up to 5 devices
  • Maximum 10 downloads are allowed with a single subscription

Of course, if you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, Apple TV Cahnnel, and Roku Channel, you can also download Brixbox shows via those platforms, because Brixbox has established a cooperation with those services. But please note that the Brixbox downloading limits also exist and shall be even more via those services. 

How to Download BritBox Shows Without Limits?

Britbox shows the downloading function ONLY available on mobile devices. What if you want to download Britbox shows on a PC and break those downloading limits? No worries, we find a tool saving you out!

download britbox shows on pc: streamfab

Download the entire Britbox library on your PC and remove advanced encryption from any Britbox title. Get high-quality and permanent downloads without any device or regional restriction. 

 Key features
  • Download Britbox shows in lossless 1080P resolution in MP4/MKV format
  • Offer at least 3 methods to download Britbox videos, from Britbox webiste, Amazon channel, iTVX channel, etc.
  • Download subtitles and audio track of you preferred lanugae 
  • Get theatrical sound satisfaction with EAC3, AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio track
  • Schedule mode to download videos from Britbox automatically at a set time
  • Save time with batch processing of multiple videos simultaneously

By utilizing StreamFab, there are at least three methods available for you to download Britbox. Below, we will elaborate on each method.

Method 1: Download Britbox via Video URL

Step 1

Download StreamFab

After launching the StreamFab Video Downloader on your PC, copy and paste the Britbox URL, to find your preferred title for offline streaming.

how to download shows on britbox


Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Login to your Britbox account and stream the Britbox content you want to download. StreamFab will automatically analyze and detect the video when you play it.

download britbox shows on pc

Step 3

A pop-up window will appear for output profile customization with quality, format, subtitles, etc. For instant download, you can select the “Download Now” option or go for the “Download queue” option for later downloading.

Method 2: Download Britbox Video from iTVX Channel

Britbox is soon to be integrated into ITVX, as the standalone Britbox website has already been shut down in 2024. Britbox can now be accessed on ITVX.
If you have subscribed to Britbox through ITVX, you can utilize StreamFab's ITVX module to download Britbox videos.
Step 1

Download StreamFab

First, download and launch StreamFab Video Downloader, choose iTVX module. 

how to download shows on britbox from itvx


Step 2

Find Britbox via iTVX Channel

Find Britbox shows via the iTVX channel, and play the Britbox video you want to download.

download britbox shows on pc

Step 3

When you play the video, StreamFab will analyze it automatically and ask you to customize the output options.

download britbox shows on pc

By utilizing this method, if you are an itvx premium subscriber, you will also have the ability to effortlessly access and download Britbox videos.

Method 3: Download Britbox Video from Amazon Channel (for users outside UK)

Before Britbox was merged into ITVX, Britbox could also be viewed on Amazon. However, since its merger into ITVX, the service is no longer accessible on Prime Video UK, but it can still be accessed on Prime Video in other regions such as the US and Canada.

Therefore, this method is suitable for users who wish to download Britbox videos through Prime Video..

Step 1

Download StreamFab

Like the above 2 methods, first and foremost, you need to download StreamFab Video Downloader on your device, and choose Amazon

how to download shows on britbox from itvx


Step 2

Find Britbox via Amazon Channel

Search for Britbox shows via the Amazon Prime video channel.

how to download shows on britbox from itvx

Step 3

Then, when you play the video, a pop-up window will also appear and ask you for customization like Method 1 & Method 2. 

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Whether downloading through video URLs, Amazon, or itvx channels, these modules are embedded in a single software. You only need to download StreamFab once. Additionally, purchasing it will grant you a lifetime of free version upgrades.


1. Where is the Downloading Option in the Britbox App?

While using the Britbox app on your Android or iOS device, you will see the downloading icon next to the movies or episodes you have selected to watch. On PC, there is no downloading option. 

2. Is There Any Free Trial on Britbox Service?

Yes, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial before taking any subscription plan. The free trial period is counted in days rather than hours. To avoid being charged, you must cancel your free trial at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period.

3. Is It Free to Download Britbox Shows?

No. If you want to unlock the Britbox download function on mobile, you have to subscribe it. Britbox subscription costs vary from country to country. When it costs $8.99/ month in the USA and Australia, it costs $9.99/ month in Canada and $99.99/month in South Africa.

You can use StreamFab to download Britbox shows during your subscription, and store them on your device so that you can access them even if you subscription expire. 


Suppose you have been paying for a Britbox subscription but can't enjoy its library in your offline streaming according to your requirements. In that case, you must use the unlimited downloading options of StreamFab Video Downloader

To download Britbox content permanently on your PC according to your specifications, nothing would be more effective than this tool. From laptop screen to TV screen, you can share your downloads to any device without any restriction.