Most customers are looking for information on whether or not Paramount Plus is included free of charge with Xfinity. Xfinity Flex and X1 are available to Paramount Plus app subscribers. This article addresses the questions, "Is Paramount Plus free with Xfinity?" and "Does Paramount Plus come with Xfinity?"

Does Xfinity Include a Free Trial of Paramount Plus

Do you want to know if Xfinity provides free access to Paramount Plus? If so, you've landed at the right place. The subscription streaming service known as Paramount+ is quite popular. ViacomCBS Streaming, a ViacomCBS division, owns and operates it.

It provides CBS Entertainment Group, ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks, and Paramount Pictures library material. It was initially introduced to the public on October 28, 2014, under CBS All Access. However, on March 4, 2021, the service was rebranded as Paramount+ following an expansion of its offerings. Moreover, you can also know how much is paramount plus on Xfinity.

"Is Paramount Plus Free with Xfinity?", the answer of this question is no; Paramount Plus is not included free of charge with Xfinity. You must sign up for a subscription and view it. A new app, Paramount+, is already available on X1 and X1 Flex. You'll be automatically subscribed to Paramount+ if you have CBS All Access, but you'll need to log in again.

Does Xfinity Include the Paramount Plus Package

As long as you're a subscriber to either Xfinity Flex or Xfinity X1, you can enjoy Paramount Plus. You'll be automatically subscribed to Paramount+ if you have CBS All Access, but you'll need to log in again.

How to Watch Paramount Plus on Xfinity

Paramount Plus is a service that allows subscribers to access a library of movies and television episodes for free. First, let's look at the many processes involved in watching Paramount Plus with Xfinity.

1: Turn on your Smart TV and Xfinity TV Streaming Box.

2: Ensure that it links you to a reliable internet connection before continuing.

3: Using the remote control for your Xfinity TV, navigate to the Xfinity button and push it.

4: Navigate to the Apps menu on the screen and scroll to the right until you find the Paramount Plus icon.

5: After that, choose the application, and sign in using your Paramount Plus account.

6: Select whether you want to sign in through your television or online.

7: Put the activation code if you choose the web-based option in the previous step. When logging in to CBS, it will take you to the CBS website, where you need to input the paramount plus Xfinity code.

8: If you want to watch content on your television, select the option and enter your email address and password.

9: If you want to watch Paramount Plus on your Xfinity TV, you will need to do it in this manner.

Paramount plus

ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS, is the owner and operator of Paramount+, an over-the-top streaming service that provides video-on-demand content to subscribers. It contains both new and old material from the CBS Entertainment Group, Viacom/CBS Domestic Media Networks, and the Paramount Pictures Archive, among other sources of inspiration. The expansion of the service and subsequent rebranding as Paramount+ took place on March 4, 2021.

Latin America and Canada would be added on the renaming day, followed by the Nordic countries on March 25 and Australia on August 11. ViacomCBS' free-to-air Network 10 is likewise available on the Australian version of the service.

Firestick, Roku, Xfinity, or Apple TV should get access to Paramount Plus. Even if you do not have an active subscription plan with a TV provider that Paramount+ supports, you can still access all of the content offered by the service. Users can choose between the Essential ($4.99) and Premium ($9.99) plans. After subscribing to Paramount Plus through a participating TV provider, you must paramount plus com Xfinity activate on a streaming device like Amazon Firestick or Roku.

Whether you're using Roku, Firestick, Xfinity, or Apple TV, we've included a simple guide here that will walk you through doing so based on your streaming device. Now let's not waste any time getting to business, shall we?

For Roku

To get the Paramount+ service network up and running on your Roku, make sure to follow the instructions that are listed below. To do so:

  • In order to access your home screen, press the home button on the Roku remote.
  • To access the Channel Store, scroll either up or down and choose the Streaming Channels option when it appears.
  • After that, you should look for the app by entering "Paramount Network" into the "Search Channels" section.
  • Select Add Channel > open it once the device's firmware has finished adding the channels to your list.
  • Choose your TV provider from the options available inside the channel > Following that, it will present you with an activation code.
  • Utilize the internet browser on your computer to navigate to the page.
  • You'll need to enter the activation code now and then sign in with your TV provider using the login and password associated with your account.

For Amazon Firestick

To activate Paramount Plus on your Amazon Firestick, please follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Get your Amazon Firestick up and running > Choose Applications from the main menu.
  • Search for the application using the category list.
  • After you've found the application, pick it to use.
  • Click "GET" to begin the download, and then wait for it to finish downloading when some time has passed.
  • To begin, select the Open button > Choose your television service from the options on the list.
  • You should now see an activation code in this window.
  • Utilize a web browser to navigate to the webpage.
  • You will need to enter the activation code and sign in with your TV provider to activate it.

For Apple TV

Before activating the Paramount Plus Network, you must ensure that the app is on your Apple TV. You will be able to accomplish this by following the instructions given below easily:

  • To access the home screen, you can open it by pressing the Menu button on your remote control.
  • Click on the icon for the App Store, then navigate to the Paramount Plus Network app using the search bar.
  • Click the Get button, then click Open to begin using the application.
  • After accessing the application, you will now be able to select your TV service provider. Make a copy of the currently displayed activation code, and then open the link for in your web browser.
  • You must enter the activation code that you have copied.
  • After completing the steps required to verify your account, you can finally login in with your TV provider.
  • Beginning streaming the content offered by Paramount+ on your chosen streaming device. There is a problem with the Paramount Network TV activation code.

Paramount+ service activation code is not functioning properly

  • Verify the validity of the activation code and see if it has been used previously. In certain instances, that is one why such a problem exists.
  • On the page where you activate Paramount+, there is also a button labelled "Regenerate Code" that you can click to generate a new activation code.
  • You have to ensure that the Paramount Plus Network software has been uninstalled and then reinstalled on your streaming device.
  • Launch the application once it is done, and then select your TV provider to obtain a new code.
  • First, delete all of the cookies and then the cache in the browser.

If nothing works for you, your best bet is to contact customer service at for additional assistance with this matter.

Moreover, you can also use StreamFab All In One to get the Paramount Plus content to view offline.

 Best Software to Get Paramount Plus Content

StreamFab All-in-one

Other video downloaders require you to paste the video URL taken from your desktop web browser; however, StreamFab has an inbuilt web browser that eliminates the need to copy video URLs.

In other words, you may do anything within the StreamFab All-in-one downloader software, from viewing the target video-sharing website or streaming service to downloading the desired videos.

Download streaming videos

StreamFab is a dedicated streaming video downloader that supports all major on-demand streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, etc.

As a result, as long as such streaming services are available in your region and you're a paying subscriber to a certain service, you can use this downloader to download videos from it.

Choose video/audio quality

StreamFab downloaders offer a variety of options in terms of quality. As a result, you can choose your own video resolution and audio quality.

You have two choices in terms of video quality: 720p HD or 1080p Full HD. EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, and AAC 2.0 are available in terms of audio quality. So, take charge of your own destiny.

VOD videos should be in MP4 format

If you're concerned about the downloaded videos' playing compatibility, you don't have to be. The MP4 format is used to save the downloaded streaming videos.

The MP4 format has the major advantage of being interoperable with practically all operating systems, cellphones, tablets, digital media players, and game consoles.

However, you have the choice to save the results as MKV files if this becomes essential.

Remux subtitles into video/save as SRT

StreamFab downloaders provide you with two alternatives for how subtitles are handled, depending on the circumstances.

You can either remux the subtitles into the movies directly or export the downloaded subtitles as SRT files separately. It's entirely up to you! So, go ahead and make your decision.

Fast, simultaneous video downloads

Downloading performances is extremely important when downloading multiple episodes of a television show or multiple movies in a series, such as the Avenger series. There's no need to be concerned with StreamFab downloaders.

You can add numerous movies or even the entire TV show season to download all at once. Furthermore, super-fast download speeds are guaranteed. Each film is only 10-20 minutes long.

How to Use

  1. Download and install StreamFab on your Windows or Mac computer.
  2. Launch the software and go to the Streaming Services tab to find your streaming service.
  3. Log in to your account and watch the video you want to save to your computer.
  4. Select your selected language's audio track and subtitle stream.
  5. To begin downloading the video, click the Download Now option.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can view the series for free if you sign up for a Paramount Plus subscription.

The subscription streaming service known as Paramount+ is quite popular.

The Paramount Plus software does not come in a free edition, unfortunately.

ViacomCBS Streaming, which is a branch of ViacomCBS, is the company that owns and operates the streaming service.

It will be possible to stream content from Paramount Plus at and on mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android devices that Paramount Plus has developed.