The Nigerian movie industry has gained accolades on a global platform over the past decade, courtesy of its unique yet simplistic storytelling style. If you are a Nigerian movie buff, chances are high that you have scanned the web searching for the best Nollywood movie download sites only to come across scam portals or ones with inferior-grade content.

Considering such things, we have collated a list of the best sites to download Nollywood movies to keep your entertainment meter running. But first, we will take a look at the latest releases from the Nigerian entertainment industry, which you can view from any of the portals listed below:

Top 5 Nollywood Movies 2022

1. King of Thieves

nollywood movies king of thieves

This Nigerian thriller tells the story of the prosperous Ajeromi kingdom until its peace and prosperity were challenged by a powerful bandit Agesinkole. The Ajeromi Kingdom decided to fight back with an army of wizards, hunters, and witches.

2. Before Valentine's

nollywood movies before valentine's

The storyline tracks the wild dramas in four hairdressers' love and family life at a Lagos salon. The ensemble cast of this romantic movie showcases the various trials of love faced by the protagonists before Valentine's Day.

3. Dark October

Nigerian film dark october

This film is centered around the real-life events that led to the lynching of four young students who were falsely accused of theft. All the events that led to the killing and also the aftermath of the event have been documented in this Nigerian film.

4. Shanty Town

This follows the story of a gang leader named Scar, who is challenged by some of the Lagos hustlers after discovering that the captives set free by Scar could never be found again.

5. Far From Home

netnaija nollywood movies far from home

This young adult TV series is the story of a charismatic teenager from a poor background who suddenly receives a scholarship to the country's most exclusive school. This transports him to the luxurious world of the elite while a dark secret threatens the safety of his family and his newfound status.

If you are an avid lover of Nigerian films but need access to the latest Nollywood content, we have you covered with a list of Nollywood movie download sites. The Nigerian movie industry has taken the entertainment world by storm and ranked second to Hollywood in gross revenue. Read on to learn about the different portals which can quench your thirst for classic Nollywood content, some of which never appear on TV stations.

Best 12 Sites to Download Nollywood Movies

1. TheNetNaija

TheNetNaija best nollywood movies download site

You can find trending movies in both Nigerian and foreign languages belonging to different genres for free at NetNaija. It also offers an option for downloading comedy clips, music, Yoruba movies, and football highlights. The best thing about Netnaija Nollywood movies is that you can expect good video quality whenever you click the download links.

2. Nollyland

Nollyland nollywood movies download

If you plan to view world-class movies in Africa, Nollyland can be your best pick. You can choose from a rich collection of Ghanaian, Nollywood, and other African films over this platform. Once you complete the sign-in process, you can download the films on your laptop, desktop, and mobile. These movies can also be streamed on the Nollyland media player device. The USPs of this platform are timeline thumbnails, watch lists, and automatic bookmarking of films.

3. Buzz Nigeria

Buzz Nigeria

This news and entertainment website provides a vast collection of Nollywood movies and other mainstream content for viewing or downloading online.

4. Iroko TV

Iroko TV was among the first Nollywood mp4 movie download website brigade players. The Netflix of Africa also has a smartphone app that helps users view their preferred content on their smart devices. If you are searching for exclusive content that can keep you entertained all day, then Iroko Tv can serve as your best bet.

5. ReallyNollyTV

download Nigerian movie from RealNollyTV

Watch and download any Nigerian movie of different genres at RealNollyTV. You must sign up/log in to the website to watch your preferred film. Once you finish registration, the smooth platform can offer you a buffet of old and new movies.

6. Naijaonpoint


Download the latest movies of different genres and read the newspaper headlines in Nigeria at Naijaonpoint. The best thing about this website is that you don't need to pay a dime to avail of its services.

7. WapBase


This online platform is a treasure trove of movies, videos, music, and other media content. This platform lets you view wrestling (WWE), Nat geo Wild, and other comedy videos. Signing up for newsletters gives you updates on the latest movies and news.

8. Codewap


Watch and download high-quality movie content on Codewap. Its simple interface makes downloading Nollywood movies from 2022 a breeze. You can also download Indian and Ghanaian movies at Codedwap.

9. IbakaTV


Streaming and downloading Nigerian movies become easy with IbakaTV. You can browse the website or download the app to begin your movie-viewing experience. You can choose among thousands of Nollywood movies from the IbakaTV platform, which is available for Android and iOS users.

10. NaijaPals


NaijaPals, Africa's leading entertainment and social networking group, was established in 2007. You can play full-length movies online on this website or download them for offline viewing. Users can also connect and communicate with friends and read the latest news on this portal. You are bound to feel spoiled for choice, given the massive content in NaijaPals, ranging from music videos to movies.

11. Nigerianfilmz


Nigerianfilmz is the perfect platform for adult-rated movies and can select content from various genres and films worldwide.

12. MyNollywoodMovies


This website offers a rich array of Nigerian movies alongside a section on entertainment news. You can browse top films from Ghana and Nigeria starring A-lister actors and actresses. There is also a collection of Indian movies and other interesting African series. These movies can either be viewed immediately or downloaded for being watched later.

13. Nigeria Movie Channel

You can watch Nigerian movies for free with the Nigeria Movie Channel. The content gets updated every day to provide you with the latest in the entertainment industry. You need to search for the movies you wish to watch and can download them for offline viewing. But to enjoy this website to the fullest, you need to sign up as a member. Apart from movies, you can also get your daily share of the latest Nollywood news at this portal.

While there are multiple websites for Nollywood movies download, as a viewer craving entertainment, you would not want to risk your data's security with untrusted sites. Instead, we recommend you settle for the best downloader, StreamFab, to quench your entertainment thirst in the most satiating way. Let us dive deep to explore its features and usage quickly.

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nollywood movies download using StreamFab YouTube Downloader

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Other Notable Features

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How to Download Nollywood movies With StreamFab YouTube Downloader 

StreamFab YouTube Downloader saves offline Nollywood movie downloads for a comfortable watch anytime. Here's how to use StreamFab to make the most of your Nollywood movies.

Step 1: Download and install StreamFab YouTube Downloader 

Begin with downloading the StreamFab software from its official site on your Windows or Mac PC. Once done, run the software to launch it successfully.

Download and install StreamFab YouTube Downloader 

Step 2: Find and copy the link to your treasured Nollywood movies

Scroll the web, find your treasured Nollywood movies, and copy its video link.

Step 3: Paste the link in StreamFab

Visit the homepage of StreamFab YouTube Downloader  and paste the copied link to its Search bar at the center to begin downloading.

copy the link to your treasured Nollywood movies

Step 4: Customize the video output and download

cutomize the video using streamfab

Custom make the video settings and adjust the video quality, audio codec, and subtitle languages according to your requirements. Then, click the Download button to save the videos to your local storage.


While some of the websites listed above offer free services, you need to pay for a subscription to view the latest Nollywood movies on the others. However, the premium websites are worth paying for as they have a fantastic line-up of content spread across various genres to cater to your film bug. Apart from movies, these websites also upload other fascinating content, especially music and other news, which are updated regularly.