Netflix has so far emerged as a leading streaming site, offering a plethora of content genres of binge streaming. This diversity of content has attracted around 260 million paid subscribers worldwide. If you count yourself among them, spending a major portion of your yearly income on a Netflix subscription and wondering how you could save on the cost of streaming services, worry not!

Save money on Netflix

We have covered you in this ultimate guide on how to save money on Netflix! In it, we will uncover an array of tips and tricks that prove fruitful for saving money on Netflix. So, without any further delay, let’s begin exploring!

Tip 1: Download Netflix Videos Before Subscription Ends

Are you short on money and want to cancel your Netflix subscription? Before it ends, ensure to download Netflix videos for streaming later. You read it right! It's practically possible to download videos from Netflix using third-party tools, as direct downloading is not supported for all videos.

Once you have your subscription, list all your favorite movies, TV shows, series, and whatever else you want to stream after your subscription ends. Now, download them with third-party software, like StreamFab Netflix Downloader. With StreamFab, you can even schedule downloading, so the moment the show begins to air, your software starts downloading.

StreamFab Netflix Downloader to save money on Netflix

Key Features of StreamFab Netflix Downloader

Here are a few of the impressive features that make StreamFab stand out among its competitors:

  • Offers a flexible choice of audio and video quality.
  • Download videos in universally compatible MP4/MKV format for smooth playback.
  • Enables optimizing space with H.264 and H.265 versions for space optimization.
  • Save subtitles in your desired language.
  • Save your subtitles as SRT files or integrate them into your downloaded videos.
  • Enables batch downloading to save a plethora of time wasted in manually downloading each video once the previous download ends.

How to Use StreamFab Netflix Video Downloader?

By now, you have explored the key aspects of StreamFab. Let's take a look at the step-by-step guide on how to save money on Netflix with StreamFab.

  • Download StreamFab Netflix Downloader from the official website. Install it and launch.
  • Go to the left panel, select VIP Services, and choose Netflix from the many streaming services.

Go to the left panel, select VIP Services

  • Log into your Netflix account using your credentials and play a video from Netflix. StreamFab will auto-analyze it accordingly.

Log into your Netflix account

  • Set the parameters for output video, including quality, subtitles, and more.
  • Once you have set the parameters, download Netflix videos or include them in the "Downloading Queue."

Downloading Queue

Tip 2: Try the Ad-Supported Tier

Most of us might not know, but Netflix now offers a new Basic Ads plan for just $6.99 monthly. In this tier, you can enjoy a single stream at a time with ads. Moreover, some streaming content might not be available, and you can't download videos for offline streaming.

However, if you agree with these restrictions, you can save a whopping $156 annually! Before sticking to this plan, thoroughly analyze how often you use Netflix. If you are a binge-streamer, you may get fed up with ads; however, if you are an on-and-off one, you can benefit from the ad-supported tier.

Note: If, at any point, you feel like switching to another Netflix plan, you can do so.

Tip 3: Buy Netflix Bundles

Netflix doesn’t officially offer bundles, so you will have to rely on third-party services that include Netflix in their bundles along with other packages. It’s a marketing strategy to tempt customers to buy from them and save a plethora of money, as these bundles offer Netflix at a discounted price. This can be helpful for those wondering how to save money on streaming services.

Some of the renowned Netflix bundles you should consider include:

Netflix + Max $10 Verizon Bundle – Offered by Verizon mobile company, this bundle combines the services of Netflix and Max for just $10 per month. This bundle includes ad-supported versions of both streaming services at a 40% discounted price.

Netflix & T-Mobile – T-Mobile customers can subscribe to Netflix on Us plan and enjoy Netflix streaming without paying any additional costs. Based on your T-Mobile plan, you can get Netflix's Basic subscription (ad-free and supports only one device) or the Standard one (ad-free and supports two devices).

Netflix & Verizon & Masterclass Bundle – Are you a Verizon postpaid wireless subscriber? You got lucky, as Verizon offers you a unique bundle with a one-year free subscription to Netflix! So, subscribe to Masterclass via Verizon's +play platform and avail this offer for just $90 per year – saving over $200.

Tip 4: Cancel Netflix Auto Payment

Have you subscribed to Netflix for short-term needs and plan to cancel the subscription later? You must ensure that you cancel your Netflix auto payment. Because once you have streamed your desired series, etc., you might forget to cancel your subscription, and Netflix will charge you again once a month has passed after your sign-up. So, a better approach would be to cancel your subscription in time.

Cancel Netflix Auto Payment

To do so, hit your profile picture in the top-right corner and choose Account. Now, tap on the Cancel Membership in the Membership & Billing section. Lastly, hit Finish Cancelation to complete the cancellation process, learning how to save money on Netflix.

Tip 5: Try Free Netflix Alternative like Tubi and Pluto TV

Last but not least, try out Netflix alternatives that offer similar content at a much-reduced price. Some of the convincing options include Tubi and Pluto TV. Let's have a look at the details of both below:

Tubi TV

This streaming service is 100% a legitimate platform for those looking for cheap streaming services or wondering how to save on Netflix. Its content library is diverse, with genres like romance, horror, adult animation, thriller, sci-fi, etc. Tubi emerged as an ad-supported American over-the-top streaming platform in 2014, and by now, it has gathered over 74 million monthly active users. It’s surely a hit for those who want to ditch paying Netflix pricey subscriptions. You can also learn how to download Tubi videos with the best tubi downloader.

Pluto TV

Owned by the Paramount Streaming division of Paramount Global, Pluto TV is another free yet ad-supported streaming platform. Here, you can stream 100s channels for free without paying a single penny. How amazing! Pluto TV's monthly active users have increased to 80 million, so you can learn how to save money on Netflix by counting yourself among those. Regarding the content genre, Pluto offers everything from reality shows and news to sports and more.


Netflix is undoubtedly a leading and best streaming platform, but its subscription can burden some subscribers' wallets. If you are one of those wondering how to save money on Netflix, the tips mentioned above will surely prove helpful for you.

Though all the methods prove helpful, the best one remains to get a Netflix subscription, for one, downloading your favorite Netflix shows, movies, series, TV shows, etc., with StreamFab Netflix Downloader and then canceling your subscription in time.

This way, you can get offline access to a plethora of content with just a one-time subscription fee. The best part? With StreamFab’s batch download feature, you won't have to manually download each episode; just select them all and use Batch Download to save much of your time.