Living half of your life in the virtual world, social media sensation has become the center of attraction. So, it has become fascinating for Instagram users to follow their favorite profiles, stories, and other activities without letting them know. Hence, the Instagram stories viewing app Smihub has become very popular with its fascinating features and services. So, let's see a detailed review of Instagram story viewer Smihub with its most exciting aspects.

Instagram stories viewer

What is Smihub?

Smihub is a very commonly used Instagram stories and photo viewer that allows you to watch the Instagram activities of your favorite profiles anonymously. Using the simple browser extension Smihub com on your browser, you can access this website on any device and platform.

You need to enter a username on the website to watch anyone's Instagram stories for as long as you want. While watching, Smihub also allows you to download your favorite Instagram stories for later offline watch. This website is also known as Dumpor.

Why should you use Instagram story viewer like Smihub?

Being one of the most common social media platforms, Instagram meets the users' personal and professional purposes. So, you must know why you need an Instagram viewer like Smihub.


  • It gives you an automatic downloading option of multiple Instagram videos in bulk.
  • This app gives you a statistical idea about your Instagram account and its activities.
  • It allows you to save trendy or relatable Captions & Hashtags for later use or inspiration.
  • You can monitor how your Instagram posts perform to your targeted audience on the Instagram platform.
  • This app helps to retrieve deleted Instagram stories and videos.

Features of Smihub


  • Save the stories before their automatic removal within 24 hours.
  • Secretly follow an unknown profile without being embarrassed.
  • Get to know every single activity of any public or private profile anonymously.
  • Take inspiration from different profiles without letting them know.
  • Downloaded content can be used for inspiration to make a new video or story.
  • No need for the installation of Smihub and support all web browsers
  • Allow you to watch posts, stories & photos of private profiles.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Easy to use with a smart navigation option.


  • It indulges stocking.
  • There is no dedicated app for mobile platforms.
  • It hampers the privacy of Instagram's private profiles.
  • The story or video makers don't get deserved credits.
  • There is a risk of potential cyber security.

How to use Smihub?

To view/download Instagram profiles or stories anonymously, all you need to do is just paste the target url of what you want to view or download, then click the start button, then you are good to go to access your need.

how to use smihub to view or download instagram videos

What are the user's experiences of Smihub?

Users have mixed opinions about this app since they have used it for personal or professional purposes. Some people have found this app great for enjoying their favorite Instagram stories while hiding their identity. However, Some get annoyed with the disturbing ads on this free website. Some have experienced virus infection in their system while using this website. It's time for you to make your own opinion of Smihub while using it for specific purposes.

Why is Smihub not working & its solution?

While using this website, you may have faced a few problems when this site needs to be fixed on your device. So, let's see what can cause the "Smihub not working" issue with its effective solutions.

  • Down Server: If the website is down, you may face a problem accessing this site on your device. In that case, you have to wait for a while until the site's main server will be up.
  • Poor Internet Connection: While accessing this website on your computer or mobile platform, you may only access the site if your internet connection is stable. So, you have to ensure internet connectivity to your device.
  • Clear Catchy: If your web browser is filled with catches, you need to clear them all to have hassle-free access to the website.
  • Close too Many Applications: If you have opened too many applications on your mobile or multiple programs on your computer, these may cause issues accessing the website on any of these platforms. So, you must close them all to make this app work properly on your device.

What are the Smihub alternatives?

You can explore multiple benefits of this platform to stay close to your favorite Instagram world. You can also get other Smihub alternatives such as imginn and infalct to compare among different Instagram viewers with their additional advantages.

Best 4 Smihub Alternatives

Anon IG Viewer

anon ig viewer : Smihub Alternatives

  • Free website with anonymous viewing & downloading option of Instagram stories.
  • No need to log into your Instagram account.
  • While using this website, you will not be visible to anyone using any tool to track its followers.
  • You can see stories with only those profiles active for the last 24 hours & delete or old stories can not be seen.


storistalkers: Smihub Alternatives

  • This is not a free app; it offers three subscription plans.
  • Using a web browser, you can see profiles, stories, and posts & without registering to this website, you can see users' posts.
  • It offers Instagram monitoring options like seeing posts, changing accounts, comments, etc.
  • You can see deleted posts & stories through this app.


garmhir best alternatives to smihub

  • This free website acts like an Instagram public profile analyzer & viewer with both the Instagram & non-Instagram profile viewing option. 
  • It has a popular category option to search the popular profile & hashtags.
  • It gives you a time-based search option for today, yesterday & this week.
  • It doesn't allow you to download private Instagram stories.

4k Stogram

4k stogram smihub alternatives

  • The basic version of this platform is free, but it comes with two premium plans with unlimited downloads, account access & other features.
  • This is a desktop application.
  • It allows you to see & download both public & private Instagram stories, images, and videos.
  • It offers search options.


Is Smihub safe?

Yes, it is a safe platform unless you have downloaded it from the wrong site. In that case, this app will be corrupted, and your system could be a threat to the virus infection.

What are the threats of Smihub?

  • It is a threat to business owners who use Instagram to promote their business since they don't know who likes or follows their posts or products.
  • It influences people to spy on users' activity.
  • It breaks the bond between followed & profile owners.

Is Smihub & Dumpor the same?

Yes, these are the two different names of the same website.

Last Word

So, when you know the maximum information about Smihub to view or download Instagram stories anonymously, you can start with this website according to your specification. While using this platform, you must explore different aspects of this application to witness the best experience of your favorite Instagram profile.