With the release of new content globally we often struggle with the access to its theme and storyline. Well! Education has no role to play here but definitely, smartness does. You cannot learn a new language each time to get through the skin of your favorite genre. With the facility of subtitles downloads, you can easily switch to a language of your comfort zone. Yes! Now you can simply download subtitles for your media content and enjoy it with your friends and family anytime.

Here we are providing you with the top 5 subtitles download sites and one amazing all-rounder downloader, StreamFab All in One, for you to have an amazing entertainment experience. Not only does it provide you with the benefit of subtitle download but also you can do a lot more unthinkable with its features of goodness.

If you are in for wholesome goodness beyond the barriers of subtitles, don’t forget to check out StreamFab All In One Downloader. Let us quickly get an insight into the various subtitles download sites.

Why do you need subtitles?

Each year thousands of movies and TV shows are released across the globe providing you with unlimited entertainment. Why should you lag behind in getting access to them in the era of advanced technology? That is where you are hit with the blessing of subtitles. With the help of subtitles download sites, your video speeches are translated into the easy language that you are comfortable in. Now be it a French show or a Ukrainian movie, you can enjoy all the genres in your preferred language.

StreamFab All-in-One: Download Your Favorite Movie Subtitle

We often resort to a specific downloader or software for all our entertainment needs. But what if you get something All in One with just a single click? Well! As a powerful video downloader, StreamFab All in One is an all-rounder audio/video streaming platform dedicated to streaming all your entertainment needs offline with the utmost perfection. It makes sure you don’t have to compromise on your virtual fun either because of the planned trips or even due to the uncalled ones.

Why should you select StreamFab All-In-One?

StreamFab is more than just a subtitle download site. With a bundle of features it provides its users with numerous benefits:

  • Access to new releases:

The newly released content gets automatically downloaded to your devices at the scheduled time.

  • High-Quality Video Content:

StreamFab All in One Downloader provides you a full HD quality of 1080p for your downloaded files.

  • Access to Videos through its built-in browser:

Now you can browse the website and search for your video to download in its inbuilt browser itself.

  • Provides the access to various OTT platforms:

StreamFab All in One Downloader provides you access to the content of leading OTT platforms such as Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, etc.

  • High audio quality:

With the sound channels of AAC 2.0, AC3 5.1, and EAC 3 5.1 you get to hear a smooth and great audio quality.

  • Highly compatible MP4 format:

Since the downloaded files are transferred to MP4 format, you can easily share and watch your offline downloads on any and every device.

  • Content free of ads:

The offline downloaded movies and TV shows do not contain any interruption caused by the ads.

  • Preferred Language Selection:

Now you can select your preferred language for audio and subtitles before downloading your file.

  • Supports Subtitles as SRT files:

With StreamFab All in One you can not only download subtitles with your videos but also save them as external SRT files on your hard disk or even remux them in your videos.

  • Quicker Downloads:

With GPU Boost technology, your media files get downloaded in under minutes or even seconds at times.

  • Ensures Bulk Downloads:

StreamFab All in One ensures you bulk download your favorite episodes and TV shows for a smooth binge-watching experience.

  • Supports Metadata for your videos:

Now with your media file, you can also download its metadata automatically.

  • Provides Blu-Ray experience:

With StreamFab All in One you get to enjoy a blu-ray experience at the comfort of your home.

  • Supports Various Websites:

Apart from the OTT platforms, StreamFab All In One also supports 1000s of websites including YouTube and Facebook to download your videos offline.

How to Download Videos Using StreamFab All-In-One?

Now you can easily download subtitles for movies and TV shows with the download of your favorite files to engage in an offline virtual treat with some simple steps:

  • Step 1: Launch of the Application:

Launch and install the software StreamFab All in One on your device

  • Step 2: Selection of the Explore Section or Streaming Services:

Now select the website either from the Explore Section or the section of Streaming Services

  • Step 3: Select and play your preferred video:

From the website browse and select your preferred video to be played and downloaded

  • Step 4: Allow Customization:

You can select the audio and subtitles and even the number of seasons before heading to download

  • Step 5: Start the Downloading Process: Now you can start the downloading process smoothly

That was everything that StreamFab All in One has to offer you apart from subtitle download. But if you don’t want anything fancy and wish to download subtitles only, you can try our suggestions for subtitle download sites. We have carefully listed the top 5 Sites to download subtitles to solve your need for a focused Subtitles website.

Top 5 Subtitles Sites: Features, Pros & Cons!

If you are in to try some entertainment segment beyond the limits of your language barriers, we are here to assist you with our top 5 sites to download subtitles:

  • English Subtitles
  • OpenSubtitles
  • TVsubtitles.net
  • SubtitlesHub
  • Moviesubtitles.org

Let’s quickly get started to have a brief overview of their offerings.

#1 English Subtitles

With a simple and easy user interface, now you can easily download thousands of movies and TV shows released across the globe in the English language as this site provides you with the facility of English movies download with subtitles. Even your English subtitles are saved on your hard drive as SRT files.

  • Supported Languages: Only English language
  • Movies and TV shows: Yes. Supports both.
  • Ad Support: Yes


  • Intuitive and modern user interface
  • Massive database of subtitles


  • Supports only English subtitles
  • No option for an advanced search

#2 OpenSubtitles

Similar to its name, Open Subtitles is a Subtitle download site, open to a wide number of languages to provide you with the goodness of over 50 languages. It is one of the many available sites to download subtitles that is purely dedicated to improving your subtitles experience. You can search for your favorite movie and TV show in its search bar and hit the dropdown menu to enable your required subtitle for that file. With an installation of a Chrome extension, you will not be bothered by the annoying ads.

  • Supported Languages: Supports 50+ languages: Spanish, Chinese, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Finnish, Danish, etc. amongst the few.
  • Movies and TV shows: Yes. Supports both
  • Ad Support: Yes


  • Provides subtitles in multiple languages
  • Assists the extensions of Firefox and Chrome


  • The problem in navigation and reading
  • Outdated user interface

#3 TVsubtitles.net

TVsubtitles.net is a great subtitles download website to download ad-free subtitles exclusively for over 3000 TV shows and over 1 lac episodes. With an easy UI, it assists you in downloading subtitles in 16 languages to download your favorite TV show in your chosen and preferred language among many available. However, it does not provide you with movie subtitles.

  • Supported Languages: Supports 16 languages: English, Hungarian, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, French, Italian, etc. among a few.
  • Movies and TV shows: Supports only TV shows and no movies
  • Ad Support: No


  • Provides massive data on TV shows
  • Does not supports ads


  • Offers subtitle only for TV shows
  • Outdated interface

#4 Subscene

Subscene is a global-friendly online subtitles download site. Its simple and intuitive UI stands out amongst the many available sites to download subtitles for all your favorite movies and TV shows. You have the option to choose either dark or light themes for navigation. You not only have an exhaustive subtitles download list with you but also they are arranged and sorted in an impressive manner.

  • Supported Languages: Supports 77 languages: Hindi, English, Dutch, Korean, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Arabic, Swedish, Danish, Thai, etc. amongst a few
  • Movies and TV shows: Yes. Supports both including music videos
  • Ad Support: Yes


  • Contains an enormous database of subtitles
  • Supports subtitles for movies, TV shows, and even music videos


  • Contains ads
  • The user interface is not mobile-friendly

#5 Moviesubtitles.org

Movie subtitles org download is a subtitle downloader created especially to download subtitles for movies. With an intuitive UI, it assists you in a wide selection of over 13 languages. It provides all the movie buffs with a great visual experience to watch their favorite movies in various languages including English, Polish, and French.

  • Supported Languages: Supports 13 languages: English, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Polish, etc.
  • Movies and TV shows: Supports only movies and no TV shows
  • Ad Support: No


  • Supports ad-free content
  • Subtitles are pretty organized and categorized in alphabetical order


  • Offers subtitle only for movies
  • Does not support subtitles for TV shows


How can I watch English movies downloaded with subtitles?

StreamFab All in One, English Subtitles, and TVsubs.net allow you to watch English movies downloaded with subtitles in the English language as well.

Is there a dedicated platform for movie subtitles org download?

Yes! StreamFab All In One and Moviesubtitles.org provided you with chosen subtitles of your preference for all your favorite movies.

Is there a subtitles download site for online subtitles download?

Yes! Subscene, OpenSubtitles, and English Subtitles are a few subtitles download websites primarily dedicated to downloading subtitles alone.


Here we have already mentioned to you the top 5 available sites exclusively dedicated to subtitles download. Now you can easily download subtitles for all the movies, TV shows, and dramas released worldwide for an enjoyable entertainment experience. With StreamFab All in One Downloader you can do a lot more than just the subtitle download. So hurry up! And tune in to a virtual treat with a lot more fun than ever before.