Being one of the fastest-growing OTT services, Amazon offers online and offline streaming on all major devices and OS. However, the Amazon video downloading function has many limitations, such as download expiry date, limited device accessibility, regional restrictions, etc.

In that case, Amazon Prime video downloader like Tunepat has come into play with its unlimited and permanent downloading option.

tunepat amazon video downloader

While offering 26 languages support, TunePat Amazon downloader gives flexible audio-video customization to meet your specific sound and visual satisfaction. So, let's get a quick TunePat Amazon Video Downloader Review with its step-by-step guide, pros and cons.

How to use TunePat Amazon Downloader

To get the best benefits from this TunePat Amazon Video Downloader, you must know how to use this program on your Windows or Mac computer to download your favorite Amazon content. Here you go with the Amazon video downloading steps on a Windows PC.

After opening the TunePat Amazon Video Downloader on your Windows PC, head to the upper right corner to select the “key” icon to open the registration window. Alternatively, you can also select “Menu” > “Register.”



 how to use tunepat amazon video downloader

You need to copy & paste the registration email and code from a registration pop-up window. Then select the “Register” option for confirmation.

how to use tunepat amazon video downloader 

Next, you must select the Amazon website, depending on your account. You will get a built-in Amazon Prime Video web player that will ask you to log into your Amazon Prime Video account while entering your account information.

how to use tunepat amazon video downloader 

Next, select “Settings” at the upper right corner to customize the format, audio track, video quality, language, etc. Then, using the built-in web player, you need to find the Amazon video you want to save and open the video description page.

how to use tunepat amazon video downloader

Alternatively, you can find the video by pasting the video link or typing it in the search bar of the TubePat program. Once you locate the video, select the “ Click to Download this title” option with a green down arrow sign.

how to use tunepat amazon video downloader 

After that, for movies, you will get a direct option for customizations of quality, subtitles, etc. For series, you need to select seasons and episodes > the “Advanced Download” for further customization.

how to use tunepat amazon video downloader 

Next, select the “Download” option to initiate the offline saving option. The process will be shown on the right side of the TunePat Amazon Video Downloader.

 how to use tunepat amazon video downloader

After completing the downloading process, you will get the downloads in the “Library” > “Download History” > select the file icon to find the saved file in your system.

TunePat Amazon Video Downloader Review: Pros & Cons

The best way to get an overall TunePat Amazon Video Downloader review is to look at this program's major pros and cons.


  1. Enjoy ads-free Amazon Downloads in HD quality with 1080p resolution support.
  2. Access download on all devices with Mp4/ MKV format
  3. Enjoy sound satisfaction with the 5.1 audio track
  4. Save metadata of the video with 26 language support
  5. Explore unlimited downloads from any country without any regional barriers
  6. Save suitable audio tracks and subtitles depending on your choice
  7. H.264 or H.265 codec selection option for device space customization option


  1. There are very limited audio-video quality options to choose from
  2. The free trial option comes with minimal features, with the first 5 minutes of the video downloading option
  3. It doesn't support 4K video resolution
  4. It takes a long time to download large videos
  5. The program crashes very often

Better Alternative: StreamFab Amazon Downloader

Downloading Amazon videos could be time-consuming and hassle-some with TunePat Amazon Video Downloader because of its limited functions and crash pron program. You can try the more advanced alternative, the StreamFab Amazon Downloader.

tunepat amazon video downloader alternative

StreamFab provides a more convenient function than Tunepat. With the auto-saving option, you can schedule your upcoming videos and save them automatically once they hit the service in 1080P MP4/MKV format. 

 Key Features
  • Remove ads from any Amazon content while downloading
  • Download any regional content from any ad-supported or ads-free plan
  • Save videos with your desired audio, subtitles, and metadata
  • Extensive video resolution support from 480p to 1080p
  • Select a suitable audio channel from EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0
  • Save time with batch processing and auto-downloading
  • Enjoy offline watching on any device with MP4 or MKV format
  • H.264 & H.265 codec support to fit your download in limited device storage

Operation Steps

Once you start the StreamFab tool on your Windows or Mac, click the “VIP Service” option from the function panel on the left side.

tunepat amazon video downloader alternative 

Locate the Amazon Prime website in the website list on the right side. Then, log into your Amazon account using authentic credentials.

tunepat amazon video downloader alternative 

Search for the Amazon content you want to save for offline watching and play it for further customization with quality, audio track, codec, etc.

 tunepat amazon video downloader alternative

After completing customization, select the “Download” option to finish the process.


You don't have to spend on an expensive subscription plan for Amazon Prime Video to enjoy its content offline. Instead, you must go for the TunePat Amazon Video Downloader to do the needful with unlimited and permanent downloading options. However, to make your Amazon Prime content downloading experience faster and more flexible, StreamFab Amazon Downloader is a great alternative.