This article will mainly focus on the evaluation of TunePat Video Downloader and summarize its advantages and disadvantages through personal trial.

What is TunePat?

TunePat is a software company that specializes in developing music and video downloading programs. Their software allows users to download songs, playlists,and videos from popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Netflix, etc. for offline playback. TunePat provides multiple formats like MP3 or MP4 as output. This allows users to listen to their favorite music or watch videos offline without any restrictions.

At present, its music converters have been launched for a longer time and have a larger market share, so the official website of mainly sells music converters. TunePat's video products are mainly on tunepat-video com, taking a small but high-end route.


TunePat Video Downloader offers 6 single products that enable you to download videos from a particular streaming media, such as TunePat Netflix Downloader.  And it also has launched a all-in-one bundle called Videogo All-in-one Downloader. This product line model of single product plus bundle is very common among video downloaders.

How Much Does TunePat Cost?

After learning that TunePat can download videos, the first question you may be concerned about is how much does TunePat cost?

The prices of TunePat's individual products are the same. Taking TunePat Netflix Downloader as an example, its annual subscription is $49.95, and its lifetime subscription is $99.99. If you buy its existing 6 items one by one, the price is obviously very expensive.

In order to consider the actual needs of more users, TunePat All-in-one Downloader appeared. Its annual subscription is $99.99, which is equivalent to the lifetime subscription price of a single product. It should be noted that annual subscription plans usually renew automatically. If you do not want to be charged next time, remember to contact customer service to cancel the subscription before expiration.

TunePat Prices

Does TunePat All-in-one have a lifetime membership? Yes, the price is $199.99. Since it is relatively expensive, it is not recommended that you purchase a lifetime subscription if you are not familiar with TunePat yet.

Features of TunePat Video Downloader

TunePat Video Downloader is an exceptional tool that provides enhanced functionality for download enthusiasts. With it, you're not just limited to downloading high-quality videos of up to 1080p from Netflix, but you can also grab content from 5 other streaming media platforms. This brings a world of entertainment right at your fingertips.

What makes TunePat stand out is its impressive language support. It caters to a global audience by providing support for 25 different languages. This multi-language support makes it accessible and easy-to-use for users worldwide. 

Moreover, TunePat ensures high-quality audio by preserving the original 5.1 audio tracks during the downloading process. This is pivotal in maintaining the high-definition sound that you find in the original content.

And it doesn't stop there. TunePat lets you choose between Netflix to MP4 or MKV as your video output format giving you the liberty to go with what suits you best. 

Personal Review of TunePat

After trying out the TunePat's Netflix and HBO Downloader, I feel it's fair to give it an overall rating of 3.7. One of my favorite features about TunePat is the subtitle download capabilities. It's super useful to be able to download foreign television shows with ease.

Add to this, the convenience of using TunePat was also commendable. It took me less than 5 minutes to understand the whole process of its use, which includes how to activate my account and download videos. 

However, there were a few aspects that I wasn't completely satisfied with. Firstly, my computer started overheating when I was using TunePat. I'm not sure if this is because of poor compatibility between my Windows system and the software.

Secondly, the downloading speed for Netflix videos was reasonably fast, but it was considerably slower and a bit buggy when it came to HBO videos. This has me a bit concerned about its quality in the long run.

Best Alternative to TunePat: StreamFab Video Downloader

If you're seeking for an alternative to TunePat, StreamFab Video Downloader is an excellent option. It supports 46 streaming media sources, including but not limited to Netflix, Peacock, ITVX, and OnlyFans. This wide range coverage gives you vast variety of video selection according to your preferences.

Besides that, the StreamFab Video Downloader allows you to download videos in 1080p MP4 format. This feature ensures you can enjoy your favorite videos anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection. 

What sets StreamFab Video Downloader apart from other video downloaders is their regular software updates. This means that its download success rate is usually higher than other video downloaders, making it more efficient and reliable.

When it comes to pricing, StreamFab Netflix Downloader's lifetime subscription only costs $89.90, which makes it $10 cheaper than TunePat. If you're looking for a cost-friendly and effective video downloader, StreamFab Video Downloader is the way to go.

Final Thought

Overall, TunePat Video Downloader is suitable for users who have download needs for a specific streaming media, and its VideoGo All-in-one is not recommended. If you want a high-quality video downloading experience, StreamFab Video Downloader is more suitable for your long-term needs.