One of the most popular American OTT streaming stations, Tubi offers its exclusive content library for free to watch with its ad-supported service. With 74M monthly active users, Tubi provides American and international content, including 40,000+ films, TV series, Tubi originals, documentaries, family shows, kids programming, etc., from 250 content providers across the world.

Despite offering a free on-demand video streaming service, there is no option to watch Tubi offline. If you are looking for an option of how can you watch Tubi offline, here you will get the most advanced Tubi offline viewing option to save the entire Tubi library for your permanent offline watch.

can you watch tubi offline

How to Watch Tubi offline on PC [Windows & Mac]

Since Tubi offline viewing is not supported by Tubi service, most of their content is copy-protected to ensure its protection, prevents misuse and downloading. So, an assistant which offers a flexible and customizable solution is required to watch Tubi offline.

Tool Required: StreamFab Tubi Downloader

watch tubi offline: streafab tubi downloader

Effortlessly download videos from Tubi to watch offline in lossless 720P and AAC 2.0 audio track without ads, encryption, or any copy-protection.

Fascinating Features
  • Save the Tubi library without ads, encryption, or regional restrictions
  • Enjoy Tubi offline in lossless 720p resolution and AAC 2.0 audio track support
  • Watch Tubi offline on any device or platform with MP4 & MKV format support
  • You can save multiple Tubi videos in batches to save time with metadata & subtitles
  • Auto save coming-up episodes at a set time, make sure you won't miss any new updates

How to Watch Tubi offline with StreamFab

After launching the StreamFab program on your Windows or Mac computer, move to the left function panel to select the “VIP Service” option. Choose 'Tubi'.

can you watch tubi offline: how to watch tubi offline 

Log into your Tubi account. Search for the Tubi video to watch offline. Once you locate the video, play it, a pop-up window will ask you to customize the quality, format, languages, etc.

can you watch tubi offline: how to watch tubi offline 

After finishing your output profile selection process, click the “Download Now” option to complete the Tubi video downloading process.

 can you watch tubi offline: how to watch tubi offline

How to Watch Tubi offline on Mobile [iOS & Android]


Unfortunately, there is no dedicated option to watch Tubi offline on mobile devices

*However, it doesn't mean that you can't watch Tubi offline on your smartphone. StreamFab Tubi Downloader allows you to save your desired Tubi content in all device-compatible MP4 or MKV file formats.

Therefore, after saving them in any of these formats, you can transfer your Tubi download to your mobile device (iOS or Android), with Mp4/ MKV format, so that you can watch offline easily. You can store large file sizes in the limited storage of portable devices without losing the original video quality.

can you watch tubi offline: how to watch tubi offline on mobile

So, in short, using the StreamFab program, you can watch Tubi offline on any device or OS, including Windows, Mac, Mobile, Tablet, etc.


1. Can I Screen Record Tubi?

If the Tubi content you have selected for screen recording is copy-protection-free, you can record your system screen. However, if you try to record the screen of any DRM-protected content of Tubi, you will face black screen issues. So, instead of screen recording, you can try the simple downloading method of StreamFab Tubi downloader without any type of copy-protection or ads.

2. Is It legal to Download Tubi Videos for Offline Watching?

As long as you are using the Tubi download for your personal offline entertainment, it's legal to download Tubi videos using the safest StreamFab Tubi Downloader, which offers a permanent, unlimited, and copy-protection-free downloading service.


Sometimes, you cannot catch up with all the programming of the Tubi service before the content leaves the platform, or you want an ads-free, seamless streaming experience. In that case, the simple method of how can you watch Tubi offline using Tubi downloader is a one-stop shop. From copy-protection, ads, and internet-free streaming to HD quality theatrical streaming experience, this tool will transform your Tubi offline viewing experience.