Korean dramas and movies are ruling the world, displaying their culture with their intriguing plot twists, fashion sense, funny lines, and cinematography. They have indeed mastered the art of pleasing their audience and providing them with an amazing and attractive visual experience.  

Talking about the Korean content and not pondering a thought on Wavve can be an injustice to the viewers and the OTT streaming service too. So let's dive in to explore the platform, know its featured highlights, and see if the service is free. Keep reading to have insights into this compelling Korean platform and how to download streaming video from it

What Makes Wavve A Visual Delight! 

Wavve is a South Korean OTT streaming service introduced on 18 September 2019 with a joint venture between SK Telecom (maximum stakes) and South Korea's three terrestrial broadcasters: MBC, SBS, and KBS (Korea Broadcasting Corporation), to treat natives of South Korea with exclusive Korean delight. 

Besides providing broadcasting content from SBS, MBC, and KBS, viewers will also be in for Wavve's original content. Furthermore, the program also offers programs from comprehensive programming channels such as TV CHOSUN, Channel A, MBN, and programs produced by many MPPs like t.cast, iHQ, and NQQ.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, the top part of the platform has different categories to access movies, sports, series, and other programs like the Live content section.  

Some of the main highlights that this OTT streaming service tags along with itself includes;

Enables users with real-time TV Live and real-time schedules: to watch broadcasts in real-time with its Quick Time service instantly. The platform also lets you check the real-time schedule.

Individual purchase of Wavve: lets you make a separate purchase to buy and use the latest and popular movies individually (as a single item) at a low price. 

It provides HBO series: for users to watch popular HBO series anytime.  

Wavve's Broadcasting Channels and Available Content

The program has more than 100 channels, including MBC, SBS, and KBS, under the slogan "Ride the wave of fun!" In addition, the OTT platform service offers a wide array of content and advantages with over 30K broadcast VODs and 20K movies, including overseas dramas and animations.

It has a list of exhaustive real-time main broadcasting channels, including;

  • Jeongju (Jung Ha-jun) channel
  • Terrestrial TV
  • Comprehensive programming channel (general) and reporting channels 
  • Current Affairs/Culture (religion)
  • Home Shopping
  • Kids/Animation   
  • Drama/Entertainment  
  • Radio (Terrestrial radio and KISS series radio)/Music  
  • Movies/Sports  

However, these live TV channels cannot be viewed without a subscription. But users and simple members can watch the 'Jung-ju channel' and the Home Shopping channels for free (without a subscription).

As of 2023, users can watch the three original dramas;

  • Tracer (Korean Drama)
  • X in Crisis
  • Weak Hero Class 1

Is Wavve Free?

Earlier, the OTT program offered a free month of entertainment. But currently, no free period is available! Instead, the benefits are provided through subscription events and tickets.

However, some of the videos can be watched for free, but to access specific content, you must pay a monthly fee. 

Wavve offers three flexible pricing plans of Basic, Standard, and Premium categories for different devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. The plans also vary with respect to the supported video quality and simultaneous views. So let's have a brief comparison of the three strategies of the ticket price. 


Basic Plan

Standard Plan

Premium Plan

PC Payment/One Store

7,900 won

KRW 10,900

KRW 13,900

Google Play and App Store

9,000 won

KRW 12,500

16,000 won

Devices Used

Mobile + PC

Mobile + PC + TV

Mobile + PC + TV

Available Video Quality

720p High Definition (HD)

1080p full High Definition (HD)

4K (Ultra HD) and HDR viewable (Highest Quality)

Simultaneous Viewing

One device

Two devices

Four devices

Users like 0 Campus college students, active duty, and reserve soldiers can even get a discount if they purchase a KB Nara Sarang Card plan.

You must know that 4K UHD is unavailable for PC and mobile, but it is provided as an application for LG webOS TV.

Where Is Wavve Available to Deliver Streaming Services?

The platform is optimized for domestic TV programs and delivers its services only in Southeast Asia. So Korean fans residing overseas cannot watch the intriguing K-dramas due to copyright issues. In addition, you cannot download the Wavve 출시일 app from the overseas App Store and Google Play Store. 

The Korean streaming service supports multiple browsers;

  • Chrome - HTML5 Player
  • Firefox - HTML5 Player
  • Microsoft Edge - HTML5 Player

However, it does not support many browsers, such as, 

  • Opera - Opera, Opera Coast, Opera Mini, Opera Mobi, Opera Table
  • Internet Explorer - Unsupported with the end of Adobe Flash Player support

Fortunately, viewers can access high-quality audio-visual content with their smartphone (Android), Tablet, PC, and TV.

As Wavve is available only in Korea, WavveGo is another service that lets domestic users continue using the service for a week when visiting overseas. So you can enjoy dramas and other entertaining videos through local streaming, excluding a few videos (overseas series). 

Some countries served by the WavveGo include

  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam 
  • Singapore  
  • Malaysia 
  • Laos
  • Philippines 
  • Thailand 
  • Korea 

Fortunately, Wavve also serves its content to American citizens through KOCOWA (Korean Contents Wavve), the Americas branch of Wavve, to deliver its original content to overseas services. As of now, it supports three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish. As it's an American branch, it primarily supports the languages used in the Americas. In addition, subscribers from 30 countries in the Americas, including Canada, US, Brazil, and Mexico, can easily watch the Korean content.

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Operation steps

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Step 2

Copy the Wavve video link

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Step 3

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Step 4

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Frequently Asked Questions 


What are the movie genres available on Wavve?

The OTT streaming service offers many movie genres like drama, romance, comedy, action, adventure, crime, sci-fi/fantasy, fear, documentary, animated movie, war/disaster, family, and eroticism. 


Can I watch all broadcasts on my computer? 

Wavve has many broadcasting channels, but some of them are only available to view on mobile phones (Android) with Android 8.0 or higher versions. 


Does Wavve have a streaming app?

Fortunately, the service offers a streaming application, KOCOWA+. It distributes Korean content to local OTT and cable TV service providers with Google TV, Roku, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten Viki, Xumo, Comcast Xfinity, and COX. 


The Concluding Thoughts 

Korean content has hot competition with Netflix and Disney+ that see Korea as their fiefdom. But its rising demands have garnered subscribers from overseas as well, offering its content in subtitles and dubbing service. 

StreamFab All-In-One Downloader is the perfect solution to stream and download Wavve videos with few clicks. This beginner-friendly tool offers professional aid with ease of use.