Your Daily Access to All DVDFab Software & Services

DVDfab 365

DVDFab 365 is a Subscription-Based Product that gives you the daily access to all the current software products and value-added services, plus all the future software & services.

$199.99 (1-Year)

Software Included

DVDFab 12

25 Products $2708.74


33 Products $399.99

Passkey 9

4 Products $344.96

Video Enhancer AI

1 Product $149.99

Photo Enhancer AI

1 Product $134.99


5 Products $169.99

Video Converter Pro

1 Product $84.99


20+ Products $84.99


1 Product $99.99

Media Recover

2 Products $179.98

All the Future Products (5 new products were released in 2017, 4 in 2018.)

Services Included

5-Computer License

Dual-OS Service

Extended Download Service

Cloud Backup

Exclusive Skin

1-to-1 Customer Service

DVDFab Product Release Timeline



  • DVD Cinavia Removal
  • Blu-ray Cinavia Removal
  • DRM Rmoval for Apple



  • UHD Copy
  • UHD Ripper
Player 5



  • DRM Removal for Mac
  • UHD Creator



  • UHD Copy for Mac
  • UHD Ripper for mac
  • UHD to Blu-ray Converter
  • UHD Cinavia Removal
  • UHD Cinavia Removal for Mac



  • YouTube to MP3



Player 5 for Mac
  • UHD Drive Tool



  • YouTube Downloader



Downloader for Mobile
Player 6



  • Enlarger AI



  • Passkey for Blu-ray Recorder
  • Passkey for 4k Recorder
  • 4K Recorder Copy
  • 4K Recorder Ripper
  • Blu-ray Recorder Copy
  • Blu-ray Recorder Ripper



Photo Enhancer AI



  • Media Recover for DVD
  • Media Recover for Blu-ray
  • Blu-ray to UHD Converter



Video Enhancer AI



Video Converter Pro
  • DRM Video Downloader



  • Netflix Downloader
  • Amazon Downloader
  • Paramount Plus Downloader
  • U-NEXT Downloader
  • Disney Plus Downloader
  • HBO Downloader
  • Apple TV Plus Downloader
  • Hulu Downloader
  • Amazon Downloader for Mac
  • Disney Plus Downloader for Mac
  • HBO Downloader for Mac
  • Hulu Downloader for Mac
  • U-NEXT Downloader for Mac
  • AbemaTV Downloader
  • AbemaTV Downloader for Mac
  • Netflix Downloader for Mac



  • ESPN Plus Downloader
  • R18 Downloader
  • Paramount Plus Downloader for Mac
  • R18 Downloader for Mac
  • Funimation Downloader
  • Funimation Downloader for Mac
  • FANZA Downloader
  • FANZA Downloader for Mac



  • Rakuten TV Downloader
  • Smoother AI
  • Discovery Plus Downloader
  • Apple TV Plus Downloader for Mac
  • Rakuten TV Downloader for Mac
  • Discovery Plus Downloader for Mac
  • Olympic Games Downloader
  • FOD Downloader
  • Paravi Downloader
  • Olympic Games Downloader for Mac
  • FOD Downloader for Mac
  • Paravi Downloader for Mac
  • Joyn Downloader
  • RTL Plus Downloader



  • Joyn Downloader for Mac
  • RTL Plus Downloader for Mac
  • Shahid Downloader
  • Crunchyroll Downloader
  • Shahid Downloader for Mac
  • Crunchyroll Downloader for Mac
  • Peacock Downloader
  • DMM Downloader
  • Peacock Downloader
  • ExplorerFab
  • Twitch Downloader
  • DMM Downloader for Mac
  • Tubi Downloader
  • dTV Downloader



  • Pluto TV Downloader
  • Tubi Downloader for Mac
  • dTV Downloader for Mac
  • Peacock Downloader for Mac
  • Roku Channel Downloader
  • CW Downloader
  • PlayerFab DVD Player
  • Free Video Player
  • Ultra HD Player
  • Amazon Player
  • Netflix Player



  • Stan Downloader
  • Pluto TV Downloader for Mac
  • Roku Channel Downloader for Mac
  • CW Downloader for Mac
  • Stan Downloader for Mac

What Is DVDFab 12

No. 1 best-selling AI-powered 25-In-1 multimedia processing software package that covers world's top-notch DVD/Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD Blu-ray backup, conversion and authoring solutions, video conversion and edit solutions, DRM removal solutions, Cinavia removal solutions, and UHD drive firmware downgrade solutions.

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What Is Downloader

The cutting-edge online audio & video download solution to download premium music of up to 320 kbps and videos of up to 8K, from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, DailyMotion, and 1000 + other websites.

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What Is PlayerFab

An all-powerful multimedia center that features DVD/Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD Blu-ray playback with native menus, HDR10 and high definition audio output support, HEVC/8K video playback, local media library managing capabilities, and streaming videos playback.

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Dual-OS & Multi-Device

DVDFab 365 subscribers get the free access to both Windows and macOS editions of all DVDFab software, and mobile apps. On up to 6 Windows PCs, 6 Macs and 6 Android smartphones, simultaneously.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup saves all your configuration settings to the cloud, so that you can quickly recovery them from the cloud when you install DVDFab products on another computer.

Check out what data will be saved >>

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What’s DVDFab 365?

A: It's our newest subscription-based product that gives the subscribers the daily access to almost all the DVDFab software and services.

Q: Can I still use my old license when my 365 subscription expires?

A: Yes, that’s for sure. If you want to discontinue your 365 subscription after it expires, your previous license(s) will still work as long as it is unexpired; it can be renewed as before.

Q: Am I totally free to use the new payware products or new DVDFab modules as an active 365 subscriber?

A: Sure, as stated above, as long as you have an active 365 subscription, all the future new payware products and services will be cost-free to you, such as the Newest Player 6, and the upcoming DVDFab Toolkit.

Q: Where can I check my 365 subscription?

A: You can check your 365 subscription status anytime you want at Member Center, or in the client end of DVDFab 12, Player 6, Passkey 9, Downloader and Geekit after authorizing/activating with your DVDFab Account.

Q: How to count the authorizations DVDFab 365 offers if I already have purchased the 3-Computer License?

A: In this case, you will get 8 authorizations in total. With DVDFab 365, the 5-Computer License actually gives you 10 authorizations, 5 for Windows and 5 for Mac. If you already purchased the 3-Computer License for Windows before, then with DVDFab 365 subscription, you will get another 5 authorizations for Windows, and 5 for macOS. The previous authorizations you purchased are still 100% valid.

More are being constantly added...